[Vinesauce] Vinny – Sail Forth

[Vinesauce] Vinny - Sail Forth

Sail Forth pe Steam ► https://store.steampowered.com/app/1031460/Sail_Forth/ Vinny joacă Sail Forth pentru PC pe Vinesauce! Lista de redare în flux ► https://bit.ly/fullsauce1offs Data fluxului: 21 decembrie 2022 Abonați-vă pentru mai multe fluxuri complete de sos ► http://bit.ly/fullsauce Urmărește Vinesauce pe Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/ vinesauce Urmărește Vinesauce pe Twitter ► https://twitter.com/vinesauce Abonează-te la Vinesauce! ► http://bit.ly/vinesaucesub Consultați Bandcampul meu! ♫ https://vine.bandcamp.com/ Vezi trupa mea pe Spotify ♫ https://sptfy.com/redvox Urmărește-mă pe Twitter ► http://twitter.com/vinnyvinesauce MAGAZIN ► http://vinesauce.com /shop/ Obțineți notificări de încărcare completă a sosului pe Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Full_Sauce #Vinesauce #Vinny #SailForth


29 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] Vinny – Sail Forth

  1. His boat capsized because he kept his sail completely paralell to the boat and the wind pushed him down, the size does not matter. Basic sailing newbie mistake. Also, now I want him to play sailwind

  2. People saying it looks like Wind Waker because "Boat and Water". It looks literally NOTHING like wind waker, completely different art-style, no cel shading, this water is SEE-THROUGH and has depth and life below the waves. No swirly swirls, Waves are not 2d, wind is completely differrent. It's not even remotely similiar. Stop throwing ignorant comments about this game, it's really pathetic. It looks completely different.

  3. "why am I even live if that is the quality of comments I'm getting." Chat is a reflection of the streamer Vinny. If chat is being dumb it's just us holding a mirror up to you lol

  4. frustrating looking game, unfortunately. costly loss and repair mechanics, with no payoff for it (kenshi for example has loss but there's great payoff in the game design for having that risk)

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