Înfruntând un uragan, dezavantajul vieții pe Anchor – Episodul 87

Înfruntând un uragan, dezavantajul vieții pe Anchor - Episodul 87

Planurile noastre în timp ce trăim pe mare sunt întotdeauna decise de vreme. Uneori rezultând un roller coaster constant de înalte și coborâșuri. Acest videoclip arată ambele extreme, deoarece ne petrecem un timp minunat sărbătorind ziua de naștere a prietenului nostru, Kazza, și apoi suntem trântiți de primul nostru uragan în timp ce suntem la ancoră. Doriți să ajutați la susținerea producțiilor noastre video? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru One Life aici: https://www.patreon.com/SailingOneLife Ți-a plăcut acest videoclip? Cumpără-ne o băutură aici: https://svonelife.com/support-us/ Am fost recent invitați la podcastul Ocean Cruisers, verifică-l aici: https://youtu.be/buiECYOFtxw Am colaborat cu Epic Water Filters . Împreună ne putem ajuta să ne protejăm oceanele și fauna sălbatică, câte un filtru de apă! Pentru a-ți lua propriul echipament Epic Water Filter, mergi la: https://www.epicwaterfilters.com?aff=134 **Asigură-te că folosești codul promoțional EPICONELIFE în timpul comenzii pentru a primi 20% reducere la comanda ta. One Life Merchandise: https://svonelife.com/merchandise/ Pentru mai multe aventuri Sailing One Life și actualizări curente, urmăriți-ne pe: Facebook – http://facebook.com/SailingOneLife Instagram – http://instagram.com/SV_One_Life Website – http://svonelife.com


21 thoughts on “Înfruntând un uragan, dezavantajul vieții pe Anchor – Episodul 87

  1. A bit of a crazy stormy episode. You two had it all together. It's hard to believe the other two boats got grounded. Seems like they were being somewhat irresponsible.

  2. Glad One Life held strong, but while watching the boat drag by you, I kept asking…why is the POB not doing anything to save his ship? And the tri? You guys do everything to secure and protect One Life. I don't understand.🤷

  3. Another great video, guys!

    I'm happy that you both made it through the storm safely.

    I hope that you guys have a happy holidays and enjoy your time together!

    -Ethan + Chiyo

  4. Shew guys – scary shit – well done on making it through… so glad you are ok.. gives ya some more confidence in your choices boat and ground tackle… have a merry Christmas.. let us know how your starlink works out..

  5. I watch 4 or 5 other YouTube videos regularly. This is the only one I ever feel the need to leave a comment Yall just have that extra bit of it factor that makes these the most special videos I watch. I wish You all the best of luck and all the subscribers you can get. Merry Christmas!

  6. They were talking about Javier starting August, and by September first it was moving north and apparently hit the western coast of Baja by around the 15 September. I've heard Delos sailed up into the Sea of Cortez and is still there now ! I've also been informed that it is legal for a "Technician Ham" Brian is a tech, to get on HF and talk to us. We are on 7.192 starting at about 1500 zulu with what we call early birds, official relays start at 15:30, weather just after emergency check ins so probably right around 16Z in the morning.. If we know where you are we try to get really specific on our weather, but it varies day to day with different Hams reporting. Tony on Tuesday is one of the best, he lives in San Philipe. Espanol is Bueno. Its called the Chubasco Net. The most gnarly huricane I've seen a boat go through was Captain Rick Moore channel, worth watching, lots of tips, class 4 ! A special anchor set up in videos prior to the actual hurricanes ! Two Anchors and two class four hurricanes actually. The Columbian Navy was so impressed they gave him a medal ! He was the only boat that didn't end up against the shore somewhere !

  7. I love fishing out of loreto. You have got to get Yellowtail! Not yellowfin tuna but yellowtail. We catch them off isle Carmen’s north tip. Look for birds working the water. 10-12 mikes east of Loreto. Sashimi, ceviche, grilled, etc. it’s great!

  8. Hey Guys! First, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Merritt Island! I don't know how long you guys are going to hang out in Penasco. Right now, real time, you guys are in primetime El Norte wind season. Watch for High Pressure systems moving across California into Nevada and Utah, a day or so after, it will be ripping! I have seen winds over 70 knots and waves from hell! Shared this with Bill and Grace.

    Plan your weather window, and have optional safe harbors. You can have some awesome downwind runs. Be safe, blessings and Fair Winds…

  9. If anyone thought all sailing is rafting up and celebrating birthdays together, the 2nd half of the video sure proved your point, that it's not always like that… It really has to be heart wrenching to watch someone drag and lose their boat, knowing there's nothing you can do to help… Hopefully both boats won't require too much repair and can still be saved, both appeared to be mostly intact, but it takes a lot more than a look around the outside to determine the true extent of any damage… Sure glad you guys made it through unscathed along with Delos and Calico Skies…

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