NOI|NAVAZĂM VINERI 5 MINUTE | Vol.1 – Suplimente și îmbunătățiri pentru ambarcațiuni ale VA

NOI|NAVAZĂM VINERI 5 MINUTE |  Vol.1 - Suplimente și îmbunătățiri pentru ambarcațiuni ale VA

Bine ați venit la primul dintr-o serie nouă de videoclipuri pe care intenționăm să le punem în anumite zile de vineri, unde evidențiem sfaturi de navigație, trucuri, excursii amuzante sau videoclipuri informative speciale din aventurile noastre de navigație. Am crezut că ai nevoie de puțin mai mult NOI în SĂPTĂMÂNA ta! Săptămâna aceasta, videoclipul Five Minute Friday, parcurgem catamaranul nostru VA și arătăm toate completările majore pe care le-am implementat în ultimul an de când am cumpărat-o. Bucurați-vă de extras. Și doar un avertisment…. ACESTA ESTE MAI LUNGĂ DE 5 MINUTE, BINE AȚI VENIT! Deveniți PATREON-ul nostru pentru a obține un pic de noi în plus în viața ta. Sneak Peaks. Informații din interior. Întâlnire și salutare. TU ești cel care ține aceste videoclipuri în viață și NOI nu îți putem mulțumi suficient pentru SPRIJINUL tău! @Patreon Vă mulțumim că urmăriți aventurile WE! ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––- Melodiile prezentate în acest episod provin de la @epidemicsound Vrei muzică fără drepturi de autor, dă clic pe link-ul de mai jos!!! Vrei ceva WE|Sail Merch??? Consultați magazinul WE|Sail $WAG $TORE Obțineți 20% REDUCERE LA ÎNTREAGA achiziție folosind codul: WEYOUTUBER Urmărește AVENTURILE NOASTRE PE SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM


37 thoughts on “NOI|NAVAZĂM VINERI 5 MINUTE | Vol.1 – Suplimente și îmbunătățiri pentru ambarcațiuni ale VA

  1. I follow a number of Blue Water Cruisers and note some of the problems being encountered. At least three boats have suffered from low engine oil pressure lately. All the three boats had bad oil pressure senders. The heat and vibration take them out. Another problem I am seeing is contamination in the fuel tanks. A fuel polishing system for the tanks would work well.

  2. Where do I find those motion sensor lights for the cabinets?? Cool!! From the outtakes, it seem that it took you 2 days to make a "5" minute video! Not very efficient! LOL Loved this video and am looking forward to more.

  3. Helia #208. Great video. Crazy awesome storage ideas. I want to see a follow up on your windlass chain pile mover. Still working? I gave up on it. Was wrapping the chain around the gadget and windlass shaft.

  4. I need Warren to come to my boat for a visit. But he has to bring Erica with him. I need someone to talk to while Warren is working on my boat.
    I am interested in more information on the rainwater collection system.

  5. Totally love the new 5 min +/- 🤭🤫 Friday segment. Perhaps rather than go over everything m pick one with more detail. ☺️ Merry Christmas ✨ 🎄 ✨ 🌊💨⛵️🏝️👙✨

  6. Чувак твои технические видео интересны. Не сокращай их. Ты не просто мужик в трусах )))
    Гуглпереводчик позволяет понять все технические нюансы. Жаль бастро и много тем у тебя строгий босс))

  7. Nice video Thanks. Just about your MPPT at 1mn56 it's not Amps but maxi voltage .. 150-35 can deliver maxi 35A at a maxi 150 V voltage .. same for the 100 V maxi 30A and 75 V Max 15 A .

  8. Wow! What a brilliant video! Loved all your ideas and the work that you have done! Are your inverters Victron, I didn't manage to see any branding when you showed them! Keep up the great videos! Greetings from sunny Durban situated on the East Coast of South Africa!

  9. That was a very impressive video. Warren you are one really talented and creative guy. Put the talents and personalities of you two together and you come up with one really groovy sailing adventure show. Love it.

  10. I personally will also take extra time (sometimes 3x-4x times longer) to have an extra slick, clean, or easy to maintain/upgrade setup.
    Would love to see a video of some of your clean installs.

  11. Wishing you two a very Merry Christmas!! Thanks for sharing ALL events you experience on life's journey. Looking forward to a New Year update – Warren, you are Mister Wizard of the boating world! All the cool modifications you've made to VA are soo cool. And Erica, those that have not been on an extended journey have no clue how good you are at provisioning and keeping a plentiful fuel supply for HUMANS! Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka to you guys – you rock!

  12. 6,000 views, only 800 likes…people are slacking, this video is awesome. Hearing other boaters tell you what upgrades they found necessary, and seeing the solutions they came up with is worth it’s weight in GOLD. You guys rock, I’m a super-fan.

  13. Love the format and the content. It’s super hard to film projects if you actually want to get them done in a reasonable amount of time and this shares the what and the why so others can figure out the how on their own without you holding their hand every step of the way. I’ve thought of using Maretron sensors and controllers to manage exhaust fans while centralizing controls.

    Regardless, great video and thanks for the extra inspiration!

  14. Wow! Warren has awesome ideas and then amazing execution. These (alleged) Five minute updates are pure gold. And Erica deserves a gold medal for the extra editing it places on her desk.

    The background water on the outdoor shots is just an insane color. No wonder you decided to extend warren’s visa.

    Can you say “permanent resident”?

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