Navigarea către Tribul VEZO de la distanță

Navigarea către Tribul VEZO de la distanță

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35 thoughts on “Navigarea către Tribul VEZO de la distanță

  1. Living off and on the Sea…. difficult if you only have shifting sand bars and small atolls to pitch up on or dodge storms..

    The sailing outriggers are they regarded as Proas … I they tack by shunting..?

    Merry Christmas from a Dull damp 🇬🇧🎄😘 💚💙⛵

  2. I really needed this video today. Without getting into it, you pretty much said near the outro. Its easy to get lost , but in your own head is the worst place to do so. Thank you for putting it in to perspective. I watch all your videos and love watching the journey.

  3. 658th desktop shipmate LIKE, already 3.4K+ Christmas Day views?! And you're doing THAT?! "Civilization? – See ya!!"
    Actually, it still looks like civilization… just a different flavor, perspective, and experience.

  4. Merry Christmas Nahoa family from Kershaw South Carolina USA! May your travels be safe. Thank you for sharing your travels and your family with us. You brought a tear to my eyes in this one. Thank you.

  5. Merry Christmas to you guys, you've changed so much in the last few videos. I can feel something is going on with you in a good way. Your video full of love and light. It is a real pleasure to watch you. Travel safely.

  6. I wish there would be a place to put all the needs of the poor ppl you meet so that the next traveler would get the good stuff before hand. Is there such a place? Like, those REALLY need new tarps. And huge tree trunks. You know? I dont want to guess, I want to KNOW. /Catta

  7. You have no idea the snow we all had on the PNW!
    Finally heated up enough to melt the ice and snow…over a foot!
    Cheers from White Rock BC…🍻

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