Sail Life – Plută și navigație de la Cascais la Lagos

Sail Life - Plută și navigație de la Cascais la Lagos

În acest videoclip, vedem niște copaci de cocoși și navigăm de la Cascais la Lagos. *** Link-uri *** Site-ul Sail Life: Sail Life pe Patreon: Sail Life pe Instagram: saillife_/ Sail Life pe Facebook: Sail Life pe Twitter:


31 thoughts on “Sail Life – Plută și navigație de la Cascais la Lagos

  1. Now that was an Ava moment, so glad you were brave enough to share that story with us. Crazy what life has in store for us . Wishing you smooth sailings.

  2. Ava, your story made me think how ironic it is that people who live in a 76 foot trailer are perceived as being poor while people who live in a 76 foot boat are perceived as being rich. In reality, it is our family and friends that determine our quality of life. I am heartened that you have such a great quality of life with Mads.

  3. For reaching the Canaries, why not moving further offshore and zigzagging into the wind doing long legs? It will give you more sailing practice and getting used to sea state. Better than laying waiting.

  4. Fascinating back story. You made the call to change your story but your legendary parents obviously instilled an inner strength that pulled you through. Possibly the main goal of parents.
    I wonder if US culture in general perpetuates the stereo types, to the detriment of many.

  5. Ava, what is your Masters degree in? And for some strange reason, I had no idea cork is actually a tree. The dramatic cliffs that Mads described were beautiful to see and watch as the water crashed into them.

  6. You touched my heart. I grew up in a housing commission house in Qld Australia. Same stigma. Now 56 years old, double degree, raised two independent, competant girls, 4 gorgeous grand children and living on board our beautiful 48 ft John Pugh Spirit of Odyssey with $$ in real estate and shares to support our lifestyle. My 16 yr old self would never have believed this was possible. Thank you for the courage it took to share your story.

  7. Well there you go Ava, if I was to judge I would have thought you were from a well educated 'middle class' background, because that's how you come across, I mean that in the best way. Although I am considered to be a professional now, I started out with no education and from a very poor background and carried that chip on my shoulder from a very long time, so I appreciate how you may have felt. Well done for making a great and unique life for yourselves 😊👍

  8. Lagos isn't a bad place to be stuck for a while. There used to be an active domino tournament between the live aboard folk in the marina.
    Make sure to check out the pet parrots over in the Sopromar boatyard (Don't buy anything there unless you like getting ripped off!).
    There was also a little wooden cat "hotel" for some local strays just past the boatyard too. Some of the cats there were quite friendly.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story, Ava. It is always a blessing to jump out from your old conditioning and be yourself and free from all of the things that kept you down. Just look at you now! And that is just the beginning….wishing you guys happy times!

  10. A very sympatric resume u did Eva. We have no Trailer parks in Norway (or Denmark) where kids are groing up, does it matter where we grow up? No, it is the will and the individual… The intelligence u are born with… Some wires where hooked up right in your brain from the beginning.

  11. Beautifully said Ave, I know your story will help plenty of others and be an inspiration to be the best you can, and to hell with what others say. Happy New Year to you both.

  12. Ava….never be ashamed of where you came from. EVER. I totally understand the stigma. I didn't grow up in a trailer park, but with 6 people in a 900sq.ft. home it was TIGHT. My dad worked multiple jobs to just get by (ignore all those "minimum wage doesn't support a place to live and eat"…because it never did, even 60+ years ago. I'll never forget seeing all these kids wearing designer jeans, wearing amazing shoes and logo shirts, riding 10 speed bikes. Here I am in my hand-me-downs, K-Mart Special "trex" shoes, hand-me-down single speed bike from the 1950's, etc. Kids would go to the corner store and buy a coke and a candy bar…not me…we didn't have money for that nonsense. What did I learn? Well it took a LONG TIME, but I learned that it didn't matter that I grew up that way, it made me appreciate everything more. It also taught me how to save, be prepared for the worst, and hope for best. Because of that at 55 I could retire, and enjoy my life…while watching all those "rich" kids still struggling because they got themselves into heavy debt, and many have said they'll now be working until they die.

    You've done amazing things in your life, you're an amazing person. Mads and you are so fortunate to find each other.

    As for things to do…well, use your imagination…I'm sure you can find SOMETHING to do when it's raining out…LOL.

  13. Thank you Ava for sharing your inspiring story! The belief of others in you and you in yourself is so crucial.
    Sail Life has long been a favorite of ours based partly on the positivity you and Mads demonstrate. Happy sailing in the years to come.

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