Navigație transatlantică cu o singură mână, partea 1

Navigație transatlantică cu o singură mână, partea 1

Travers Atlanticul cu o singură mână! Mindelo spre Martinica. Vânturi calme, apusuri și răsărituri frumoase, o ușoară nebunie. Partea 1 din 3 probabil


37 thoughts on “Navigație transatlantică cu o singură mână, partea 1

  1. The problem of sleep when solo sailing on ocean passages : all day long, day after day you never see a single boat so why would there be one at night? My point is that out of shipping channels the risk of collision is extremely small, so at night I sleep for however long I stay sleeping, which usually is a couple of hours at a time. I wake and do my checks and go back to sleep. Compare the risk of being hit with the risk of making dumb decisions because of sleep deprivation.

    And how many non -solo passage makers admit they slept on their watch, not intentionally but they woke up after an hour or more of unintended sleeping???

  2. You are living the dream there feller. My dream at least. I need to pluck up the courage to do the same before I get too old.
    In the meantime I'll live vicariously through people like you .
    Fair winds and following seas. I'll use this as an excuse to toast your next voyage with a glass of Paddy's:-)

  3. Would like to hear more about daily running this boat. Your light weight psychology is bit much. How are you eating, surviving. What are you thoughts. Get some help. Be more informative. How about predictwind?

  4. Looks like zora is doing the crossing now, maybe another day or so to go, They have gone quiet on YouTube though haven’t heard an update from them in a while

  5. Fantastic achievement. Really well done. I've followed you from video 1 and watched your progress (distance and YT views!) and imagine (as a novice sailor which I am) what a challenge this is and how great it must feel to have made the voyage single-handed. Be blessed!

  6. 9:40 I hear the frustration in your voice. But let me tell you about fretting over one's situation:

    It was 1976. I was 17, hitch hiking alone through Europe and basically broke. I'd been standing on a road outside Hamburg for 4 hours, and didn't get a lift. The rain had been tipping down the entire time and I was drenched. Frustrated negative self-talk started and I began thinking "WTF am I doing here, in the pissing rain, when all my friends back home in Nova Scotia are enjoying summer vacation and partying and getting laid…and here am I, on the side of some fecking highway in fecking Germany hitch hiking, in the fecking rain, poor bloody me, moan moan moan" and then just two minutes later I started laughing at how stupidly I had been thinking, and literally repeated the same thoughts, out loud, "Here am I, on the side of some fecking highway! In fecking Germany!! Hitch hiking, in the fecking rain!!! None of my friends are doing anything even close to this level of cool." and in an instant I changed it up, just like that, and it was awesome…I wouldn't have been anywhere else in the world right a that moment. (Well, other than getting laid, lol…when you're 17 that type of thing seems important.) It's all a matter of perspective.

  7. great video! looking forward to the next videos. just curious what your plans are? are you sailing the world or going back home after this?

  8. Hi Mark, we are following your Ireland sailings and the Atlantic crossing progress. Great, absolutely amazing. I think I can judge that. I have been sailing for years and still am.
    Happy New Year.
    Fair winds. …

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