2022 a fost un an de momente importante pentru AQUAHOLIC, acestea sunt unele dintre cele mai bune. Bucurați-vă! Sponsorizat de: În asociere cu: https :// nr. 10 nr. 9 nr. 8 nr. 7 nr 6 nr 5 nr 4 nr 3 https://youtu. be/UHaRF2HcFRg No 2 No 1 Cu mulțumiri: Tuturor! Citiți articolele mele online pentru MBY la Vezi mai multe despre videoclipurile mele pe canalul YouTube MBY:


22 thoughts on “TOP ZECE YACHTURI 2022

  1. Thanks for all the great videos over the last twelve months Nick (and Marianne). It's been another great and entertaining year from Aquaholic! Below are links to the full videos of the Top 10 (no spoilers 😀)

    No 10

    No 9

    No 8

    No 7

    No 6

    No 5

    No 4

    No 3

    No 2

    No 1

  2. Great job, Nick! What a busy year for y’all! As always a great top 10. Can’t disagree with any of your picks. Undoubtedly the very best boat/yacht review channel that anyone has to offer. You have set the bar so incredibly high, Nick! Again, great job and as I always another enjoyable video!

  3. Nick.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you put in filming and editing your videos.
    You entretain millions of minutes to thousands of people like me.
    Thank you and Happy New Year

  4. Epic editing at the end Nick. Thank you for all your hard work bringing the yachting world to me with such enthusiasm and dedication. You really have come into your own with Marian on board. All the best to you in the coming year!

  5. In the process of switching to power from sail to explore Europe's canals. Through this (somewhat exhausting) process of much EasyJet and many cheap hotels to poke around dutch and french boatyards, I found the wonderful Nick (and Marianne's) YouTube channels while waiting for a train. Marvelllously ethusiastic, deeply knoweldgeable, often funny and always endearing to watch. Thank you!

  6. While all the flashy boats are interesting to look at, what happened to the normal couple's cruiser? Meridian, Navigator, Grand Banks <55', Tollycraft, etc are all gone. Who is making a boat low 40s' to low 50' for a couple with occasional guests for long term cruising/live-aboard? Even the 50' Gallean seems like more of a party boat than something for longer term cruising.

  7. I was like wait a minute, how on earth didn't the Nordhavn N60 make the list? Then I realised it's a 2023 video. That machine definitely gotta make it in the 2023 top 10!
    Fantastic year man, we had a fabulous 12 months with your videos, keep up the good work!

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