VIATA DE VIS; zilele preferate ca femeie de navigație SOLO [ep 43]

VIATA DE VIS;  zilele preferate ca femeie de navigație SOLO [ep 43]

Terminăm săptămâna aceasta în cel mai bun mod posibil; ancorat in cea mai frumoasa apa inconjurata de corali si delfini!! Acest episod este plin de lucrurile mele preferate; multă navigație și timp petrecut sub apă. Sper să vă placă la fel de mult ca mine xx SUPPORT: abonament prin PATREON: abonament prin YouTube: Paypal: https :// Venmo: Lista de dorințe: nav_wishlist_lists_3 Luați niște Soul de La Merch! Lucruri pe care le folosesc și pe care le iubesc: Cremă de protecție solară: Cod „laurenalanders” Îmbrăcăminte: Cod Cafea „Lauren Landers Sailing”: https:// Amazon: Băcănii prin abonament Thrive: Echipament de navigație: Ochelari de soare: .com%2Fportofino-fade-brown-sunglasses-sl104fbr.html horn-sl503mbgh-ssi-na.html Site .html: Instagram


30 thoughts on “VIATA DE VIS; zilele preferate ca femeie de navigație SOLO [ep 43]

  1. Met a good friend of yours (or your dad’s) recently on a plane from Ft. Lauderdale. He got a kick out of me being a subscriber of yours. Super nice guy. Keep up the good videos. You’re doing great !!!

  2. That's some of the best dolphin footage I've seen. Kudos to you.

    Sorry to hear about your GoPro issues. I just watched a video on the Gopro cameras and you aren't the only one having issues with them. My friend has an Insta 360 and he loves it. It even comes with editing software that has a lot of features. Might be an option worth looking into. I've seen some of his videos and the stuff you can do with it is amazing. I think it will definitely enhance your channel.

    Keep on posting your vids. Love em


  3. When the coconut was resting on your knee. For a split 2nd it looked like a prosthetic leg and my heart jumped out of my chest LOL Another great video!! Love following your adventures!!

  4. Once again, uniquely beautiful footage …. what an amazing vlog, Lauren. Especially the sequence with the Dolphins!! So wonderful …. !! Happy New Year … here’s to next year’s adventures …. 🎉😊💙

  5. 😎when I apply what I VE learned to the reality you created I ponder this…well I ponder many things but this is one of them. The 510…is your starter boat. Your first boat. Talk about go big or go home! As you ascend in this lifestyle the only reason you leave one is to make it better. You dont downgrade…you upgrade😎

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