Trag ancora și îmi prind catargul sub un pod. în Atlantic City. SVEV 61

Trag ancora și îmi prind catargul sub un pod.  în Atlantic City.  SVEV 61

În acest videoclip, vă împărtășesc experiența mea terifiantă de a-mi fi prins catargul sub un pod din Atlantic City, SUA, în timp ce navigam de la Toronto Canada la Bahamas. Sper doar că crucișătorii și navigatorii vor învăța din vizionarea acestui videoclip și nu vor face aceeași greșeală. Pregătește-te pentru o plimbare nebună. Bucurați-vă și navigați în siguranță.. Cap MiKL PoTtS


20 thoughts on “Trag ancora și îmi prind catargul sub un pod. în Atlantic City. SVEV 61

  1. Bro I've been using 50' of chain and rode for thousands of nautical miles on a 35' boat, you must been anchored way to close to the bridge to start with if you had no time to act. I'm glad you made it out but jeez your pretty lucky you didn't dismast. Where you at currently if I may ask?

  2. Glad there was no damage and GREAT decision to go with all chain.The chains weight is what actually keeps the anchor set.We we in a gale with 50kt winds,our 1/4 "hight test chain keeps us perfectly in place.Let me know when you get to Ga.

  3. My first thought when I first clicked on your video was to tie one end of a length of Dyneema to the headstay bow end and the other end of the Dyneema to an available point on the bow, then disconnect the headstay and allow the mast to angle backward. The fore lower shrouds may need to be unhooked as well. However, the halyard idea was genius!!

  4. In the spirit or learning from your mistakes: In your previous video you said that the water depth was 21 feet and tide should drop approximately 5 feet. 5:1 anchor scope would call for 105 feet of rode. You said that you don't like to put out too much rode in tidal areas and just wanted to put out 60 feet… Really? Not surprised that you dragged anchor. Please share this important learning with your followers too. I wish you well but don't overlook this important lesson and assume that you "know your boat."

  5. Wow Mike what a crazy night and then day U had!! Pulling on mast halyard when done carefully works great for grounded keelboats also which U may need to do in yr future journeys lol. Good for getting off bridges too I guess!! Great recovery off bridge n anchor back too!! Cheers!

  6. I once heard an old rumour that if you accept help from a line thrown to you rather than by throwing your own, that you were more at risk of losing ownership of your ship by salvage.

  7. Kudos for posting. You KNOW you're going to get an element of grief in the comments from the predisposed.

    On the other hand, I'll bet the post gets you shed-loads of hits and new exposure!

  8. Holy shit man! learning by doing, their is nothing like it. Keep on keeping on, you are having an adventure of a life time! More things to do and learn I'm sure.
    There is a guy on Youtube that tests every anchor out there and quite extensively too. from what I have seen and read is that The Spade anchor is what you want. It's the best at resetting!
    Have a great voyage😎

  9. This video showed up in my feed and watched my first Sailing EV video😊. I’ve become fascinated with the sailing life and love watching these types of honest videos. There’s a big world out there and we all choose how and where we want to spend our time. Once our time is up, it’s up. Or is it? Do you ever think like I do, “what’s next?”. Turns out God tells us what’s next in the Bible! We don’t have to guess. We can live this life now with confidence where we spend eternity. Are you going to heaven?

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    I’m looking forward to watching more of the Sailing EV saga, sans low bridge stories!😊

  10. The Quartermaster*
    Just watched your 749 video of the bridge mishap. You dragged on another video and had your 9:30 anchor rode get fouled around your keel. I wrote to you and mentioned about “springing the. rode” to get the nylon rode freed up. That wouldn’t of helped you in Atlanta City. Having all chain elevates the problem all together. I thought that you replaced your rode with all chain, but obviously didn’t. How you won’t have that issue again’

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