Chiar am de gând să cumpăr acest catamaran de proiect imens? | Sălbatic Sailing

Chiar am de gând să cumpăr acest catamaran de proiect imens?  |  Sălbatic Sailing

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23 thoughts on “Chiar am de gând să cumpăr acest catamaran de proiect imens? | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. Hey everyone! Sometimes a fake account will say you’ve won a prize and give you a link. Whatever you do, don’t click on the link. I’d never comment saying that you’d won a prize, I’m far too cheap for that. In other news, sorry to keep you hanging, but I’ll fill you in next Friday or at some point on my Instagram boat.fella happy new year, folks!

  2. You seem pretty sold on this boat. I would not recommend it for you, I am extremely hands on DIYer and I would not even buy this boat for myself. Its too much major work. Building the whole house thing whatever you want to call it on top, building a kitchen, a head, etc. that is massive work. Do-able yes, but it will cost way more than buying a boat already with those basics, which you could remodel far easier. Anyways, you seem sold so I'm not going to try to convince you not to get it but, I wouldn't get it for myself and thats pretty significant lol.

  3. Hey just also I hear you saying its a learning experience and I 100% am behind that, I have learned a lot of things buy jumping in. But building from scratch vs re-modeling/designing are two very different things. One thing I have learned from rebuilding cars, houses, airplanes, coding, etc is that whatever time you think it will take to do the work, quadruple it and that will be a more accurate number. Pretty much same for cost. I feel like you love sailing more than building, and I hope you know this boat will keep you from sailing (expecially any significant sailing) for quite a while.

  4. Your love and enthusiasm will carry this project…somewhere. Disregard the naysayers on their couches. I’ve done far crazier projects. You’ve got this and my wife and I will stay tuned every bit of the way, clapping with encouragement. 👍👯‍♀️

  5. Based on Budget and personal experience that they have with major refits, I would say pass on this one. This boat has a great history and build story but for someone that can drop some money and do alot of repairs on her.

  6. Mark this to me is a money pit ,you can't sail it single handedly. Have you looked at sailing melody so you would have a well done project boat that you could sail by yourself or with company . I have worked on vessels like this mate and it takes more money than you think

  7. Man!! What a trip! The boat looks basically sound to me. The engines are a huge plus. I have experience with Yamaha 4 stroke engines. They're wonderful. The location is a considerable drawback. Just the budget…….. But, a project like this would be HUGE YouTube. My inclination would be to go for it, as you obviously love these boats. Talk it over with your Dad maybe. I'm just about to start on my fourth boat. I'm a pensioner so the budget is a factor for me too, but I just can't help myself. Lotsa luck.

  8. My tollerance has just about run out with Mark. He hit a nerve in the previous video, time 26:10, where he again is willing to dump Yoshi ("…if anyone one knows…" referring what to do with dog) because of the inconvenience. He is selfish and thinks only of himself.

    Look at all the time, effort & money his father put into Minki's engine (and travel) & Mark just sells it. Too many memories he says. No respect.

    I give him one more vlog to get his act together. I am subscribed to other, more mature, vloggers and am not interested in Mark's nonsense.

  9. Mark, I am a school teacher and a landlubber but I have followed your adventures on Minki with the Chinese cowgirl. I saw how much effort you put on that boat and I have a lot of respect for you so dare say you are putting yourself for still more work, in a very remote location and by yourself.
    Do you know the people from Sailing Good, Bad and Ugly. They are a little ways just north of you in Puerto Rico. They might be a reliable source of info.

  10. I have been following you for a while and enjoyed your videos. However, is this the right boat for you?? where do you go to get out of bad weather, stretch your legs and be generally comfortable. small, cramped and exposed to the elements when sailing. Your other boat was more comfortable.????

  11. I can see how this boat could be refit to look spectacular, BUT, like many others have said, even if it was free, it would probably still work out more expensive than some 'ready to go' yachts on the market right now. Great opportunity but with quite a lot of risk! Maybe finding a lesser project closer to home is a better idea…

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