Construiește-ți propria barcă? Acestea sunt cărțile tale preferate – Ep. 329 RAN Sailing

Construiește-ți propria barcă?  Acestea sunt cărțile tale preferate - Ep.  329 RAN Sailing

Alăturați-vă echipajului RAN Sailing ~ pentru streamuri live, conținut exclusiv și multe altele Suntem o familie suedeză care a navigat prin lume din 2016 în timp ce împărtășim aventurile aici pe YouTube. În timp ce încă navigăm, obiectivul nostru principal acum este construirea RAN III, o barcă cu pânze de 50 de picioare pe care o construim singuri. Postăm un episod nou în fiecare vineri, așa că asigurați-vă că vă abonați și apăsați clopoțelul pentru a fi primul care află când există un nou episod! CONECTAȚI-VĂ CU NOI – Website: – Instagram: – Facebook: PRODUSE & CAMERA ECHIPAMENT: https:// Am colectat unele dintre produsele pe care le folosim în viața noastră de croazieră și realizarea de videoclipuri în magazinul nostru Amazon. Dacă cumpărați oricare dintre articolele din magazinul nostru, primim un mic „ka-ching” în pisicuța noastră de croazieră (fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs.). Mulțumesc mult și mulțumesc programului Amazon Influencer. Credite muzicale: Love, Malin, Johan & Vera


43 thoughts on “Construiește-ți propria barcă? Acestea sunt cărțile tale preferate – Ep. 329 RAN Sailing

  1. Hi, Happy New Year Johan, Malin and Vera. I hope 2023 brings you a lot of happiness and successful building time on your new boat, I assume it will be called Ran 4? As and ex yaughtie myself and having built a Lotus 950 (9.5 long) here in Auckland I understand your task ahead. I look forward to watching your videos as they are very professionally done. Skol, Ian and good luck.

  2. Do yourself a favor and stop setting dead lines from the 3 boats I have watched being built on U-tube start at setting a goal about 3 years out probably more with you , cuz I've noticed you're a bit of a perfectionist but that will only serve to make you the best boat possible , and nothing wrong with whating perfection in your

  3. Congratulations on getting started – you have made a lot of good decisions with your build. You must however look at all things that save you time – buying hatches for example. I strongly suggest that you enable your community to donate specifically to the big cost areas – the rig and sails also the engine and all that is attached to it plus the battery/electrical/navigation systems

    You need to think about how you achieve a 2 year build time

    Well done so far – you are doing well

  4. Happy New Year to you Johan, Malin and Vera! May 2023 bring many blessings to you all … may I ask a question? What is the name/type of the hookah diving machine you used?

  5. I am an old man living retired and landlocked in West Virginia. I have followed y'all for years. I do look forward to every episode of your voyage thru life. Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. Gott Nytt År från Kanada!
    Jag har med stort intresse följt ert segel äventyr och nu senast er båtbyggande. Detta året kommer jag troligen att spendera lite tid i Malmö där vår äldsta dotter bor och hjälpa henne med hus renovering. Jag skulle då uppskatta att kunna träffas.
    Klas Bockasten, Kitchener ON Canada

  7. Your final episode of 2022 was perfect. We are wishing You all a very Happy New Year, and wonderful adventures ahead! Your Hopes and Dreams will come true! Safe travels.

  8. This video is definitely among your best ones, thank you. Happy New Year to your small family and loved ones! When you recommended the book on boat strength I was surprised that those numbers do not come from your naval architect. Isn't that part of his responsibilities ?

  9. Great episode, as usual. But I have to suggest that you would probably get more views if you named it something like "Year in review and best Boat Building books." Not everyone who watches your channel wants to some day build their own boat. We're just happy to follow your family and your adventures along the way. 🙂Happy New Year!

  10. Skene's Elements of Yacht Design by Francis S. Kinney is a good read with a great deal of Good information. Its pretty old, printings in 1973 and 1983. The '83 printing is available on Amazon. I have the 1973 printing and have read it cover to cover several times. Been watching you since the beginning!

  11. Malin and Johan, I’ve been watching since the very beginning. Happy 2023 as you explore more home life on your farm, build Ran3, and watch sweet Vera grow up. ( crossing fingers for a brother or sister for Vera while you have some land time – if I might be so bold 😋). Best to you both. I live near Niagara Falls in the State of New York, USA.

  12. Wonderful recap and Happy New Year. It always amazes me you don't have more subscribers than you do. Great content, but not as drama filled or clickbait-y titles as other channels. Keep up the great work in 2023!

  13. One of the great values of Skene's is it teaches you how to calculate performance parameters pre computer days. Moments Fore and aft, Moments aloft etc. Computers can cloud your knowledge as to how and why certain parameters are calculated and why. Computers are wonderful, but can make things so easy that you miss grasping the underlying principles. This book just has a wealth of usable information, including weights of materials, interior and deck layout. I promise you, you will be a better yachtsman, designer and builder if you read this book!

  14. Having grown up on the island of Aruba as a child, myself, reliving your memories of sailing through the Caribbean has brought it all back for me: sailing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, hanging out on beautiful beaches…I, too, am water's child!

  15. Books : " Boats To Go"
    Thomas Firth Jones
    Great writing about all sorts of designs/builds, mostly his own.
    " The Nature of Boats"
    Dave Gerr
    Everything about boats, including technical made interesting. Very readable.

  16. Thanks for the many and varied weekly videos of the past year and indeed throughout the past couple of years. Excellent quality and production values from one beautiful family unit giving many and insight into both the possible and the challenges. A happy and healthy New Year to Johan, Malin and Vera your increasingly great little helper.

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