Pentru mai multe informații despre EXPLORA: Pentru a urmări Yachts For Sale pe Instagram: Pentru a vă înscrie la Newsletter-ul Yachts For Sale: www. Abonați-vă la CANALUL YACHT BUILDERS YOUTUBE: Abonați-vă la CANALUL YACHTS FOR CHARTER YOUTUBE: LUNGIME 152′ 11″ (46,63 m) CONSTRUCTOR Feadship CONSTRUIRE 1985/2017 OASPĂRI 12 CABINE 6 ECHIPAJ 11 PREȚ CERERE 14.900.000 USD



  1. Feadship, always amazing .. that spot zero is pretty nice. RO removes the necessary minerals, but this system clearly leaves replenishes and allows alkaline levels to be properly achieved. That is cool …

  2. A very pleasant, professional and great presentation of a truly beautiful Feadship! Had the opportunity visiting the yards and gain deep insights…. incredible craftmanship especially when you speak to a 40 y/o who's been with the company for 25 years – that's how best quality is built!

  3. Hope ya'll had a Great Christmas and Happy New Year! Now is the time to make your dreams come true.
    Thank You for a Great video and can't wait to see more!
    So until next time, Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii! Aloha

  4. What a beautiful yacht.. It really look like it just came out from the shipyard, amazing… Another proof what you will get in the long run if proper and scheduled maintenance are conducted and having an awesome crew. I must say the location of the engine room is quite unique. I believev there is a technical reason why it's located there… Watching vidoe footage of Explora at sea, is like watching the late Sean Connery in the movie Entrapment…. if that makes any sense at all… hahaha.. Awesome walkthrough .. and Happy New Year 2023.. more blessing to you and your family. (btw sorry for the world cup prediction)

  5. i like something in every boat i have seen but this one is definitely a standout for me. i could live on this boat indefinitely. beautifully refitted to a real quality standard but not overly luxurious. looks to be the type of yacht that makes people feel comfortable and welcoming. just right for my liking. i like this channel and the boats it presents. you can tell the guy enjoys what hes doing. good for everyone involved.

  6. …. oh, how I would love to return to 37 years old? LOL … but time does march on … but, Happiest of All New Years, David & Dear everyone here … well, it's Jan. 5th … tommorrow is Orthodox Christmas, so we have another happy extension to the Holiday Season … & of course, a week following is another New Year … I'm by the fireplace with special peppermint cocoa I catching up with viewing my Yachts for Sale… & immediately must enquire about the water aboard ship … somehow never thought of it … I have spending the last few days of my Christmastime in Jasper, Alberta … of course, with the pristine waters that seem to break through the bosom of the earth … well … well is what we want our water to be … oh, love the pure white & gold of the bedding … & with an 'E" for Eternal pleasure I'm sure … gee, I quite love the mention of sun & warmth … a bit starved for that in the chilly rocks of the spectacularly beautiful Canadian Rockies … I am planning on Sept. through Feb. in the Mediterranean & the Middle East … Egypt, Jordan … the Wadi Rum … I like the hot tub w/ bar … lovely way to lightly tipple … I don't drink anymore but am thoroughly enjoying local craft brew's & new stellar such as CRISIS Pilsner, & New Belgium Fat Bike Amber Ale … I hope to be riding around Monaco on my Fat Bike this autumn … quite love the B.B.Q. … although I very much favour Seafood & Shellfish, etc. … I also advocate for the 'soul' animals; the herbavores that had fed mankind so faithfully & well through millenia .. I now advocate strongly for the re-introduction of the Bison into the Banff National Park … this animal deserves the 'Right of Return' after suffering massive losses in the 1800's … there are Bison Ranches & I think that's a good healthy thing … so, that's what I think of when I see the B.B.Q. … the bright aster flowers?, are a delight to the eye … nice boost of colour without being ostentatious … the florals are gorgeous, almost 'edible' colours … I like the model Ships … is that 'cherry' wood, in the Master State Room? … fantastic to see the massage room … massage is essential to the Crew also .. reminds me of the old Peter Seller's line? … 'oh, that's Olga, she has a mae'ssage' for you' (Olga being also the Receptionist, too) .. love the laundry … I love to iron … if's very meditative … well, this is a 'Dora Explora' … love the safety features & the thoughtfulness in design of the 'junior crew' onboard … love the water reverse omosis … spotless water … very good

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