SPOILERE MARI! CARE BARCA? DE CE? Ce înseamnă asta pentru Sailing Melody??? Întrebări și răspunsuri!!![S3-E12]

SPOILERE MARI!  CARE BARCA?  DE CE?  Ce înseamnă asta pentru Sailing Melody???  Întrebări și răspunsuri!!![S3-E12]

Bine ați venit la Sezonul 3, Episodul 12 din Sailing Melody SPOILER MARI DECI NU VĂ UZITAȚI DACĂ VREI SĂ AȘTEPTĂ SURPRIZE. Serios, totuși, în acest episod răspundem la unele dintre cele mai adresate întrebări ale tale și dezvăluim câteva secrete foarte mari despre ceea ce se întâmplă. Sincer, dacă am câștiga la loterie mâine, mă îndoiesc că am cumpăra o altă barcă, deoarece aceasta se află, probabil, în primele 10 bărci Bluewater construite vreodată. Sprijină-ne pe Patreon: www.patreon.com/sailingmelody Sau: KO-FI – https://ko-fi.com/sailingmelody Vrem să le mulțumim HUUUUUUUGE tuturor celor care au contribuit în orice fel și iată link-urile dacă vrei să ne ajuți în această călătorie uimitoare. MARFĂ NOUĂ! Tricouri și căni și altele în curând. https://sailing-melody-merch.creator-spring.com Pentru a cumpăra albumul lui Andy, vă rugăm să trimiteți un e-mail la turner.andy@hotmail.com, astfel încât să putem primi plata și să vă trimitem un link de descărcare Linkurile noastre Susține-ne pe Patreon : https ://www.patreon.com/sailingmelody Verificați-ne pe Instagram: https://instagram.com/sailingmelody Vino să ne vorbești pe facebook: https://facebook.com/melodysailing Sau contribuie o singură dată prin PayPal sau Ko-Fi folosind aceste linkuri Paypal.me/sailingmelody https://ko-fi.com/sailingmelody Verificați lista noastră de dorințe pe site-ul PRO MARINE STORE https://www.promarinestore.co.uk Card cadou https://www. promarinestore.co.uk/sailing-melody-youtube-channel-gift-card Lista de dorințe https://www.promarinestore.co.uk/blog/pro-marine-store-and-sailing-melody Avem și o listă de dorințe Amazon . https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/B5C3SADTF7LQ?ref_=wl_share Echipamentul nostru Sony a6400 Feiyutech a1000 gimbal GoPro 7 Hero GoPro 3 Hero Rode Studiomic pro Rode Studiomic mini Rode Wireless Go-2


27 thoughts on “SPOILERE MARI! CARE BARCA? DE CE? Ce înseamnă asta pentru Sailing Melody??? Întrebări și răspunsuri!!![S3-E12]

  1. Think you have made the right decision
    Regardless wot other people think
    Hope All goes well
    I got the same when I got a Seamaster 235 to do up ..still in progress
    I do come from a sailing family
    As we had the Nancy blanket for 40 years .. check it out lol
    Unfortunately I was to young at the time to help keep her in tip-top condition and it turns out as my dad got older she deteriorated some wot so she was sold
    And In a better place now

    My plans are same as you get my boat ready to sail .then learn as much as possible. Then upgrade to a bigger sailboat. And se wots out there

  2. Of course things change and I think changing plans as you have done is the best idea.Only a fool ignores reality and keeps ploughing on when things change.

    I definitely think you should change the new boat's name to Melody before she goes back into the water.

  3. … "Melodic Overture"… great to see your move aboard moved up; due to the condition of the Bowman. The chips lay where they fall and they seem to be falling right for you. The story continues… 🙂 All the best in 2023!!


  5. I shouldn’t be really but still surprised by the foolish questions you had to deal with, all though you and Andy dealt with them so well. Just love the progress and the love between the three of you.

    As for the new boat, have you been secretly getting her ready and episodes to come or have I missed some? Notifications are on by the way .

  6. I think Ocean melody is the perfect compromise on the name for the new boat!! Love the vids and your story a boat is a boat!!! Lots of love from Jason in Canada 🇨🇦

  7. GRP boats do not have to go to landfill part of my business is recycling boats they now can be ground up into pellets and belive on the continent they make roads with product regards Automarine Salvage

  8. We very much enjoyed watching this question and answer episode. Thank you for sharing your home and your story. No question you are very well thought out in your decisions and how best to do your improvements and repairs. You are good parents for your children and boats alike. We wish you all the best in 2023. Look forward to watching more of your journey.

  9. I'm surprised by the negative tone of many of the questions. Sort of nasty. You three are lovely. Don't be defensive. Don't listen to people who can only subtract. Focus on people who add and multiply. Keep on keeping on.

  10. So pleased you guys are getting closer to your dreams, that Bowman is a very gorgeous boat, fantastic lines, I personally think you have made a great discission, Have a great new year and I cant wait to see a video of you sailing the new boat home.

  11. You guys are amazing and are following your dreams. Jack is a well rounded young man and makes me chuckle….o to be young again. Of course you are doing the right thing, it’s your thing!! Stay true to yourselves and ignore the self appointed internet police, as I am sure you do. Well done and happy new year. 🎉

  12. What a super video you really do engage well with people on your Chanel some other Chanel’s could learn a lot , I suppose all those really big hard tall keyboard warriors have been at it, there will always be sad people in this world lol , Mellisa your looking the picture of health jack keep that new hair cut it so suits you , happy new year to you all and thanks for continuing to brighten up my week 😊

  13. i really enjoy the channel one of my favs. live your dream one day maybe i can join you but my kids dont want to live or sail on a boat so im stuck in the mountains of Tennessee! but one day i really hope my DREAMS of sailing the world will come true!

  14. Your boat is your boat. I always find the people making the videos, living the lifestyle they choose , sailing the boat dealing with issues maintaining upgrading problem solving much more interesting than any particular breed or type of boat . Good luck with the Bowman ( a classy lady ) and I’ll be watching. PS you’ve probably seen it but I remember seeing a Tom Cunliffe video about teak decks and I believe he recommended boracol as an excellent cleaner and preserver .

  15. Gosh, it must be hard to have to daily read comments about your life and decisions. Mostly inspirational, helpful, encouraging and loving messages for sure. But to have to answer the dismissive and judgmental comments must take energy. Impressively, to each of these challenging remarks and criticisms you have a clear, positive, smiling and determined answer and solution. Absolutely clear on everything. I sense your calm. Happy journey, best wishes from Denmark

  16. Another great episode guys, the Bowman looks wonderful in the water. I may have missed it but I'm wondering how far away she is, can you get her to North Wales comfortably in a day? All the best for 2023! Btw did you mean to say Milford Haven or is there another one with the same name?

  17. While the renovation of melody is what drew me initially to your channel. What makes me stay is you guys! You are so down to earth, easy going and dare I say normal. This is clearly a passion based on your heart and not money and seeing what you can do without millions is just a joy. Your showing everyone that your dream is not just for the mega rich but can be achieved if your brave enough to just go for it!
    The bowman makes the better boat based on size. Why would you stick with a boat that you knew you would have to give up in 12 to 24 months, that does not make sense to me.
    I’m really looking fwd to seeing what name you finally settle on for the new boat and I’m really looking forward to you actually starting your boating adventure.

  18. Does anyone know how much Andy and family paid for the ebay 46 foot boat?
    Been looking through thd videos but haven't seen any prices so far..
    Or will the cost be s future episode?

    Let me know if you know how much they paid for their new boat?

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