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  1. Happy New Year 2U2!
    Your boat looks to be performing beautifully!
    Nice payback for your long hard work.
    I like cats, but Clifford really delivered.
    Nice to see Matt's 🏄 school 👌

  2. Sure your reading this, and others, from dry land in the states right now, but hope you had a good Christmas and New Years day.
    Hopefully you'll bring back some of your brand to wear on air.
    Things to plan for in 2023,
    Realize that that engine on the dinghy, needs to be mounted on anything but it's transom, under tow.
    And maybe install some dinghy wheels.
    Neat project (watch 'Onboard Lifestyle')
    Best boat repair guy on YouTube. Sorry, the boats a cat, but his dinghy project has you written all over it.
    Also strongly recommend watching, Beau & Brandy, who you've met, as far as your future destination points. Sure they can help with friends & tips, in locations.
    Good luck with journey, and a 2023..
    BTW,, your drone shots are fantastic, great work on them… Very good work and skill.

  3. Y'all living the life. I'm subscribed to this Arctic sailing channel and he said that his views on his videos were up when he was in The yards fixing stuff but go down once they go sailing that's kind of weird did that happen with your videos too?

  4. Just for the pure sake of positive criticism, while I love all of the Sailing GBU videos, the sound track music on this one was not my fave. I’m sure it’s not easy to find really good and usable tracks.

  5. How do you edit out the rod that holds the camera when you are taking action shots. We can see a handle in your hand and often a shadow of the rod but the rod seems to disappear.

  6. My favorite parts of this video were how you guys were in each others, arms, relaxing, and being a loving couple and showing your emotions and your tender side. I just thought those moments were the most beautiful in this video along with all the scenery and all your kind words in editing.❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Happy new year for sure. If you guys ever take on passengers/crew my wife and I would love to come with for a week or so. I’m not sure if we are young and cool enough but I love your channel.

  8. Matt and Kristen, Happy New Year. I have to tell you. I watch your videos now and I catch myself marveling at the remodel and refit you did to your boat. I feel like I lived through that with you and I'm still impressed. Thanks for Sharing!

  9. You single handling the jib sheet lines brings back great memories for me.. I used to hang the lines over the console (right across the beer holders) and tack the boat by myself. Oh and we need to work on your cutting lemon skills before you cut your finger off. Tune into some chef channels.

  10. I noticed a cover over the deck for cooling the cabin. Was it done before grabbing the mooring? Needed to reenact the mooring for content, or because you forgot to wear the headset the first time?

  11. I know you guys are extremely experienced. I always grab the mooring ball rope from the cockpit then walk it up to the bow. Lot less leaning over the high bow pulpit. Just a reminder i have the same 37' 1982 Hunter. Cheers keep it going….

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