Sail Life – Acest lucru ne-a enervat de peste un an! In sfarsit reparat.

Sail Life - Acest lucru ne-a enervat de peste un an!  In sfarsit reparat.

Am achiziționat un aparat manual de apă ca rezervă numit QuenchSea ( În acest videoclip, reușesc, de asemenea, să repar ceva care ne-a înnebunit în ultimul an. Treptele de pe traseu au continuat să vibreze deschise – nu mai mult! În cele din urmă, Ava și cu mine încercăm să facem deliciosul Pastel de Nata. Nu a funcționat 100% așa cum ne-am sperat… *** Link-uri *** Site-ul Sail Life: Sail Life pe Patreon: Sail Viața pe Instagram: Sail Life pe Facebook: Sail Life pe Twitter:


48 thoughts on “Sail Life – Acest lucru ne-a enervat de peste un an! In sfarsit reparat.

  1. Portuguese food is wicked killer yummy and here in the Fall River and New Bedford Mass area have the absolute best Portuguese food in America and those Tarts are crazy addicting

  2. Careful Ava, "pastel de nata" in American English comes out as "pastel de nada", because in the US t and d are often sounded the same. However, "pastel de nada" means 'nothing cake'! So, be sure to sound the "nata" as n.a.t.a, and not nada! Cooking part of the episode was hilarious! One 3" to 4" cinnamon stick.
    Ava is coming across happier and more confident since the biographical episode. So, if Mads doesn't correct her to smithereens, she should add the perfect amount of leavening to 'Sail Life', making it an absolute winner!

  3. Mads & Ava – thank you both very much for your videos. I look so forward to watching them each week and you never disappoint. Happy New Year 2023 to you both and fair winds as you continue your adventures.

  4. About the "QuenchSea watermaker": I googled some of the (huge) team in their about-us.
    A bunch of people that doesn't seem real…
    Sorry but it doesn't seem legit and rather scammy.
    Too good to be true?

  5. Companionway looks great, but, Ava, you're the star of the show! AC: normally the heat exchanger's live below the waterline, I'll be interested in your unit, if it arrives in time. Oh, and the guy in the market spoke wonderful English!

  6. Oh Mads you totally dropped the ball when Ava said she was nervouse because you love the pastry things so much and you should have answered -"I love you more" (which i ofcourse know that Ava knows but it would have been the perfect response)

  7. Hey guys, where did you get those latches at 5min? I've looked around and there is a ton of junk latches online so it is hard to figure out what is good/bad. How did you make sure you found a quality SS latch? Thanks!

  8. Well, it only seems logical that in the interim, waiting for another wx window, maybe you could make some more buttery-thingies!

    Now that you've managed to remove your ladderway squeak, you can think of ANOTHER intrusion security alarm!

  9. Mobile hard drives are made to be moved between uses, not to be used while in motion. They can't take the G shocks. IBM actually mounted drive drives with elastomer isolators. But if you plan to use them while in motion, I'd suggest suspending them in a cats' cradle of bungee, the same way nitroglycerine is transported. Or better yet, replace them with 1 or 2 TB SSDs.

  10. I joined this journey way back when Mads first acquired this boat and was concerned that after enjoying the lengthy renovation that the actual sailing content may have lost my interest. I neednt have worried. Its you pair that are holding my interest. Thanks Guys and Happy Sailing in 2023.

  11. Ok that was fun, from the "that didn't work" to the "little to much butter" it looks like y'all had a fun time and it looks like a good dessert as well.

  12. Excellent episode guys! Both of you are really coming out of your 'shells' in the latest videos. Love the little bits of madness! Happy New Year to you both & fair winds for this years ventures!

  13. Eva, those stone-streets are cute, but when driving with car they re noisy an jaw-wibrating Depending on size and roundness of the stuff. They are long-lasting (so for example in Rome they are putting stones back on many places, years of asphalt) But, after felling down slippery stones in rainy day, on foot or with Vespa, the wonder of stoned street gets old? 😉 …not 100% seriuos comment. BTW the right way of measure in kitchen is by weight. Water is easy, but flours needs to be by weight, then you get every time the same, at least much better than with cups or spoons, dl:s. Those Natas look ok, I have had those in Lisboa, and they a bit remanded me like Italian mornings with Cornettos. And your doing looked plenty like my 3 trys to make real Cornettos in our kitchen!

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