Am cumpărat o barcă de pe EBAY 🙈 BARCA DE PROIECT IEFTINĂ DE 46ft!!! [S3-E13]

Am cumpărat o barcă de pe EBAY 🙈 BARCA DE PROIECT IEFTINĂ DE 46ft!!! [S3-E13]

Bine ați venit la sezonul 3, episodul 13 din Sailing Melody. Deci ați văzut runda de spectacol a Bowman-ului nostru 46 și acum iată primele zile de muncă pentru a-și porni motorul și pentru a vedea în ce fel de stare se află sistemul electric și tachelaj. Sincer, dacă am câștiga la loterie mâine, mă îndoiesc că ne-am cumpăra o altă barcă, deoarece aceasta se află, probabil, în primele 10 bărci Bluewater construite vreodată. Sprijină-ne pe Patreon: Sau: KO-FI – Vrem să le mulțumim HUUUUUUUGE tuturor celor care au contribuit în orice fel și iată link-urile dacă vrei să ne ajuți în această călătorie uimitoare. MARFĂ NOUĂ! Tricouri și căni și altele în curând. Pentru a cumpăra albumul lui Andy, vă rugăm să trimiteți un e-mail la, astfel încât să putem primi plata și să vă trimitem un link de descărcare Linkurile noastre Susține-ne pe Patreon : https :// Verificați-ne pe Instagram: Vino să ne vorbești pe facebook: Sau contribuie o singură dată prin PayPal sau Ko-Fi folosind aceste linkuri Verificați lista noastră de dorințe pe site-ul PRO MARINE STORE Card cadou https://www. Lista de dorințe Avem și o listă de dorințe Amazon . Echipamentul nostru Sony a6400 Feiyutech a1000 gimbal GoPro 7 Hero GoPro 3 Hero Rode Studiomic pro Rode Studiomic mini Rode Wireless Go-2


27 thoughts on “Am cumpărat o barcă de pe EBAY 🙈 BARCA DE PROIECT IEFTINĂ DE 46ft!!! [S3-E13]

  1. I'm very happy for you that you have found a boat better suited to your changing needs. 46 vs 38ft is a no – brainer! I'm very certain that extra 8ft will be a blessing in the near future! 🙏
    I'm just as pleased that you have a centre cockpit. That layout is my own all time favourite, I have never understood the philosophy that prefers to stick the poor helmsman out to Siberia in winter on the poopdeck!
    Am I correct in thinking that this boat is a yawl? It's not a rig that I know anything about – will have to do my research! I have a

    Name suggestion:


    I have no particular reason for liking it; perhaps it's a distant resonance to my very much younger days when I worked in Australia's mining industry. Sapphires have long been my favourite gemstone, diamonds my least.
    I love colour, perhaps that explains my preference.

    Happy Days are here for you!

  2. Well, there's no gathering dust anywhere in your boat. What a fabulous crew. What a fabulous family. What a fabulous journey, 68 desperately looking for a small boat. That runs well. And I don't see too well. So wish me well., LOL, seriously. I'm, we're on the west coast of Vancouver. And a little place called Nanaimo. Famous for bathtubs.

  3. coming along quite quickly now and looking good. Great to see engine is no issue and the electrics are in good order as well also Bonus with the mast as they can be big money pits. All very exciting.😁😎

  4. Its a bit disappointing to see all the work that's done for melody, and now switching to another boat. But this one is great, I like it a lot, more sailing boat with nice lines. But the retractable keel of melody is a lot nicer I think. You could finish melody into selling state and sell it.. at least anybody who wants it has a very good track of what's done to it 🙂 I will continue to follow, your both great people I want to see sailing of, and with this ship it will be sooner I think 😉

  5. Great video l really enjoyed it. You all look well and are doing a good job. Good to see Jack working really hard not just mucking about like many kids seem to do. All the best for the new year l look forward to seeing you future videos as they are streamed.

  6. The sink had an inline stopcock that was in off position…..New toy happy days hope it goes well. This boat is ideal for your needs. Sell Melody and lookforwad to sailing in blue seas.

  7. I think it's a great boat you bought although I like melody a lot to because it's a steel boat. but whatever you choose you do it with hart and mind and than you make the best choice for you all.

  8. well from what i have seen you have all been doing a wonderful job and everything on the new boat seems to be in fantastic condition thake care dont work to hard and quite soon you will all be sailing off on your adventure

  9. Absolutely love the new boat. I don't see why she can't be Melody, if the name was never officially placed on the steel boat and the channel had the name prior. I do like the steel boat as well, but it's obvious this one is more suited to your needs.

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