o nouă experiență ciudată [S5E16]

o nouă experiență ciudată [S5E16]

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40 thoughts on “o nouă experiență ciudată [S5E16]

  1. you ought to come to the Norfolk Broads, here in the UK, the wide rivers are the size of your narrow channels, some rivers there is barely room for 2x 12 foot wide boats to pass (thank goodness for the reeds at the sides) and encountering a race may mean 40 or more boats all over the river (stick close to the right bank as they are supposed to treat you as the bank, leave a gap and you may have boats coming past both sides (6" is seen as a miss and perfectly adequate room), then there are the bridges, a good sailboat crew can drop the mast and shoot the bridge with the residual speed, and have the mast back up less than a boats length past the bridge, its a wonder to behold, also when they get it wrong.

  2. When it came to touring the workshops, my wife would have just left me alone, probably for hours, then put up with the tears afterwards for things I don`t have. Also that Vindo 22 was a sweet looking small boat.

  3. A lovely video. Thank you for sharing your moments with beautiful Scandinavian coastal sailing. Wing on wing, or "the hymnbook" as we call it in Finland, is fun and challenging. I'm only doing it in light winds with my 28 footer, as I can just push the boom back, if it starts gybing xD

  4. Through and through a very lovely sailing adventure. You two are always charming and sweet. The boat show was interesting, and of course, Sweden is wonderful.

  5. You guys are amazing and I’ve been following you for several years, really love your background music, and would love to know the artist and song title that is heard at 2:12 in this video, much thanks from small town Ontario😊

  6. Nice trip in the bestcoast of Sweden.
    The normal way to wild dock to an island is bow to land, and the anchor from the stern. At night you can pull the boat out a meter or two. Then you have no problems with the tide or if the wind change a bit.

  7. I used to travel to Gothenburg on business. Winter can see thick thick ice in the harbour! Winter is coming! When I was there they were constructing the galleon Götheborg replica. It was huge. Sail Safe Guys, Ant & Cid.

  8. Love your poetic descriptions Maya.. and when you told of the boat on the rocks I thought when you said " Element of"…and didn't think of the word . I thought "demise" might have been fitting to insert instead of "surprise" ..

  9. Majas look when she walked into "the next workshop" and Aladino was so keen to see the next little detail ! Exactly like my wife looked at me when I went into the tight corner of the next wooden house in a Norwegian or German museum. Happy new year and all the best for 2023!

  10. Wow what a nice journey, nature is really nice out there. My plans to sail over there are only become stronger by watching this serie of video's.
    Which charts you 're using to navigate true the smaller channels? Navionics ?
    Soon both of you will has to go undercover to not be recognized 🙂

  11. Welcome to Gothenburg, hope you liked the stay. Sorry u didnt film the Marstrand castle and ruins. Been there too many times. Had my boat in the next marina to Saltholmen, which is called Hinsholmen.

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