Noile rezervoare Diesel ale lui Tally Ho!

Noile rezervoare Diesel ale lui Tally Ho!

Sprijină TALLY HO; Deveniți un patron; Lista de dorințe Amazon; sau –- EPISODUL 143 În acest episod bonus de Anul Nou, merg să colectez Noile rezervoare Diesel ale lui Tally Ho de la Bellingham în ziua de Crăciun! —— Patriot Marine Fabricating —— Pentru a deveni un patron – Pentru a dona sau a sprijini – Lista mea de dorințe Amazon Pentru previzualizări furtive ale ceea ce se întâmplă între episoade, urmăriți-mi FACEBOOK și INSTAGRAM MULŢUMESC MULT! – Muzica; Trebuie să aflu – Partenerul tăcut Sandy’s Mudcat – Wayward Jane Michigan Greens – Noile rezervoare Diesel ale lui Dan Lebowitz Tally Ho! (EP142)


38 thoughts on “Noile rezervoare Diesel ale lui Tally Ho!

  1. You not naming the company means you're exposing someone else, someone without a 432k channel, to the same issue, but with no solution.
    I don't think you did the right thing, sorry. You had the outreach necessary to make scammers pay and you just let them go to their next victim, they wanted those tanks back to scam someone else.

  2. Leo, I am amazed at the breadth of your knowledge. Who would have known, that to purchase a pair of tanks, you would have to know some engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, biology,logistics, and who knows what else. Perhaps you could add "Renaissance Man" to your business card. KUDOS
    By the way, aluminium can only be used in the UK (and the rest of the world, maybe) I think it might be illegal in Washington. LOL

  3. Would the Aluminium benefit from being anodised ? (From a corrosion perspective) ? Asode from being a barrier, afaik the oxide layer that builds up can be insulating, ie protects also other metals on the boat from forming a galvanic corrosion cell with the tank

  4. Stainless steel is not suitable for fuel because it is very easy to get the welds to crystalize and then suffer meatl fatigue, proper procedures and proper material choice negates that but typical gov regs it's easier to just ban it outright rather than regulate it

  5. With the mounting and other connections of the tanks, need to avoid direct contact of the aluminum with ANY material with dissimilar electronegativity, to avoid galvanic corrosion. That includes EVERY steel, and nickel alloy, and iron.

  6. Are you planning to coat those tanks? In the saltwater sportfishing world, in everything from center consoles to multi million dollar sportfishermen convertibles and expresses diesel tanks are usually aluminum coated with coal tar epoxy. Some center console manufacturers tried fiberglass tanks and they had a bunch of problems so they’re almost all coated aluminum nowadays except small boats that get plastic tanks.

  7. I understand the hesitation to name the company. After the complaining neighbor ran him off from his original build site, some "over-eager" fans of the channel got involved when they shouldn't have. Probably doesn't want a repeat of that. It's his prerogative keep mum. The world needs less indignation and more magnanimity. If it is a one-off mistake by the company, you wouldn't want them crushed for that. If the company has consistently poor products or service, they won't be in business for long anyway.

  8. Just for your information. My boat, a Finnsailer 35 from 1974, still have the original plastic tanks (420 liters total) that it had from the shipyard. Almost 50 years old – still holding diesel 🙂 Nice tanks you got there though – thanks to Lauren 🙂

  9. I wonder how Alodine 1201 or Zinc chromate would would on the inside and outside of the tanks? we use it in aviation all the time for aluminum, but its obviously not a salt water application.

  10. The only reason you used aluminum was so you could keep mispronouncing it LOL. I had aluminum tanks on my motorhome. They were very prone to cracking. We rewelded it several times and it would still crank. Sometimes in the same place, sometimes in new places. I finally gave up and bought plastic marine tanks. One difference is they had a coating inside to prevent permeability of the fuel through the plastic.
    You will need to be very careful with how the tanks are mounted, so the twisting of the hull does not crack the aluminum. Hopefully being a 1/4 thick, it will be less prone to cracking.

  11. Leo, I will respect your wishes not to publish the plastic tank manufacturers name here. I will however post a link to the failure and the details of them refusing to refund your deposit on a few forums. Hopefully they see the error of their decision and make it right by sending you a check. As to Lauren's efforts, Not enough can be said for his selflessness and expertise. Well Done Lauren!

  12. I think it shows a lot of class to not dox the company even if they deserve it. If their attitude is anything like their ethics they might have retaliated which regardless of legality might have been more headache for the Tally Ho project than $1000 was worth. You keep doing the right thing Leo and stay the course regardless of the damn pirates!

  13. Aluminum is highly corrode-able by High PH alkaline s. Make sure any additives you use do not create a high PH environment in the tank. Otherwise it should last for ever with a good drain.

  14. Leo, I admire your principles – I would have utterly trashed the reputation of the cowboys that molded those crappy plastic fuel tanks if they had broken a promise to return a $1,000 deposit.

  15. Well „Bag-Tanks“ aren’t working in aircraft’s too 😅
    Let me tell you as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: They are leaking all the time 😅
    God thanks you didn’t choose one of them.

  16. I disagree. You should say what company so others dont buy from them and end up in the same boat. If the product worked perfectly and you didn’t like it that would be a reason to keep the down payment. A leaking gas tank. So one could die from that.

  17. I have a silver Toyota Tundra with a ding in the exact same area of the tailgate (backing boat trailers with tailgate down, oops 😢). And I’ve commissioned aluminum fuel tank with the same leaking problem as those plastic tanks, and also ate the money. Condolences! Great video though!

  18. Lauren’s tee shirt is an epic choice of humor and lore. “Will someone get this walking rug out of my way” or “laugh it up fuzz ball”. Tanks look fabulous. thanks for sharing.

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