Sailors Gone Wild: Schimbăm echipajul și jucăm jocuri – Episodul 88

Sailors Gone Wild: Schimbăm echipajul și jucăm jocuri - Episodul 88

După câteva zile stresante în timpul unui uragan la ancoră, ne luăm următoarele câteva zile pentru a ne distra puțin. Brooke urcă la bordul lui Delos, iar Kazza și Sierra se alătură One Life în timp ce schimbă locurile cu o velă. Odată cu despărțirea în curând a trio-ului nostru de bărci (Calico Skies, Delos și One Life), decidem să jucăm câteva jocuri pe plajă pentru a sărbători sezonul împreună în Marea Cortez, cunoscută și sub numele de Tabăra de vară pentru adulți. Timpul nostru se termină cu scuba diving cu lei de mare, wow 2022 a fost bun cu noi! Doriți să ajutați la susținerea producțiilor noastre video? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru One Life aici: Ți-a plăcut acest videoclip? Cumpără-ne o băutură aici: Am colaborat cu Epic Water Filters. Împreună ne putem ajuta să ne protejăm oceanele și fauna sălbatică, câte un filtru de apă! Pentru a-ți lua propriul echipament Epic Water Filter, mergi la: **Asigură-te că folosești codul promoțional EPICONELIFE în timpul comenzii pentru a primi 20% reducere la comanda ta. One Life Merchandise: Am fost recent oaspeți la podcastul Ocean Cruisers, consultați-l aici: Pentru mai multe aventuri Sailing One Life și actualizări curente, urmăriți-ne pe : Facebook – Instagram – Website –


38 thoughts on “Sailors Gone Wild: Schimbăm echipajul și jucăm jocuri – Episodul 88

  1. Hey well done guys – what a year – nice final dive man…. and geez ya scrubbed up well for your dinner- dig the purple shirt – What was it like using an electric in mast furling sail Brooke – are you sold on it ? And shew the games were fun – i am impressed I would have been on the floor – knocked out. Buon Anno..

  2. Such adventures! Can't wait to see where you get to in the next sailing season.
    Hope you had fun with the sea lions. Amazing creatures. They saved my wife's dive trip on a live aboard in the Galapagos. She had a brand new fin come off on our first dive. The sea lions saw this bright pink thing sinking, grabbed it and came to show us their new treasure, allowing us to recover it.

  3. Several months ago, my very over-worked and corporately burnt out wife tells me she doesn't know how much longer she can do it and asks if we can sell everything, buy a boat and sail away. Myself having spent my entire childhood and young adult life on sailboats was agreeable to that so we do what most people do when they get into something; start watching YouTube on the subject. Hence we found the Sailing One Life channel. It's been very inspiring to see what you two are doing and gives us great confidence to do it ourselves.

    Happy new year. Perhaps we'll see ya out there in a year or two.

  4. I love you guys swamped mated for the sail!!!! Whenever you guys are ready to buy Pacific High (you just need a few more followers) it’s all electric too. No more grinding 😎.
    Adult Summer games awesome… wish we were there! Miss you guys

  5. Fun episode. Made it extra fun when some of my favorite sailing channels show up in the others videos. I found Calico from watching Delos and found you guys from watching Calico Skies. Looking forward to what you do and where you go in 2023.

  6. Hope the haul out goes as planned, guess Gary will have to figure out in mast furling as that looks like a dream. Use to sail with a wheel chair sailor that had in mast, made sense for him lake sailing. Yet off shore would be nice for anyone.

  7. What a great video that one was! Drinking “Mad Dog 2020” usually ensures a good time for everyone, especially after a few shots! Everyone looks like they had a good time and Brook was hilarious on Delos when she realized everything wasn’t so physically challenging….Or Kaza putting ALL her weight into getting that sail up with or without the wench. ❤

  8. What a great episode! It's the friends you share a piece of your life with that you truly remember as "best" friends. Even though in some cases you may not see them again for months, years, or ever, as that is the way it is for sailors, the memory of the good times with good friends, will always warm your heart and provide "sea stories" to share with others 🙂 P.S. Have you heard from your "other" crew, KK and Jill-Ena?

  9. All 3 are being hauled out, is there a chance you'll all splash around the same time and join up again? Do you have a plan for 2023, I know Delos has talked about possibly making a Pacific crossing… I also know they mentioned Brian's brother Brady and Alex meeting up with them in the Sea of Cortez before that happens.. I haven't heard yet what Calico Skies are planning, if they'll continue buddy boating with Delos or not… You are all worth the watch on your own, but seeing you all experience things together is like the cherry on the top… Whatever happens, I'll be here to watch it unfold… Happy New Year from Vermont.

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