Transportul de containere se îndreaptă spre Ziua Apocalipsei? | Scăderea ratelor și a volumelor | Casare în creștere

Transportul de containere se îndreaptă spre Ziua Apocalipsei?  |  Scăderea ratelor și a volumelor |  Casare în creștere

Judecata de apoi? Ce se întâmplă cu transportul? 7 ianuarie 2023 În acest episod, Sal Mercogliano – istoric maritim la Universitatea Campbell și fost marinar comercial – examinează în continuare perspectiva transportului de containere oceanice în 2023 și dacă sectorul se îndreaptă sau nu către Doomsday? #supplychain #container #containership Asistență Ce se întâmplă cu transportul prin: Patreon: Twitter: @mercoglianos Facebook: @wgowshipping Creșterea sezonului de vârf ar putea fi făcută sau întreruptă pentru transportatorii oceanici creșterea-sezonului-de-apogeu-ar-ar putea-fie-sau-spăi-pentru-transportatorii-oceani/ Top 10 linii de containere: Cum s-a schimbat clasamentul în timpul boom-ului? Perspectivele complicate ale transportului containerizat pentru 2023 tricky-2023-outlook/


46 thoughts on “Transportul de containere se îndreaptă spre Ziua Apocalipsei? | Scăderea ratelor și a volumelor | Casare în creștere

  1. If shipping is sailing toward doomsday, should west coast ports buildout more capacity or just smooth out existing bottlenecks?
    PS – Has anyone in the new Congress stated that they want to look at US wide shipping strategy?

  2. Naw, now housing crisis can be “contained.” Sal’s container palace can be built just like the South Dakota off grid 4K sq ft house. Solar Panels, windmill, standby generator and deep water well. Big glass solarium between the two halves with triple pane glass.

  3. I'm 62 years old and I've heard more about Shipping Containers in various ways in the past 2 years than in my entire life.
    They seem to have LOTS of uses…some Good, some Not so Good.
    😂 not sure why I think everyone needs to know OR care what my random thoughts are….
    😂 but I'm leaving the comment anyway

  4. By scrap you must mean sold to a party that doesn't give 2 sh!ts about the ESG movement and the IMO. A party that just wants something floating at the moment.
    Thanks Sal, your work is always appreciated

  5. Sal, I believe it’s over a dozen Chinese steel mills have gone bankrupt. Could this be related delay of construction of container ships?

    The potential of state take over does not bode well in ship construction. They failed miserably both in quality and profitability.

    Korea has maybe in better position and Elon Musk is likely about to put a plant in Korea which will improve metal industry in Korea and building Roll on Roll off car carriers for Tesla with innovative propulsion.

    What are your thoughts? Tesla has obtained lithium in Canada along with another cowboy source I hear outside of Africa. They also are looking at new battery chemistries.

  6. Maersk may be following the Apple market strategy — you don’t need a larger market share than BMW as long as you make a solid product from bottom to top. (Not an endorsement of any company or product in particular, just a general observation.)

  7. I think some people were binge buying due to lockout. Buying stuff to have. I see the BIG monsters are going to die. Not the business model that can support them best is mid size or plan to have to load specials and go to multiple ports and spend time unloading and balancing to prevent roll overs. Just my thought but hope they think.

  8. do you foresee the united states ever getting back into the business of making ships?, not the boutique bs we see today.
    it's something that's always made me a bit disappointed in this country. we should be one of the leading ship builders of the world, and yet we design our ship building industry to be as inefficient as possible.
    we have grown arrogant and complacent in this industry, and it's beginning to be more of a serious problem. for instance seattle has the largest ferry system in the us, and yet they are down several ferries, suffering from labor shortage. and, from what i have heard, and correct me if i'm worng😉 any replacement ships are 5 years out. yet those islands are still needing all the things we landlubbers take for granted

  9. I find it interesting, that it is cheaper to scrap vessels and build new ones, than it is to repower the old ones, or even to put them into long term storage.

  10. What are your thoughts on Distributed Ledger Technologies/Blockchains being used to facilitate some of the processes of global trade finance; processes such as transferring documents: bill of laden, letter of credit, etc.?

  11. Another thing for Maersk, I betcha that they don't know what they need just yet for new build. They were the first to go for the mega container ships but are those what they need? Probably not. NeoPanamax? Maybe.

  12. Should blank sailings be allowed in container shipping? Isn’t that tantamount to bullying shippers into paying more on actual sailings? I don’t think the airlines are allowed to cancel scheduled flights at will. Why should it be allowed in shipping?

  13. Hi Sal,
    It’s been reported that China is posting lower than normal orders. I’ve seen some factories closing for the entire month of January due to both Covid concerns and less orders issued. I think once companies have determined their inventory levels post holiday, we will see what changes happen post CNY. I think there are a lot of companies still sitting on large inventories and we will likely see deep discounts in the retail and e-commerce sectors. Matson has cancelled some of their weekly sailings during CNY. Until the long shoremen and railroad unions come up to contracts, I think we’ll be seeing much of the same as Q4 with east coast ports backed up and LA/LB begging for more traffic.

  14. By infference from your previous videos, that rather than ship empty containers back to Asia from the US China, and Korea?, were just making more containers. Would that not mean there may be an overabundance of containers sitting around? So should we not see a drop in prices of used containers? Or are there still a pile of empty containers clogging the ports.

    I have seen a price drop in decommisioned containers from about Spetember to now, though from two different sources so that is questionable data..

  15. The published container rates are spot rates. I worked forecasting commodity trade, specifically cotton and textiles, for 20 years. All the companies I ever worked with did 80-90% of their shipping volume on annual contracts. These are fixed price agreement. They only use spot rates to cover the variable mounts. Think of the price of basketball game ticket, What you pay 15 minutes before the playoff game has nothing to do will what the season ticket holders paid for those tickets.

    No one will tell you what these annual rates are, they have nondisclosure agreements with the shipping companies and consider them trade secrets. From what I have been hearing annual rates are still going up. They never had the big surge that the spot rates saw but more of a steady increase. That will probably level off or decline over the next year or so. But they haven't seen a big decline yet.

  16. Thankful I found this channel. Sal’s channel ‘What’s is going on with shipping’, with charts, charts and charts, is full of fun facts all about worldwide international shipping.

    International worldwide trade into America is still alive and growing. Thank you Sal for your channel.

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