Săptămâna aceasta este începutul unei noi aventuri cu multicoca… Trimaran Life! Am navigat vreodată cu un trimaran? Nu. Am fost vreodată comandanții altor nave în afară de Curiosity? Nu! Cu toate acestea, am avut încredere că vom duce acest trimaran Neel de 47 de picioare de la Charleston, Carolina de Sud, la Miami, Florida. Ar trebui să fie o bucată de tort… nu-i așa?🤷🏻‍♀️ ❤ Alătură-te echipei noastre! ❤ Pentru conținut exclusiv, în culise și întrebări și răspunsuri: ☝Ofertă completă pe blog 📷 Echipament foto și video 📷 https://www.gonewiththewynns .com/photo-video-gear 📱 ACTUALIZĂRI pe Social 📱 INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: 📧Notificări prin E-MAIL, ca să nu ratați niciodată un videoclip🍦 http :// 🎶 MUZICA pentru videoclipuri. 2 luni gratuit: Artiști – The Lighthearts, The Nightjars 🎨 Active creative pentru videoclipuri (SFX, șabloane și presetări): – 🎽 PENTRU SWAG-UL: 💯Modalități GRATUITE de a susține producțiile noastre Bine ați venit la Trimaran Life! Dacă te-ai întrebat vreodată cum este să trăiești și să navighezi cu un trimaran, această serie va fi pentru tine. ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––– SUNTEM JASON ȘI NIKKI WYNN. Câțiva documentaristi moderni, călători perpetui și căutători de povești înalte. Ne urmărim curiozitatea în jurul lumii pe roți și chile din 2011. De ce? Pentru că curiozitatea este cheia pentru deblocarea vieții. Ne împinge în afara zonei noastre de confort, ne înmoaie presupunerile și ne ajută să îmbrățișăm marele necunoscut. Cu cât ne lăsăm mai mult curiozitatea să ne conducă, cu atât descoperim mai mult despre noi înșine și despre lumea din jurul nostru. Casa noastră este și mijlocul nostru de transport și petrecem săptămâni departe de civilizație și uneori de pământ. Încrederea în sine și un stil de viață durabil sunt o necesitate. Totul este să ne gestionăm resursele și căutăm mereu modalități noi și mai bune de a face acest lucru. Trăim în afara rețelei de peste 10 ani în orice, de la o dubiță la RV până la o barcă cu pânze. Și de-a lungul timpului am învățat multe despre energia regenerabilă, crearea apei potabile sigure și gestionarea deșeurilor noastre. Călătoria noastră este în continuă evoluție, dar misiunea rămâne aceeași: #CultivateCuriosity Timestampile dacă doriți să săriți: 00:00 Acest trimaran de 47 ft este noua noastră casă 01:20 Puntea exterioară: solar, vele și depozitare 03:33 Cârmă ridicată Echipamente și instrumente 04:38 Cabină, lounge și OC Tender 06:29 Sala motoare, baterii cu litiu și depozitare 07:31 Amas – Cabine pentru oaspeți, mașină de spălat și facilități 09:40 Suita proprietarilor AMAZINGLY GIANT 11:01 Electronice, depozitare vin și jucărie Dulap 12:07 Iluminat salon și birou de navigație PERSONALIZAT 13:32 Este un trimaran NEEL FOARTE personalizat 14:33 Bucătărie în formă de U, în totalitate electrică 15:34 Mașină de spălat vase compactă în bucătărie 16:35 Alternator de mare putere de 10Kw, A/C și electronice 17 :24 Baie, duș spa și cămară 19:03 Furnizare în centrul orașului Charleston, SC 22:02 Planul de navigație ––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– –––––– #BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats © Gone With the Wynns 2023


49 thoughts on “PENTRU PRIMUL NOSTRU TRIMARAN (tur complet)

  1. love the excitement… like watching kids getting a new toy. Can't wait to see the sail and enjoy the experience with you. Awesome stuff

  2. Hello. I missed you last night as I fell asleep earlier than expected. What a great vessel you are underway with. The first word that came to mind during your trimaran description was "Luxury." The second word, "convenience." Ultimately and remarkably. What a treat to be able to experience this cruising vessel. You have me just about ready to quit work and go and live my dream!! Great sail.

  3. You'll have to do a swap with La Vagabond once you've both had your new boats a while – at least you will all be used to the OC tenders!

  4. If you’ve never toured an aircraft carrier you should. The Intrepid in NYC had great historical displays

  5. Just an FYI, if you want to tour the military ships just know you will climb up and up and up and up to the top on basically ladders. If you have any issues with heights, you probably don't want to take the tour. Especially, if climbing ladders isn't something you do easily as far as going down. If you do find yourself at the top and quite frozen with a combination of vertigo and some fear, turn around and go down all the ladders facing them instead of using them as stairs. "It will be fun they said It will be super interesting to see. You will learn so much they said!" None of it triggered my vertigo which triggers fear in me till I was at the top being told by a bunch of young sailors to just walk down these ladders like they are stairs. Fortunately, the young 19-year-old who was stuck with me at the top of the ship realized that it might be easier if I went down backwards. It was! When we got to the bottom he laughed, "I wasn't sure what we were going to do if you couldn't do the ladders backwards!" I just tell you this because you mentioned the tour, but the tour of an aircraft carrier isn't for those with vertigo and a fear of heights.

  6. A neighbor, while attending the Citadel, was nearing the completion of his private pilot license. That big boat, The Yorktown, was pretty empty and too much temptation for him and he landed his little Cessna 150 on it, quickly turned into the wind and took off. Unfortunately, not quick enough as someone got his N number and reported it to the FAA. The FAA called him in and decided as punishment, they would keep his log books and told him to "start over" ( that is a few thousand dollars ). An added stroke of good luck was his father let him live.

  7. i think you have the math wrong with the battery or something isnt right. if it is 800 ah to 48V it means 3200 ah at 12v ! also bigger battery capacity shouldnt be stated at ah anymore, kwh is better for that. So simple math 48X 800 = 38,4 kwh 38400 wh. im pretty sure that there is something wrong with the capacity, because i cannot see enough batteries for so much of a power storage, propably that 1860 ah to 12 v is more correct and it equals to 22.32 kwh

  8. That dishwasher is so in the wrong place…. Won’t take long to kick the controls or have water get in the way. Would have been better to swap it around with the draw above it…

  9. For me, the Neel 51 is the sweet spot in their design lineup, but the 47 is really nice, too. I like the modifications the owners made to this one. Looking forward to seeing your sail and what you think of the Neel under way.

  10. I’m surprised at how much I like this one. It’s perfectly cozy for a couple. I doubt I will ever afford one but I’m dreaming at least ❤

  11. St. Augustine is a wonderful city. One of my favorite spots in the world. Beyond just visiting the fort, make sure to take a leisure walk along St. George street; visit Flagler college; and the St. Aug Aligator Farm. Parts of this city are more than twice as old as the US.

  12. Great video as always! They did a great job with the space. Is it possible for you (or the owners) to let me know what type of fabric they used for the cushions and the color? Also, can you tell me what brand induction cooktop that is? I liked both of these upgrades a lot!

  13. That is a lot of boat, with a lot of equipment that is going to require a lot of service and maintenance. How are slip fees for such a wide boat?

  14. nice changes except deleting toilets, don't care how small they were, guests have to go upstairs through and down again for the one and only toilet in the middle of the night in unknown sea conditions, ahhh nope lol

  15. These people have a hoarding issue . Sailing is supposed to simplify life but these folks is not letting anything go

  16. If you’re having rolling issues adjust your shutter angle. Traditionally with film cameras a 144° shutter worked well but you would lose stop with the reduced angle from a 180° shutter, but with digital cameras you can shoot at 288° gaining stop. Not sure if your DSLR can do it natively, but there should be an equation to factor the angle to fractional second and achieve the same result.

  17. Wow – You guys were in my neck of the woods! I never imagined you would ever be this close by! Sad I didn't get to say HI. My wife is especially fond of your channel and is a big fan of your videos. Safe Travels!

  18. OMG – what a wonderful boat. So much thought and planning. How old is it? I’m sure y’all will have a great time sailing to Florida. Be sure to clean up all the drooling before you turn it back to the owners 🤣😂. Kidding ❤️ I’m sure this makes you more excited for your new boat. Any updates in that area? Safe sailing and have a wonderful time ❤️💕🥂

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