Plecăm în AFRICA!

Plecăm în AFRICA!



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29 thoughts on “Plecăm în AFRICA!

  1. Hello Ben, Ashley, Willa and Bodhi,

    I have a couple of close friends that have a grandchild named Willa. I really enjoy y'all's videos; and have been a follower and subscriber for a while, now.


    Of all of the YouTube sailing channels that I watch, You are without a doubt the best fisherman of all.

    Blue Skies and Fair Winds!



  2. I nearly said about your issues with the crowd that they were all laughing.

    Totally get why it was hard for you though.

    So cool of you to give things to people as you go. I aim to sail round the world in a year and I will buy a lot of basic clothing to give away and take all my old kids stuff.

  3. Nahoa, you guys are the role model of global citizens/cruisers. So many times on YT the poor locals in developing countries were portraited by cruisers as dangerous and or crimes infected places. You genuinely wanting to share what you have with the locals is heartfelt. As for the little out of control from the crowd, this is mild chaos compared to the Black Friday shopping crowd at the mall in the US or Canada every Christmas and most shoppers already had a lot at home.

  4. Liberal cucks entrusting their kids safety amongst those savages. They hurt you and not think twice…….it ain't Emo world everywhere!!! Look at those who "migrate" into the West…a nightmare in Europe that nobody dares speak about 🙁

  5. Just an fyi a better way to dispatch a fish once out of the water is with a club fishermen use a wooden club very much like a small bat, not necessarily YT friendly but its quicker and you can still bleed it

  6. Hi. I’ve been a viewer from the early days before kids In my previous life I built, owned and lived at a deep draft marina. Our children grew up on the water. Now as a retired grandparent, I am amazed at how the little ones seem to stumble and get jerked around on deck with no life gear. I get it.
    As a parent you don’t want them to fear the water. The big however for me is why no attempt to have even a self made inflatable device for them. A piece of clothing that would give them sun protection and flotation
    could be easily sewn up. Things can happen
    rather rapidly on the water, especially on a faster boat. As a test. Throw a fender overboard and see how fast you travel from it
    I am just an old lifetime sailer and mean you no harm with my perhaps harsh sounding comment . Take care

  7. Great video! The green color of that fish was amazing. I hope it was tasty. You can't get fish fresher than that. ❤️. One thing is the same the world over. Mariners help each other out. It's a wonderful life !

  8. Ben, your ability to balance gut feel regarding safety, patience and understanding of local cultures is a great skill you have developed over the journey~Chapeau big fella!!!…I can only imagine the buzzing of testosterone among the youths and what you might be concerned about in relation to what might happen next…I reckon the gut feel in these circumstances is what you have to follow.

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