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  1. That was very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to tell a little bit about yourselves.
    You are an interesting couple. You endured hellacious circumstances when you remodeled the boat. Even lost viewers because they signed up for sailing not a boat building channel.
    But anyway, you have learned how to roll with the punches. Matt will protect you Christian. You are worth protecting.

  2. Most marriages don't work because the basic biology and structure is screwed up. I know my opinion don't matter, but as long as he's leading the family and she's supporting him it'll work. If she is nagging and always second guessing his decisions it won't last. Marriage is important because it's the promise to live the way God designed it. If you don't wanna live that way it's pointless lol

  3. You can talk all the shit you want Matt about soft hands and what not but if you get in a bad situation and need to drop your anchor from the cockpit, a windless can save your boat and prevent a serious accident by being able to deploy your anchor immediately. Your light 37 Hunter vs my heavy 40 Endeavour is irrelevant. It’s where your sailing and navigating that matters, not your age or relative size of the boat

  4. You can argue all you want. Just don't let it degenerate to a fight. Differences are good. Leverage them to learn together. But trust me on this one. No fighting is the best way. Oh, when I differ with the woman I love, she is ALWAYS right. I would rather be loved than right.

  5. What I'm most interested in is your relationship details. Perhaps you've already covered this but I might have missed it. I've watched every streaming video of yours for years. How did you meet? How long after you met did you become inseparable? Did you start your relationship on land or did you buy the boat first? etc. Thanks

  6. Agree completely with your thoughts about the need for a windlass. Three years ago, when I was 67, we sailed the length of the Sea of Cortez on a 40-foot Hunter. The windlass fried the day before we left the marina. I was the only fit enough guy, at least 20 years older than the boat owner, and took on the role of anchor hauler every time. It was at least a 50 lb. anchor, with a lot of chain. It kept me in good shape. Use it, or lose it! I like your thinking.

  7. Matt, hey Matt, you need to go down there! Bahahahahhahhaa!! sorry guys, you started it, peace love and Cuba Libre's, wishing you guys the very best for the year ahead………………..T-Bone

  8. I always thought that Kirsten wasn't going to get married until Matt was ready to share Kirsten with 3 other husbands. A reverse poligimy.4 men to keep Kirsten happy .

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