Sail Life – Un an (2022) de bricolaj cu barca cu normă întreagă și de croazieră în 17 minute ⛵️

Sail Life - Un an (2022) de bricolaj cu barca cu normă întreagă și de croazieră în 17 minute ⛵️

Iată o privire la tot ce s-a întâmplat la bordul Athena în 2022. La mulți ani! 🙂 *** Link-uri *** Site-ul Sail Life: Sail Life pe Patreon: Sail Life pe Instagram: https://www.instagram. com/saillife_/ Sail Life pe Facebook: Sail Life pe Twitter:


37 thoughts on “Sail Life – Un an (2022) de bricolaj cu barca cu normă întreagă și de croazieră în 17 minute ⛵️

  1. Fantastic year for you both. I look forward to your videos every week. I’m in the middle of an extensive refit on my 1993 Compac 23 sailboat. I’ve learned a lot from you.

  2. So basically you've been lounging around doing nothing. 🙂 Seriously you have covered a lot of ground this last year. Well I changed my fuel filters, and did haul out twice.

  3. Great video about great work done on a great boat. Amazing work Mads, thanks for sharing! One negative point however: after each video I start re-thinking my own plans for my boat build…

  4. Great summary video! Nice recap, funny and witty!
    Thanks gor sharing your adventures and for always keeping up the good spirits! This helps us too while Building Wilda here down under! We are still at the “Oh glorious sanding” and fairing state but one sweet day we’ll take her into the water! Yay!
    If you’re curious to have a look at our Schionning Wilderness catamaran, check out Building Wilda on YouTube! But bear in mind, we are newbies to … almsot everything: boat building, filming, editing 😆

  5. Maybe THE longest voiceover of any YouTube Sailing Channel EVER! Well done Matt. DIY Master – I bow down to you… Please standby for your career in radio someday! Only one insignificant suggestion; although you did add some natural sound (SOT – sound on tape) throughout your piece… maybe next time, add a little music here and there to break up the narration. Although repetitive… since I watched and liked EVER episode in 2022, your encapsulation of events, DIY, and other noteworthy business was absolutely outstanding. Bravo! – to a very nice segment.

  6. The one thing i feel needed to have a modification is the solar arch. Specifically, adding a trunnion so that the panels could be tilted and thus given a potential to stay into the sun. With the right construction, it's perfectly solid and safe to have one. I've seen several solar arches with this modification in the last 3 years (before c19).

    Other than that, what a magnificent boat, Athena has become.
    She's a completely different beast than when you got her years ago. Stronger, faster, much, much better equipped and the interior looks not just spiffy, but also much cleaner and pleasant to be in. That's one thing i never liked about old fiberglass boats. The designers always tried to make them look TOO upclass, and that inevitably ends up making them stuffy, hard to maintain, and generally (and this is coming from someone who has no issues about claustrophobia, i go in caves every once in a while) claustrophobic. You'd make a killing with interior design, i just know it!

  7. CVA has decent offerings in revolver 44-45, Rifle 50 and scatter. Sportsman's warehouse or Cabela's should mail directly. I'd pick up four six shooters belts and holsters at least. The aforementioned and bass pro shops has reasonable fishing gear. It'll be interesting to see spear fishing. Nothing is more fun than dropping targets off a boat every day for therapy.

  8. I have to congratulate you Mags and Eva for a phenomenal year. The jobs you do are so well conceived and executed, the boat is true credit to you.
    Eva I loved the episode when you opened up about growing up the way you did and the prejudices you encountered. Anyway it didn’t stop you from developing into a delightful well rounded person. You two look so happy and seem to click perfectly, as I say congrats and all the very best for the Atlantic crossing and an exciting 2023. I will be watching 👏👏👏

  9. 1:00 Cones for a series drogue

    1:08 installing our new Rainman water maker

    1:42 we left Gasport and moved Athena to Chichester for a couple of weeks

    1:55 James not only let us use his Workshop but he also helped us

    2:22 after two weeks in Chichester Athena looked a lot more finished on a nice calm day we left Chichester and headed back to gospel to continue working on our very ambitious to-do list

    2:30 back in Gasport we were fortunate enough to find a true DIY gold mine in the shape of Make Gasport, where I could make new solar panel supports for our Arch

    2:47 One of the big downsides to Volvo's D2 engines are their MDI boxes

    3:29 We had Marine rigging Services unstep theMast

    3:32 I replaced the coax cable, did the Assembly of the furler, installed

    a second camera in the mast, we installed 1600 Watts worth of solar panels on the arch

    4:25 we also replaced Athena's old two-stroke four horse outboard with an electric outboard

    4:43 Our time in Gasport had come to an end we untied the lines with goodbye to our good friends Mark and Marcella and headed to Southampton to meet up with Carly and

    Dom from Sailing Kadoh

    4:58 before leaving the UK I finally got around to installing the door handle

    on the door to the door head

    6:19 Ava really got into his sewing and needle related projects while we were in Cherberg. She made some super spiffy covers for our Jerry cans and also made an equally spiffy cover for our propane


    7:44 Ava went to Ikea and picked up two cheap mattresses for us to use in

    the AFT cabin

    8:01 We had a reasonable weather window to go straight to Ireland and left Sherburg

    8:18 we got to visit some of the spots that make the south coast of the UK

    9:10 We got to enjoy what's lovingly nicknamed the Caribbean of Europe with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches

    8:55 We got a warm welcome in Ireland by the best Dolphin Show of 2022

    9:27 Jameson's whiskey

    9:36 unfortunately we think that's also where we managed to pick up COVID

    10:11 because of COVID and whether we didn't get to go up the west coast of Ireland as I had originally hoped but we did make it to Baltimore which is the most western part of Ireland and we spent a few days on Heir Island enjoying the nature and the bird Cliffs where I got my best bird pooping shot of 2022.

    10:27 The drive unit for our autopilot that failed

    11:03 I was free to go nuts and DIY to my heart's content, cleaning out our water tank, installing a new accumulator tank, replacing the fuel pump, also a leaky chain plate that needed fixing

    11:58 12-volt fans

    12:00 I built a cover on the cowling for the Drive Unit I made it out of 10 millimeter foam core. I decided the cockpit Locker would also be the best place for us to store our scuba


    13:54 We met up with our friends, I installed new curtains and Sky screens from Dometic

    14:36 I did have time to install a shower in the cockpit

    14:47 There was also time for installing Starlink

    15:00 Crossing the Bay of Biscay is a big milestone we had a decent weather window

    15:22 we sprouted the coast of Spain and pulled into Gihan after a short stay we headed to Akuruna accompanied by dolphins and nice warm weather

    15:35 the single biggest source of worry for us in 2022 has been orcas and their attacks on sailboats along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts

    16:21 we also managed to squeeze in another few projects like making DIY bean bags for the cockpit

    17:29 We made it safely another couple of miles down the coast to Porto where we all went for a port wine tasting, we made it to Gashqai's where it was yet again time

    for some DIY projects like for instance, installing our new wind vane

    17:52 doing a service on the engine and also provisioning the boat for the Atlantic


  10. I have an issue with "Best bird poop of 2022". Its a great shot; that's not in dispute. My issue is: How many bird poop shots did you get in 2022? This one was luck. It's not like you shot 2,437 pooping pictures you then had to review to find the best one. It was a lucky shot. That's all. Thanks for the memories you two! Keep 'em coming!

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