Drumul greșit în sus pe coasta trădătoare a Pacificului cu barca noastră veche de 44 de ani

Drumul greșit în sus pe coasta trădătoare a Pacificului cu barca noastră veche de 44 de ani

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29 thoughts on “Drumul greșit în sus pe coasta trădătoare a Pacificului cu barca noastră veche de 44 de ani

  1. I work on tugboats in Alaska and the only thing I've found that works for seasickness is making sure you have a good meal and plenty of lemon and ginger tea. No heat in the wheelhouse and look out at the horizon.
    Thanks for sharing your journey. My ketch has a ford lehman in it as well and it's a pain in the butt finding those parts. Glad you got it fixed and on your way

  2. I don't know what's more awesome your crazy big beautiful engine room or your ridiculous amount of knowledge on how to take care of the boat and integrate Navionics with your various devices. Beautiful video cheers to you 3 carry on!

  3. I depend on my ipad for all of my navigation. One summer, in the San Juan Islands, my ipad crashed. Hard. I hadn’t backed it up to my macbook, so no go on system restore. Switched to my iphone, but it really is so small a screen in comparison. Have a backup!

  4. American diesel in Virginia sells all things lehman. Hoses, pumps, blocks and oil and engine coolers.Owners name Brian. His father did the original. marinization of Lehman engines.Many of the defever cruisers members who have lehman engines use him

  5. I wouldn’t leave that extra belt there it’s going to degrade faster with time than if you store it away so when it comes time to use it it’s life will be cut short and not reliable anymore

  6. Glad you guys made a safe passage in those rare flat seas that are pretty unheard of for December. I wanted to get out myself to the Farallon’s for fishing and crabbing but couldn’t put a trip together. Safe travels.

  7. Awesome!!! Congrats on getting underway!! Mountain Myst is looking and running great! Congrats on getting this vessel back into proud and sharp shape!! Having lots of fun watching this series, many thanks for sharing these adventures here. Best regards from Brasilia, Brazil.

  8. I've never seen the Oregon – Washington coast that calm while underway. I've crossed into the Columbia bar with 20 footers in a 16 footer. My 32 ft wood Grand Banks trip from Astoria to Warrenton , 12 footers for 24 hours. Single Ford Lehman engine. Dependable.

  9. Happy for you guys . I just saw Fred Warner Marysville WA has that pump in stock . they have a eBay and amazon store . Best of luck !!! Get another!

  10. Thank you for cruising through the PNW. I’m in southern Oregon and love to see our beautiful coast line from your perspective. We have enjoyed your journey from your first video! Hope to see you out there soon, somewhere in this big wide world! Stay safe and calm seas to you!

  11. In 1974 I was on visit in bodega bay at my first visit to US . I was told that it was there the movie the birds was shot by Alfred Hitchcock . I was even inside the telefonebooth Tipi Hedren stood when she was attacked by the birds !
    IF Idont remember wrong .
    Otherwise that route you are doing is nice . I was working on containerships for 10 years and we did that route on the way to Seattle/Vancouver .BC . The weather there can vary from storm to flat sea in hours so you have a great luck ! It's a wondeful place though to route because of the wildlife !

  12. Congratulations on your 1st successful voyage, I never doubted you all! Amazing all the skills the both of you have acquired over the years and your dedication to living a life on the water! I so admire your free spirit’s and heart for adventure!

    Clear eyes and a full heart can’t loose!

    Blessing on the both of you.

  13. Hi again guys. Great video, and packed full of great info I picked up on. Once thing that doesn't transfer on YouTube is the nervous feeling when you leave the dock to embarking on a new journey. Specially on a three to four day trip on the open ocean in a power boat.

  14. If you can buyer some Ginger Calm seasick pills or som Ginger Ale soft drink, but let it loose all its fizz before drinking it. We found both of these products work well.
    Also drink lots of water. Have a great trip.

  15. If anyone was interested, you can use the code ZhikSailing10 to get 10% off Zhik products on their store. Found this the other day and just sharing the love while it lasts

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