Bună, frumoșilor, În acest videoclip am vrut să arunc o privire mai atentă asupra noilor colecții de machiaj de primăvară 2023. Unele dintre mărcile mele preferate precum Chanel, Dior și Guerlain și-au lansat deja colecțiile de machiaj de primăvară. Am vrut să vă împărtășesc care sunt produsele pe care plănuiesc să le cumpăr. De asemenea, voi împărtăși cu voi experiența mea cu unele produse de machiaj și de îngrijire a pielii lansate recent. Sper să vă placă și sper că veți găsi acest videoclip de ajutor 😊 ❤️ O mulțumire foarte specială @weizhe0315 ❤️ O mulțumire foarte specială prietenei mele Eka https://www. Pentru știri despre frumusețe și anticipări ale noilor colecții de machiaj, asigurați-vă că urmați Pentru recenzii sincere ale celor mai noi produse de machiaj de lux, urmați-i pe prietena mea Eka aici: https: // ➡️ Seria French Beauty Secrets | Franceză pentru o zi ➡️ SĂ PĂMĂM CONTACTUL ❤️ Vă rugăm să vă abonați Instagram: https://www.instagram. com/angelavanrose TikTok: NOI COLECȚII DE MACHIAJ ȘI PRODUSE MENȚIONATE ÎN ACEST VIDEO Noile rujuri Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet: Chanel Spring Colectia de machiaj 2023 Creme de corp Chanel Chance Colectia de machiaj Dior Primavara 2023 Mitzah -959334 Machiaj Dior Primavara 2023 10 Couleurs Eye: Mitzah Machiaj Chantecaille Primavara 2023 Wild Meadows Eye Quartet Fard de obraz Chantecaille Wild Meadows https :// Nou Chantecaille Spring 2023 Wild Meadows Lip Chic Noul ruj Guerlain Rosy Bloom 959389 New Guerlain Cherry Bl husă osssom CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Nou! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter Nou DIOR | Addict Lip Maximizer Colectia de machiaj Givenchy Primavara 2023 Noua Hermes 2023 Culori pentru buze Nou Guerlain Primavara 2023 Ombres G Nou ser Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum: Ser Anti-Aging: CHANEL | Le Lift Pro Crème Volume LANCÔME | Rénergie HCF Triple Serum (sephora); (Ulta); MACHIAJ PURTAT ÎN ACEST VIDEO FACE SISLEY PARIS | Phyto Hydra Teint 0 și 1 (Sisley); (Nordstrom); (Saks); (Bloomingdales); (Cos Bar); (Selfridges); Sisley Loose Powder (Nordstrom); (Saks); (Beautylish); (Selfridges); Blush Kjaer Weis REVERENCE (Kjaer Weis); (Dermstore); iluminator Charlotte Tilbury Chic Glow EYES Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tweed 4 (Chanel); (Nordstrom); Guerlain Noir G Mascara: Sephora); Bloomingdales; BUZE BUZE Gucci 506 ➡️ Videoclipuri YouTube care s-ar putea să vă placă: Ghidul francez pentru o piele strălucitoare | Elemente esențiale pentru îngrijirea pielii și machiaj Noua colecție de machiaj CHANEL de primăvară 2023 Machiaj și modă Greșeli care te fac să arăți mai bătrân Încrederea sporită Machiajul AGELESS Uită-te LOOK DE MACHIAJ FRANCEZ VS ITALIAN Modalitatea franceză de a obține PIELE FĂRĂ CU DATE ❤Dacă vrei să-mi susții canalul , vă rugăm să utilizați aceste linkuri afiliate atunci când faceți achizițiile online. MULȚUMESC!❤ CHANEL DIOR SAKS FIFTH AVENUE US SEPHORA NORDSTROM http: // MACYS BEAUTYLISH HARRODS SELFRIDGES ULTA http: // EUROPE 24S Acest videoclip nu este sponsorizat de niciun brand sau companie. Opiniile mele reflectate în aceste videoclipuri sunt 100% ale mele. Nu pot garanta că produsele pe care le plac și le recomand vi se vor potrivi. Unele dintre linkurile din acest videoclip sunt afiliate, ceea ce înseamnă că pot primi un mic comision pentru achizițiile făcute prin linkurile mele. Acest lucru mă ajută să-mi susțin canalul și sunt extrem de recunoscător celor dintre voi care aleg să facă cumpărături prin linkurile mele de afiliat. ❤️ **Aceste produse mi-au fost trimise gratuit #newmakeup #beautynews #willibuyit #angelavanrose #spring2023makeup



  1. Hello dear friends 🙂 Please comment on what you would like to see on my channel. I will go shopping tomorrow so it will be helpful to know what you would like me to swatch/buy. Sending much love to everyone and I hope you are all having a wonderful day! xoxo

  2. Hi Angela – I appreciate the video. I definitely agree in quality over quantity. With so many new releases – it seems like just way too much. I think there is no need to buy, buy, buy. I would love to go along on some shopping or just walks in Paris. I would also appreciate some videos re-looking at old classic favorites. We all need to be nudged to look at what we already have instead of always going for something new (especially since it seems like things are duplicated). Some other ideas – nail polish tutorials – your nails always look so lovely – some tips on how you manage to care for your nails and paint them so perfectly would be great! Maybe some reviews of your favorite polishes as well – are the Chanel / Dior polishes really much better than the drugstore brands like OPI and Essi?

  3. I ordered the Dior #253 lipstick. I've been looking for a lighter pink so I'm hoping this will be the one. While I'm fair skinned, my lips are very pigmented, so I sometimes have a hard time finding a pink that won't become too dark or just not look like anything at all on my lips. I like the Dior satin lipstick formula.

  4. Thank you for your honesty. I personally haven’t had a problem with Chantecaille. However I have had an epiphany! The money they charge for tiny eye shadow palettes, blushes etc is ludicrous. Yes they are often very pretty but I have decided to be more cautious in what I buy. I want to be very sure I am going to use what I buy. Recently I started to look at what I have before I purchase. 😊

  5. thank you for giving your honest opinion on chantecaille, I still love a lot of chantecaille products but there has been a noticable change in the brand in last few years. While the imprints and packaging for this new collection looks lovely that inspiration should translate to the actual product as well. The product inside shouldn't give you the feeling of 'same old, same old'

  6. Hi Angela,
    From Chanel I like the pink blush but I also want to see the tweed blush line when they will launch. The quad is not for me. I don’t like yellow/lavander/orange colours on my eyelids.
    Guerlain is an easy pass for me. I don’t like the quad (I tested in the store).
    The only think I’m interested from Dior is Soft Petals quint and maybe Bronze Sepia. I’m not in love about Lip Maximizer. I have tried in the store. They are a bit tacky and my lips colour didn’t change at all. In comparison Hermes lip oil line has a superior quality. They have pigment, offer hydration and look beautiful on my lips. I saw 2 of the new Dior lipstick. The nude one looks strange for a lipstick (a pale beige) and the dark one (200 I think) is much darker in real life (almost like a very dark brown).
    I don’t like Chantecaille. I think is an overpriced brand and you can easy find much better quality at a lower price.
    I’m interested to see the new Corail lipstick from Hermes. I think their lipsticks are good quality and I love the packages.
    I have tried skincare from Dior, Chanel and Lancome (samples). Actually I bought Le Solution 10 from Chanel. All from Chanel and Dior make me break out. Lancome not but their skincare range has a lot of fragrance and is nothing spectacular for how much cost.
    I found an Australian brand, Ultraceuticals, and I’m very happy with the results. After I started to use their products (cleansers, retinol serum, hydrating serum, face cream etc. ) my skin looks much better and I didn’t experienced any break out.
    I would like to see “shopping with me” videos. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Eka is fantastic! I'm skipping Dior even though that pink lipstick is sooooo me 🖤
    However I will definitely be purchasing the Chanel Rouge Coco Baume and possibly the lavender Baume Essential.

  8. Hi Angela , I would love to see some shopping in Paris vlogs. Any luxury makeup/fashion houses. Always love your content but excited to see some of your trips to Paris ❤️Natalie

  9. Thank you for your honesty, Angela. I always feel that you genuinely have your viewers' best interests at heart and it shows in your videos. As far as new releases, nothing really seems like a "must have" to me, although I do think the Hermes lipsticks are beautiful as always and so is the Guerlain lipstick case (even though you're skipping that one) 🙂 I would love to see travel vlogs or shopping around France if you end up making those videos. It's fun to be able to travel the world through Youtube!

  10. I drink both, but I am a coffee ☕️ person! I would love to see the Chanel Spring collection from you and the new Guerlain 💄 lipstick shade. I guess I should try the samples of the new Le Lift line from Chanel before I make an actual purchase. I do love the other serum and cream. I think that Chantecaille’s Spring collection is very beautiful, but I do think the brand has to work on some things and can do better. Thank you, thank you for what you do Angela! I hope Angela and all of you have a great rest of the week! 👍🏻💄☕️🤩💝❤️💕🍀

  11. I love your videos Angela! You made my day ! And you look amazing as always!
    Honestly Chantecaille was a huge disappointment for me – I tried a few of their products and with exception of their eye brightening pencil which I really like everything else was a huge disappointment. You rightly said that their pictures look nice for spring collection – but even if you look more closely the outer packaging looks like cheap postcards from my childhood. I think for me this brand is a no going forward.
    I also cannot agree more about Dior’s animal print – love Dior products, but not this design 😊.
    And I’m super curious now about Givenchy blush! Would love to hear your opinion if you will end up getting it.

  12. I think the new Dior nail polish in white is the Mitzah top coat which I did pick up. Not sparkly, it just adds a very lovely glow to the polish you wear below it. I love it – subtle but just right. I no longer buy Chantecaille makeup but I do use a few of their lower priced skincare when they have a sale. Paris shopping – please!!! What a treat such a video would be …. And perhaps a cup of Kushiro black tea?

  13. Too many new releases. I am one woman and I love makeup BUT I also have a budget and I have a nice collection of high end makeup. I will be much more careful with my purchases this year. You do such a lovely job and really enjoy your channel. I would love to go,along on shopping excursions or just out and about in Milan. Revisiting favorites is also good. I’m not a fan of animal prints either. I have never understood the hype around Chantecaille – it’s poor quality for the price point. Guerlain however very rarely disappoints me. 😘

  14. Hi Angela! It is so nice to watch your vídeos. Love the products that you choose. It would be nice to “go” shopping with you in Paris, my favorite city.
    I love tea in the morning. I drink Earl Grey with non dairy creamer, measured and timed for a perfect cup of strong tea.

  15. Thank you for your video, Angela 💖
    From all these collections, I'm only interested in Chanel one, it would be great if you could show it to us ☺️❤️ I love that they used some Lila color in their eyeshadow and Highlighter, it's so rare in makeup, but it's my favorite eyeshadow color 🙂 it's been too many orange, gold and brown already!

  16. omg, vlogs from France…yes, yes, please yes!! I would love that…that would be wonderful. I Think the GUerlain #63 Rose Bloom looks like such a pretty colour but I noticed on the website that ot's not the satin finsih, not sure if it will be too matte, which would def not work for me. I would have to check it out in person before purchasing….btw your skin looks like absolute perfection!

  17. Hello Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your purchase intentions for the upcoming spring season. Love your decision to buy less this year. I also love your suggestion to « take us along » and swatch products in-store. I agree with your opinion of Chantecaille – hopefully, the brand will listen. Thank you for sharing your experience with the new Chanel skin care and letting us know about Dior’s decision to remove niacinamide from Capture. You are looking fabulous as always.

  18. Hi Angela…can u do an updated skincare tutorial your skin is gorgeous! ..I'm really interested in eye creams and which ones you have found to be the best? My undereyes are dry looking and have fine lines and really want to invest in a decent one but find it hard in choosing a good one x

  19. Thank you for your honesty and your commitment to your personal aesthetic. I have purchased two of the tube cream blushes from Chantecaille and that was it. I believe certain luxury brands receive a lot of push by some influencers – most likely because of the PR 🤷‍♀️

  20. You are now my favorite makeup artist and reviewer. Your honesty and knowledge is what I am looking for in a
    reviewer. You know a lot about what is going on in each brand. Do you think Tom Ford will change since Estee Lauder bought them? Thank you for your videos.

  21. Animal prints are huge this spring and summer. I’m not a huge fan either. I have one leopard print scarf that is beautiful in Smokey browns and grays…not traditional. I wear a lot of black and grays so it works. I don’t want a bold print across my bum!!! 😂 The pink colors are beautiful. I don’t care for the rust colors. I don’t want my eyes to look bruised 😮!
    In the US the Chanel le beige has gone up $5us dollars. So is now $70!!! I was having reservations about the $65 … it is not costing more money to produce… I believe this is a supply demand issue…
    I can’t wait to see the Guerlain lipstick. That color is beautiful!!! the tube is so pretty. I love that color family of warm pinks (not a coral) but a true warm pink. I feel most companies fall short on warm pinks. Revlon has been making Pink in the Afternoon for over 50 years. It is inexpensive but wow it is a wonderful color. (Revlon Pink Velvet is a darker version) This reminds me of a slightly dark version.

  22. Thank you for your honest insight on these luxury brands! So happy to hear the positive feedback on Guerlain and Givanchy. I have watched Chantecaille with interest but was never convinced to try it with it's high prices and don't find many reviews of the products.

  23. Totally agree on Chantecaille. I have had a spotty experience and have stopped buying. There are many others that offer better products especially at that price range.

  24. Thank you for your honest review as always. ❤ I join the cohort of others who mentioned you are their favorite content creator. The Chanel blush and the Hermès bronzer and lipsticks tempt me the most. I dislike animal prints as well and I am not too fan of pink shadows so Dior collection will be a pass for me. As for Chantecaille I am not thrilled by their spring color story but I must say that I really loved their autumn collection which I entirely purchased save one lipstick and had been very happy about the quality of the eyeshadows quartets. Get compliments each time I am wearing them.

  25. HI from Canada I enjoy your channel so much I've incorporated some of your suggestion into my facial routine .I was wondering when you say at night you double cleans do you use the same product twice ?

  26. You have quickly become my favorite makeup YouTuber. I’m definitely a makeup minimalist and so often, I just can’t relate to some of the makeup (thigh beautiful, just not my style) recommended by other YouTubers. I’m slowly dipping my toes into luxury makeup and your channel has been invaluable. Can’t wait to see what you do this year!!

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