Care barca cu pânze pentru 225.000 USD – Ep 212 – Lady K Sailing

Care barca cu pânze pentru 225.000 USD - Ep 212 - Lady K Sailing

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34 thoughts on “Care barca cu pânze pentru 225.000 USD – Ep 212 – Lady K Sailing

  1. You need to do a bit more research on budget cats as it probably deserves an episode to itself. "Prout Snowgoose" ( one sale pending in Trinidad and Tobago for £45k )is a good place to start, probably more of these have circumnavigated than any other cat, but that should have been covered in the $100k episode. Leaving you $100k+ to replace, repair, paint and equip it to modern standards if $200k is your budget, EU pricing on a Prout 38/Broadblue 38 Prestige ( same boat ) is about half the us pricing ( one sale pending in croatia right now for £79k ) not a horrible boat , needs a bit of work tidying up. i looked at it myself but something better came up.

    Budget cat buyers should aim for a Prout snowgoose if sub 100k, a Prout 38 if budgets about £150k ( i believe the youtube channel "World Towning" got their fully equipped Broadblue 38 for about £150k aand thats a stunning boat for the price.

    Also available for under $200k if you look and are willing to travel and do work on, Prestige, The odd Knysna ( smug ), St Francis, Broadblue, Prout, Heavenly Twins, Twin Star and older iterations of charter offerings from Fontain Pajou or even the elderly now Lagoon 38, All viable offerings below or around $200k

  2. Cats just cost so much to get into, when you can have a luxurious monohull for well under a 100K, I just don't see how one justifies a cat unless they have money to burn, or travel with 4 people all the time ?

  3. Another terrific episode. What I didn't really get out of this episode is why these boats cost so much more than previous ones.
    Catamarans: I had a big cat ordered….until my stocks tanked. Frankly I'd feel worse about the cat than about the money had I not fallen into such a sweet Hunter.
    Having had some cat sailing experience (I'm on my way to Vietnam next month to do a lot more…) In general a well balanced 45' mono seems very cat like. Might just be my Hunter 456. When it leans it's less like America's Cup and more like Winston Churchill leaning over to shake a child's hand. I know 'yacht' designation starts at 26 or 28 feet, and a Jeanneau 40 still lean a lot. But what size does steady start at?
    I also think any argument for a cat has to include the caveat 'Three times more expensive." Maybe by the time we arrive in Vancouver, and after the market turns around, I'll be dreaming about cats again.

  4. Love your videos! But one suggestion to make them better – it would be much better if you would match your review to the images you show, so if you're talking about the galley – show the pictures of the galley, if you're talking about the aft cabin – show the pictures of the aft cabin… Makes sense?

  5. For me, the Shannon’s the no brainer pick.

    Shannon is the absolute top of the quality heap. Built to last and more importantly, built to be easily refitted if you ever do manage to wear something out.

    The Sabre might take it in a windward drag race, but you’ll be much more relaxed when you arrive on the Shannon….a day later.

  6. $225,000. Not bad for a Northstar 1500 driver… You know Howard Hughes the builder would be worth an episode as would George and Jake and Dirk and George C.

  7. The saber same to meeto bee like J boat. ,… Catamaran scare the hell out of me!! When ever someone speaks about cats I cringe; ( anyway they're too beanie and have to tie off at the end of a pier we're all the drunken Boston whalers size swipe we know the type you got 50 people on a 15 person boat and bill dance is at the helm

  8. Ahoy Tim. Have enjoyed your input on what to buy for the price points series. Informative and enlightening.
    But- a sailing channel without actual sailing content is just surfing the internet imho. Blue water or blue LED lighting?

    Time to bring Lady K back to its natural environment of on the water content. Life gets in the way sometimes- I understand.
    The day job, your daughter, new living quarters has its advantages over anchoring in tropical locations.

    Captain or Computer consultant. I don't want to sound like that name tag guy- Hi my name is Hater here.
    I know a tough thing, to do in mid-January in Canada right now, but would you trade 2 feet of snow for 2 feet of surf?
    22 degrees or 82 degrees? Sandy beaches or Snow shovels? Sundowners or SIM cards?

    I look forward to your Cat series and what ticks your boxes from a mono hull sailor's viewpoint.
    Keep up the good work. Best wishes for the 2023 season from behind the desk instead of behind the helm.

  9. Can not over state from my point of view how good your advice has been. But still looking for that Tayana 58. IL. USA to Sydney. Australia. over 8000 miles. Almost had one but a little to late. Great video

  10. Years ago I searched extensively for a PDQ 36 in Europe but with no luck. I found and bought a Gemini 105 with which I sailed the Mediterranean for a few years. It wasn't a PDQ but for my use it was a good alternative. I then resold it (well…) to buy a monohull under 10m to navigate alone more easily and safely. Today I'm over seventy and I'd buy a cat again to live on board very comfortably (a little less at sea…) but it would definitely have to be a PDQ! Great boats, could you talk about them…? Thank you for your videos, congrats…

  11. My buddy was looking a Saber 34.5's last spring, he found a Targa 2 cabin layout that was beautiful for 55k USD made a nearly full price offer. And the owner pulled it of the market.
    The only problem with the design if the laminated marine plywood mast step. You have to sep the mast every year to inspect. When they go bad it's a huge repiar problem. Very nice boat otherwise and the owners forum is very responsive too.

  12. With all of the research you have done with this series on “what kind of boat do you get for this price,” have you changed your dream(or next) boat? You can hear some inflection when you talk about certain boats. Not hard to believe if your consultant work or YouTube channel takes a leap one of these recent boats become the new goal. Anyway, keep of the great work. Love the series, and I’m sure you have taught everyone a better understanding of what to look for and what it’s likely to cost. Cheers!

  13. As a less-experienced sailor interested in having access to shallow water environments, I am finding these popular price-point episodes informative but not as useful as I had hoped. Am I wrong to be focusing so much on hull material and design? If so, why are these concerns not primary with respect to safe, shallow-water access, especially for someone who does not have years of salt-water experience in boat handling?

  14. Not every boat for sale is on yachtworld. Listed on boatshed St Lucia is a 1998 Leopard 45 for $175K. Engines from 2018 with 1500hrs. I have no idea of condition other than what I see in photos and description, but it does indicate there are some mid sized catamarans out there for less than $225K.

  15. I just bought the Shannon sister ship hull#3. Could not agree more. An absolute joy to sail. Easily does 6 knots upwind without breaking a sweat and great motion. Yesterday powered through 30 knot winds with a sheet eating grin.

  16. There is a Shannon 38 pilot house in New England for $40K, appears to be a project boat – still, yachtworld, bad photos. Unusual boat in that she is ketch rigged.

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