PROBLEME DE SĂNĂTATE Încurcă-ne planurile de navigație – Lazy Gecko Sailing Ep. 241

PROBLEME DE SĂNĂTATE Încurcă-ne planurile de navigație - Lazy Gecko Sailing Ep.  241

Suntem opriți în Nassau, Bahamas, din cauza unei furtuni majore de vânt care ne ține ostatici. Vom vedea cum facem aceste videoclipuri pentru tine, cum obținem provizii în timp ce suntem pe insule și vom aborda problemele de sănătate pe care le-a avut Brittany, care ne-au afectat stilul de viață de croazieră. Consultați NOUA noastră pagină web la Alte link-uri: Server: Vizitați serverul nostru privat vizitând și făcând clic pe VIDEOS Patreon: Deveniți Patreon la Instagram: Vrei mai mult LGS? Urmărește Instagramul nostru public @lazygeckosailing Urmărește Instagram-ul personal al lui Brittany @lgsbrittany VA ROG ABONAȚI-VĂ! Link-uri la canalul Vimeo: pentru a vedea imagini suplimentare distractive în videoclipurile noastre nou-nouțe din sezonul 10, vă rugăm să vizitați canalul nostru Vimeo din sezonul 10 la: Vizualizați celelalte sezoane Vimeo folosind link-urile de mai jos! Sezonul 9 Sezonul 8 Sezonul 7 Sezonul 6 /lazygeckoseason6 Sezonul 5 Sezonul 4 Sezonul 3 Sezonul 2 /ondemand/lazygeckoseason2 Sezonul 1


46 thoughts on “PROBLEME DE SĂNĂTATE Încurcă-ne planurile de navigație – Lazy Gecko Sailing Ep. 241

  1. Oh man you need to fumigation the boat and clean and sanitized the whole boat to get rid of them clean all your clothing anything made of cloth too good luck ok 👌 👍 👏 😐 😀 🙄

  2. Hi, just some maybe useless info. Friend that had cancer sometime back that was also short of breath used to enrich his water that drank with oxcygen. His tiredness improved as it get taken up in blood feeding to lungs. Best of luck, not nice.❤👍😊

  3. Find a good Naturopathic Dr and look at Know the Cause on YouTube. SolaRay Yeast cleanse plus Candex oil of Oregano and tincture of real Cinnamon. My son used it to get rid of black mold. A former girlfriend used to to get rid of the candida over load from being overdosed on high powered antibiotics. The candida was even in her mouth, throat and esophagus it will take a couple of months on this to get it to even a manageable level. My son was breathing good in a week but was on it for a month. It was Black Mold. Fungus feeds on starches and sugars. We do need a little sugar for the brain. Know the Cause by Doug Kaufman on YouTube.

  4. put a laser dot on the camera to help aim it when rolling. clean keto.akikline water good oils and fats.nutrabasts low-carb green veggies. health and wellness doctors on youtube may have good advice. for diet. 80% good and get back on track after cheating.

  5. Feed your kid more garlic. Bugs hate the smell and taste of garlic. The garlic comes out in the pores of your kid so there should be less bites. I hope this helps. Also get some electronic bug devices to help keep the bugs off your boat! 🇺🇲

  6. For Brittany i hope you wont get that sick and need antibiotics again. My mom has long problems also, this started with covid, actually she is just back from hospital again another long infection. Gets that couple times a year now.

  7. Great place to stay, that’s our go to marina on the way and back to the Exumas. Great bookstore breakfast place in the shopping center. Good location to restaurants and marine stores, all within walking distance.

  8. Hey Brittany,
    Absolutely love your content! I find it so well done and informative and just the way you guys care and operate calypso. Also most importantly, all the beautiful places you show us. Just curious what’s the detox drink you’re on. I’ve had the same symptoms as you with mold in my lungs, was found by a CTC scan, and acid reflux.
    Safe travels and keep up the amazing content!
    Thank you

  9. Check with your GI for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). My wife has it from antibiotics and many doctors dont know about it. Causes bloating and shortness of breath from the die off if the bacteria

  10. Yes antibiotic overload, need to take heaps of probiotics, been there, Caprylic acid helps (derived from coconuts) You may find you have a deficiency of stomach acid not an excess. Start using Digestion plus digestive enzymes (counter intuitive I know but remember the medical/pharma industry have an interest in keeping you in need of their drugs). They help the digestion of food, less waste lower hunger.

  11. I had the same problem , the Dr found that I had 13 stone in my gallbladder removed so he took my gallbladder out and I felt pretty good after that had no problem with gerd. So I advise you to have your doctor check it out

  12. Look up Silent Reflux had similar problems 4 yrs ago, Dr said it's Gerd and Asthma ( short breath) I finally went to a speech therapist who confirmed the silent reflux. Local Dr had no idea

  13. Mak your own. Pasta is flour and water and salt.or get some ricotta, mix it with flour and water. A can of crushed tomatoes garlic, onion. And there ya go much cheaper and you would have leftovers. Use the pasta you have on the boat. You should rotate your food

  14. Britney, I have asbestos pleural lung disease which causes my lungs to become inflamed making me extremely short of breath. A GP. doctor who includes herbal medicine in his treatments advised me to go on Lyprinol to assist with inflammation. Lyprinol is derived from green lipped mussels in New Zealand. For me it works well, I have gone to not being able to walk upstairs to buying and sailing a 43 foot Beneteau by myself mostly. Not bad for someone who was told in 2009 he only had a few years to live. Still here, still sailing. Not cheap but worth a try.

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