Livrare Amazon | Pasul 335

Livrare Amazon |  Pasul 335

„ Cum ne livrăm corespondența Amazon și alte pachete în timp ce navigăm cu normă întreagă în jurul lumii?” Aceasta este o întrebare pe care o primim destul de des, astăzi, răspundem chiar la această întrebare și vă prezentăm micul nostru secret… Pentru videoclipurile bonus și acces la podcastul nostru secret: ▸ ↓ BINGE WATCH ↓ ▸ Urmărește povestea noastră de la Pasul 1: ▸ OUR BOAT (1972 Pearson 36) https: // ▸ MARFĂ : ▸ SITE WEB: ▸ FACEBOOK: sailinguma ▸ INSTAGRAM: ↓ MUZICA NOASTRĂ PRESTATĂ ↓ ▸ MUSICBED: ▸ SPOTIFY: ?si=de274c0424664ae0


23 thoughts on “Livrare Amazon | Pasul 335

  1. One question I who'd like to ask: what is the largest sailing yacht that you can sail without a captain's license or similar without running into police problems sailing in the Mediterranean or the Caribbeans ?? I think we are a number of people dreaming of escape to home the answer of this question would be of great help.

  2. You guys should get Revolut cards for a better multicurrency experience, interest rate in your accounts, and better customer support for all your international needs. Saludos!

  3. A 15 minute talk on getting your mail and it was really interesting – I think you guys could make us like watching grass grow! Thanks for putting this episode together. Our church in NY state sent about a pallet's worth of Christmas "shoe boxes" to our missionaries in Nicaragua. They had to go the the container consolidator in June! Seemed a bit extreme. Mid January and they are almost there, but not quite. That's why we usually carry an extra bag of tools, OTC drugs, etc. when we fly down. It's only about a 3 1/2 hr flight from Atlanta; shipping takes forever.

  4. Funny thing about the Meter 8:15 … We have had multi meters for Y E A R S but recently, watching YouTube to see how to fix our Dometic 2652 fridge we needed a Amp Clamp meter to check the heating element, So we got one this week ALSO… They really are great…!!! ✅👍😎

  5. A lot of countries offer a Poste restante service as well. This is a service where the post office holds the mail until the recipient calls for it. It is a common destination for mail for people who are visiting a particular location and have no need, or no way, of having mail delivered directly to their place of residence at that time. We used this a lot when travelling Australia in a converted coach.

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