POTIT în DOLDRUMS | Navigarea Florenței Ep.146

POTIT în DOLDRUMS |  Navigarea Florenței Ep.146

Navigație în larg în Doldrums, un coșmar al marinarilor. Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce ne croim drumul prin calme frustrante și furtuni provocatoare care navighează din America de Sud către Trinidad. Neavând nimic de văzut în afară de cerul mării, aveam capul în nori, în timp ce natura picta un peisaj frumos deasupra noastră. Navigam în jurul lumii de 6 ani după ce am plecat din Anglia în 2016 la bordul ambarcațiunii noastre de 37 de picioare Florence. Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce împărtășim culmile, minimele și provocările călătoriei în jurul lumii cu barca, navigând în larg peste Oceane și explorând locații îndepărtate cu propria noastră casă mică. Viața cu barca în larg, pe ocean și în afara rețelei. Sprijină-ne pe Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sailingyachtflorence Ne poți urmări și prin blogul nostru la http://www.sailwiththeflo.wordpress.com Echipament: Link afiliat: Obțineți un selfie stick invizibil gratuit pentru Insta 360 X3 aici, camera pe care o folosim pentru a surprinde fotografii asemănătoare unei drone atunci când navigăm în larg fără dronă: https://www.insta360.com/sal/x3?insrc=INRQ83I 00:00 – Intro 01:34 – Vremea decizie pentru trecerea noastră în largul mării 03:59 – Prinderea celui mai mare pește al nostru vreodată de pe barca noastră cu pânze 06:00 – Calmată în Tăbuni 14:08 – Furtuni navigând în Tăbuni 15:14 – Reparații pe mare 16:41 – Prinde și gătește, Mahi mahi at sea 18:12 – Frumusețea naturii pe mare 19:46 – Squall, a sting in coada 22:46 – Sosirea zorilor 25:46 – Next Time #sailing #offshoresailing #oceansailing #ocean #sailingaroundtheworld #circumnavigation #sailingyachtflorence #boatlife #boatlifestyle #catchandcook #yacht #syflorence #AtlanticOceanSailing #SailingDoubleHanded Muzica în ordinea în care este redată: Misiune periculoasă – www. hooksounds.com – Licențiat Keep Walking – www.hooksounds.com – Creative Commons – Atribuire Creative Commons 4.0 Licență A New Reckoning – www.hooksounds.com – Culori minore licențiate – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Amazing Prism – www.hooksounds. com – Licențiat Breathing Under – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Danger Zone – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat My All – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat


31 thoughts on “POTIT în DOLDRUMS | Navigarea Florenței Ep.146

  1. Great video… you sure know how to make even a seemingly boring passage interesting and beautiful. This brings back so many memories. We sailed into Trinidad to hand our previous yacht over to her new owner in 2004. We spent six months in Tobago in 2001, mostly at Charlotteville and loved it there. Then spent time there again in 2004. We are in the Dominican Republic now and plan on going back there for part of hurricane season. In 2001 we could check in at Scarborough and in 2004 also at Charlotteville. Really don’t want to have to go to Trinidad first! Will keep an eye out to see if anything changes. Looking forward to your next video 😀

  2. I don't know if you can reach down to water level from the stern of your boat, but you can grab marlin by the bill if you feel bad about leaving tackle in it. Mixed feelings about getting closer to home? Who was that French sailor who just kept sailing after he completed an around the world race? Hopefully the seed of that tale is laying dormant in your minds somewhere.

  3. Truely stunning photography (and editing)! Ah, the doldrums! Almost predictable in their light winds. Beautiful Trinidad! That ship and what they did is part of the global crisis of plastic waste in the sea. Terrible thing but unfortunately an every day occurance. Very sad.

  4. I'm English but I've been living in Trinidad for many years. I'm finishing off my boat ready to sail off again. If you need anything message me. I have tools for pretty much everything and lots of contacts. My best friend has a machine shop as well.

  5. Much congratulations to you both Amy and Matt. What a great achievement. The video production throughout your whole tremendous adventurous journey is paramount to prove the beauty of the natural world and it flora and fauna that should be protected and cared for. Your travels and alternative lifestyle is truly amazing and must be totally enriching to you both? It certianly is to us all.

  6. Hi Matt and Amy,
    As usual awesome videography and editing.
    Question for you, once you finish the circumnavigation, are you going to continue the sailing adventure?
    I truly enjoy your sailing channel.
    Thank you.

  7. In good news, in seawater fish, hooks rapidly disappear. In Freshwater fish, I've caught large ish eating Size trout of 3.5 lbs weight, when fly-fishing, with up to 6 artificial large flies in their stomach, not hindering the fish at all and well on the way to exiting them from their bodies. That fish with 6, it took a long time to get in, and I smoked 3 cigarettes when playing it. tbh, if I'd had a smaller trout first, I'd have released that one to fight again another day. Great eating though cooked on a charcoal BBQ with a Smoker box full of nice apple wood chips. 👍⛵️✨️

  8. Very nice vedio I weish i am join you family?My life is alone boring poor bachelor's?i need a girl friends share of love look after care support time spend with me?My life is bitter?if a possible you ready to help support with me

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