BAT LIFE: OFF GRID, fără hrană, fără combustibil, fără bani (dar atât de mult surf)

BAT LIFE: OFF GRID, fără hrană, fără combustibil, fără bani (dar atât de mult surf)

Offgrid pentru aproape o lună și au rămas fără alimente, combustibil și bani… Dar există o mulțime de surf. Cum ar trebui să rămânem concentrat. Îți place acest episod și vrei să facem mai mult? Luați în considerare susținerea canalului la: Obțineți Swag-ul Breaking Waves la Obțineți scoop în timp real pe Instagram! @breakingwaves.ben @breakingwaves.alie O parte din tot ceea ce facem de pe acest canal va fi donată către pentru a ne ajuta să curățăm oceanul.


42 thoughts on “BAT LIFE: OFF GRID, fără hrană, fără combustibil, fără bani (dar atât de mult surf)

  1. I was in CA. just learning to surf when jaws came out, That next weekend setting on my board and something Big swam under me and trying to get my feet on the board and watch it, I fell in and came out like a seal right over the board and I almost drowned. I have never gone in the ocean after that! Even when in desolation sound once I tried to look at my keel but I panicked. SO I stay in the boat and the fish stay in the water!

  2. Great video, love it. Sailing surfing, thats my new lifestyle as of about a year ago. Left South Australia on my boat named Wombat II. I've sailed approx 3,000km around to the Great Barrier reef now. But am making plans to sail 8,000km to Mentawai Island's Indonesia. Which, no word of a lie is the promised land for sail surfing. If there is a better sailing surfing destination on this planet then I don't know of it. An adventure like no other

  3. Fantastic video – great job Alie, but you should know by now cruising is fixing you boat in beautiful places. Sorry I can’t manage patrion, I already have my own boat to fix and B.O.A.T stands for Break Out Another Thousand 😢

  4. You're a great couple and enjoyable to watch. Just a thought, spend a minute or two on each scene. Let us immerse ourselves in your surfing or the scenery. I'm trying not to be critical, as what you've produced is beautiful, but I'd like to feel like I'm there. Again, you guys are great.

  5. Have not watched you guys for a while. The sail along the coast and the sound of the waves were incredible. I miss my boat now. 🙂 looks like an incredible journey.

  6. You two are awesome and I probably will never try surfing after 4 or 5 attempts from Hawaii to El Carpentaria CA to Ocean City Maryland.. But maybe I'll learn some of what I should have tried different .. I used to snowboard or to snurf on Snurfers (without the ropes) before Burton came along. But getting up on a surf board for more than a second or two was not to be. Loved Slaters surfing game .. I COULD FLY !!

  7. Wow! Great video,you two! Vicariously living your adventure, from Kamloops. Love the Baja, awesome folks, great vibe, in most places I experienced. Loved the little out of the way places best.👍🏻😎

  8. Great video series. I took my oldest daughter out on three different sailing trips on the coast of BC. She said to me a few months ago “ dad every time we go sailing some thing always breaks. “. Just so you know guys. It wouldn’t be the sailing life style if some thing didn’t break

  9. Beach landings! Found if we tilted up motor 1 notch, and dropped wheels while still outside any break, we could then do a commando run at beach, and wheels would prevent any prop damage. 🙂

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