Caraibe de Crăciun, partea 1 | Ep. 194

Caraibe de Crăciun, partea 1 |  Ep.  194

Plecare la mare în sfârșit! După mai bine de o lună de pregătiri, de a studia cu atenție fișierele meteorologice, de îngrijorare și de plimbare, ancora este ridicată și micuța navă își iese din golful Chesapeake. Nordul vioi ne întâmpină afară, devenind moderat NE pe măsură ce intrăm în Gulf Stream a doua zi. Aerurile slabe și vânturile în contra aproape blochează progresul pentru o zi, în timp ce curentul rapid ne pornește spre nord-est. Mă tem să nu reușim să ieșim din flux înainte ca un front rece care se apropie rapid să lovească. ASISTENȚĂ CUM SĂ NAVIGAȚI OCEANE PE PATREON: CUM SĂ NAVIGAȚI OCEANE PE RUMBLE: CUM SĂ NAVIGAȚI OCEANE TEE-SHIR: https: // DONATE: SITE WEB: MUZICA: Haul Away Joe (tradițional) – – COLONICI SONORE VIDEO Eskies: APARATE: Canon EOS 60D cu obiectiv zoom EF 24-105mm L IS Go Pro Hero 7 Black DRONE: DJI Phantom 3 Professional BARCA: Design: Gilmer 31; LOD 31′, LWL 25′, Grinda 9,5′, Pescaj 4,5′, Displ. 13.600 lbs.


31 thoughts on “Caraibe de Crăciun, partea 1 | Ep. 194

  1. Kevin at 1:30 you showed a green marker that you said showed 2-3 knots of current but that isn't so. The coast guard has just come out with self-tending buohys. They are computer controlled and simply leave their station and go in to the nearest facility for routine maintenance. Pretty cool, huh?

  2. I grew up in Virginia Beach, it was fun watching your video sailing by. And by chance I am wearing your HtSO t-shirt today. As always, looking foward to your next installment.

  3. Cap'n, as long as those ships don't hit you, you're doing fine.

    I knew a man who's boat was sliced when a tug with tow altered course close off his bow. Two souls lost, one survivor. Vessel lost.

    An acquaintance was hit fine on the bow in a fog. CG found likely vessel at port with wreckage snagged in bow anchors. Foreign skipper denied it even when confronted with the evidence. Neither of these were within TSS.

    Twice, I've survived near hits. I do not like coastal cruising. I prefer standing well off the beach. These too not in, but near TSS.

  4. Crossing a current, I've always figured its best to steer the best wind angle and take the offset. This rather than steering the offset, if that means longer time spent in the current.

    A wind triangle helps solve which is best for the conditions.

  5. Very nice. Little hints like watching for the accidental gybe in a narrow channel may seem like throwaway comments but are real experience sharing for some of us.

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