Pentru mai multe detalii despre „Mustang”: https://www.northropandjohnson.com/yachts-for-sale/mustang-83-camper-nicholsons Pentru a urmări Yachts For Sale pe Instagram: www.instagram.com/yachtsforsaleblog Pentru a vă înscrie la Buletinul informativ Iahturi de vânzare: www.yachtsforsaleblog.com Abonați-vă la CANALUL YOUTUBE YACHT BUILDERS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy1kvJu_2IV4SsdJ4aZJuEw Abonați-vă la CANALUL YACHTS FOR CHARTER YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube. /channel/UCZSbYAY5iVTMWi4UMXWvJgQ Iaht MUSTANG De Vânzare LUNGIME 83′ (25,3m) CONSTRUCTOR Camper & Nicholsons BUILD 1987 OASPĂRI 6 CABINE 3 ECHIPAJ 3 PREȚ CERERE 1.495.000 USD


26 thoughts on “Un iaht cu vele CU CARE PUTEȚI CROAZIERĂ ÎN LUMEA: „MUSTANG”

  1. The first 'Mustang' was built on a Camper Nic hull. The saloon windows leaked like a bugger. I used to work at the AquaStar yard in Guernsey where they had a number of Ocean hull and deck moulds. Really should have made more use of them.

  2. I had to look twice at the age of the boat, the specifications and refit and at the asking price. What a temptation……. Now where did I put my mobile phone? Thanks for the video.

  3. Stunning …. just awesome, gorgeous, magnificent ……………
    Put all the words in the world on that dotline only for the beauty of this vessel.
    If tomorrow i.ll be a lottery winner i would not hesitate to buy this wonderful wide world cruser. She worth every single penny. Such a classy wood work inside, so majestic saloon area, so simple and useful cabins. Just PER-FECT. All these combined with modern tech, makes this wonder to be desired as much.
    Congratulation to Ann for this simple, effective & affective presentation !
    Just one word ….. RESPECT !!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Hi David and Ann. A lovely yacht for 1987. Immaculate condition throughout. Amazing the amount of space for her size, affordable and seaworthy. Great video thanks 😊

  5. Well,I didn't win the 1.3 billion dollar MegaMillions, so I can't get her this week. But when PowerBall or MegaMillions climbs back above 500mil, and I win, I will definitely give you a call….to get a Bering built in a custom 165' length and a 120' support yacht, but a starter yacht I can get right away and then sell in 2.5 years time when the Berings are done. Or just get that Kingship or a Feadship like Gallant Lady maybe….oh she's bee sold…well Lion Share or Sea Lion whatever, Impromptu, 4 Roses, maybe DB9.

  6. The draft is really remarkable for a vessel her size. Also great layout.
    PS: I really like that you are now also showing us more of the N&J team by letting them (co-)present some of the yachts.

  7. I've been watching yachting videos for a few years now and I tend to prefer new, modern yachts with their big nice windows and all the modern design features. But I have to admit that this is a truly wonderful and beautiful yacht.
    I would also like to point out, something I'm sure all your viewers realised anyway, that from all the yachting videos out here, yours are by far the most sophisticated and well made.
    Thank you for your work

  8. My experience with blow boats is not favorable. They turn in front me, never have AIS or radar. Then come to the marina, buy $5.00 gas, and want $100.00 worth of access and services for free.

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