UN SAFARI AL FAUNEI SĂLBATICĂ chiar în curtea noastră [Making Our Way Ep 82]

UN SAFARI AL FAUNEI SĂLBATICĂ chiar în curtea noastră [Making Our Way Ep 82]

Alăturați-vă nouă pentru acest episod special în care împărtășim întâlniri incredibile după întâlniri incredibile cu delfini, balene și multe altele. Sărbătorim ziua de naștere a lui Taylor, facem drumeții în jurul propriei noastre insule private și, bineînțeles: reparăm lucrurile în locuri frumoase. CUMPĂRĂ-NE O BERE: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=A5EL74F283JVA Urmărește-ne pe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailing_via/ Consultați blogul nostru: https://www.sailingvia .com cele mai recente videoclipuri de navigație | cele mai noi vloguri de navigație| navigare vlog-uri pe youtube | navigand cu caini | cele mai bune vloguri noi de navigație | cele mai bune videoclipuri noi de navigație | nou canal de navigație | youtube sailing cupluri | cele mai bune vloguri de navigație de pe youtube | cele mai bune bloguri de navigație | canale de navigație youtube | #sailiing #sailingaroundtheworld #sailingvia #sailingwithdogs #sailingvideo #boatlife #nouestsailingvlogs #sailingmexico #cruisinglife #seaofcortez #delfini #wildlife


20 thoughts on “UN SAFARI AL FAUNEI SĂLBATICĂ chiar în curtea noastră [Making Our Way Ep 82]

  1. Congratulations on another year Taylor. It's amazing how unimportant we are to a species like the dolphins, when they have hunting on their menu. Love seeing you being able to enjoy such a wonderful paradise together, Penny and Lucy seem to really like it on shore.

  2. Damn ah Mike…that ding on your forehead is taking it's time to heal..love the vids guys..keep m coming!..Desparados II..happy b day Taylor sailer 😆

  3. Loved the video guys – hoepfully your birthday surprise this year wasn’t a flying fish to the 👙 – I love the cinematography and your narration in this vid

  4. Happy birthday !!! What a way to start your birthday. I always look forward to your latest adventures. Safe travels and all the best to you four and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. It's very clear you were paddling to the Dolphins. Who do you think we are, idiots. don't do that they had a bait ball and feeding. At 70 with a number of years on the ocean I would like you to cut the shit. You can narrate a story without it.
    In many countries now you are required to keep your distance.

  6. Your crew member does nothing–except love you without question. 🥰 🦮
    Your dogs are fun to watch and I bet great to be with. They sure do love boat life. I take my dog with me everywhere.

  7. A ton of great and fun stuff in this episode, guys. Let's start with Taylor's another completed trip around the sun 🎉🎉🎉 ✨ 🎂 ✨ 🎂 ✨ Then on to a pod of hungry dolphins looking to see the birthday girl on the paddle board, to a whale showing up to a mega yacht in the middle of Baja, and finally cristal clear water and peace. My kinda birthday week‼️‼️✨🌊💨⛵️🏝👙🌞✨

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