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34 thoughts on “ESTE PREA MULT…

  1. i just went back in checked out the live vids,which id never watched before … they were really awesome ,,, it be sic if u guys did some more in the future…..cheers

  2. Definitely yes they say that when you go to the grocery store and you can afford it you need to buy at least two things because you never know if there's going to be a shipment of anything for you that you want to get or what not. Because jeez, they're still ships with doesn't of train cars on them and nobody wants to do the work to even deliver them or whatnot I mean it's just crazy and the truckers are sitting there waiting for them to get loaded up and they're not getting loaded it's just a standstill it's very sad and scary and scary!

  3. Awakward keeps it real…if it were all sunshine and rainbows, your followers would likely have moved on from your channel. The wonderful ongoing relationship you have with each other, your sons and all others in your life is real, it’s beautiful and such a positive experience to be a part of…Thank you!

  4. Container shipping costs are back to pre pandemic levels – they have dropped 80% from September and demand is in free fall. The LA queue is from ages ago – your suppliers are giving you excuses for normal delays.

  5. This was great for my partner and I to watch especially around certain struggles you may have around your beautiful kids we have a 2 year old and about to have a new born and we moving in between new zealand and belguim as my panters from belguim and feel sometimes certain struggles of our own with moving and being more settled it's easy to get frustrated when we have lots going on and our kids are acting out or feel like it's to much and there's no real easy fix but for one getting some help through therapy and meditation is amazing I have just started for my own mental health and I advise everyone to do it at least meditation it's a great focusing tool for your brain to handle any situations!Anyway you guys are always a inspiration! love to watch any kind of videos you make helps me not miss nz so much 😄

  6. Appreciate your candidness……although you should also remember that people often watch your videos for escapism & entertainment. As long as people have a certain level of maturity then it's easier to separate what looks like a utopian life to reality. Personally I enjoy a mixture of utopia to fuel my own dreams vand some aspects of the daily grind that you experience. Much love xx

  7. Children need stability. otherwise they will not feel safe.
    Also leave us bitter old people alone. Bitterness is not a generational symptom, it is a human condition.
    Oh to have your problems.

  8. I’ve been watching your videos for almost 6 months, catching up on previous episodes. I love how you both balance “what your doing “ and balancing your family life … thank you for being real and never apologize when life gets messy — it does for all of us. Especially when kids are small and your family at times has a lot going on. Cheers to you both

  9. I think it is very important to film and show reality. Nothing is ever perfect and too many people living in western cultures live a sheltered life. The best you can do is relax and except.
    Life is like going to McDonald’s … the fries are never warm but life goes on.

  10. Wow! Your boys are getting big! They are so cute. Sounds like you have a lot going on and problems to deal with. That’s life. The best part is you have each other to face every new day, together You two are amazing, I think. I wish you happiness, good health, and good fortune in the future. A grandmother from Michigan, U.S.. , who peeks into your lives from time to time. ❤

  11. Rich or poor, fat or fit, we all end up walking that same hedonic treadmill. The point is, your struggles are valid; no need to justify yourselves, IMO. From a long-time fan.

  12. Great video guys! I think its great idea to not only show the ups but also the downs with the reality of the life you live. Not everything is going to be perfect on a sailboat especially building one and then on top of that taking care of your little ones! We are learning there is a lot of stress that goes into living on a sailboat. People tend to forget that at the end of the day you are people like everyone else, trying their best to keep moving forward. Keep it up! You guys are one of the main inspiration for us becoming full liveaboards. Much love and support from S/V Searching from the Edge – Sara & Caio

  13. We hope you enjoy this slower pace of life for a while. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing what's going on in your lives.
    Will you be going on visa runs or were you able to get a visa that allows you to stay longer than 30 days?
    And curious, in which part of Bali your beautiful villa is located in? 🙂

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