Navigați către Coinjock și peste Albemarle Sound. SVEV 65

Navigați către Coinjock și peste Albemarle Sound.  SVEV 65

Mă îndrept spre pasajul interior prin Cape Hataras pe această barcă cu pânze Scepter de 36 de picioare și văd Coinjock pe diagramă! WTF? De ce coinjock? Să navigăm către această destinație faimoasă de croazieră și să vedem ce se întâmplă în drumul nostru către Bahamas..


27 thoughts on “Navigați către Coinjock și peste Albemarle Sound. SVEV 65

  1. Glad to see your subscriber count tick up. 200 to go before you can get monetized (as I'm sure you know). Glad to be along for the ride.

  2. Hi Mike, love the video. Reminded me of when I did that section in 2019. We also got into Coinjock in the dark with no lights relying on the GPS. Look forward to your next video to Belhaven.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to do these videos. I like the casual, no BS format. I've been up and down the ICW dozens of times over the years and it's always nice to see it through someone else's eyes. I remember on one cold trip I didn't get even a hint of warmth until I actually got into Florida waters. Here's hoping you find warmer weather before then.

  4. Hey Mike, came across your down south videos a few days ago, I remember watching your videos on Lake Ontario and Frenchman's Bay. I sailed to Frenchman's Bay from Toronto at least once a season. Moved to Nova Scotia 6 years ago and now sail out of the Northumberland Strait. Really enjoying being part of your adventure and looking forward to future videos.

  5. Aloha Cpt Mike! Another well balanced and interesting video with good ambient (not disturbing) music while keeping the natural sounds loud enough to get a feel for the environment. I watch many sailing channels on and off, but I do follow you consistently because you're authentic and learning as you go (just like I'm going to have to do). Fair winds until next episode! Cheers mate!

  6. Hey Cptn Michael. Nice you are making it happen for you. Some nice drone footage. Have a brewski for me, cheers! BTW gf is singing "Log Drivers Watlz" right now. Be safe out there.

  7. Hi, Mike. Thanks for taking me along this part of your trip. In 1988 I was sofa-surfing from Ft. Story and Chesapeake, VA to Eliz. City, NC and the shores of the Albemarle sound for most of the year.
    But, I never managed to get onto the waters of the ICW, even though they were all around me.
    So thanks for helping fill out some of the geography for me and what I missed there in VA and NC. It's been 35 yrs.
    Good luck with warmer weather. Fair winds and all that….

  8. I have to say, on another tack that I was a little shocked by the cultural differences coming from MInnesota close to Canada and crossing the Mason/Dixon line into North Carolina. Life in the South is different. And the accents were real funny to me too. lol 🍻

  9. Enjoyed the last couple couple of episodes. Love that you explain stuff for armchair sailors like me, like what is the ICW, what’s it for, why not stay on the Atlantic. I think I took for granted that you’re sailing alone which means no one to share the night sail shifts with.

  10. Ahoy Capt Mike! I searched you up because I was looking for more local sailors that started near me! I sail a tiny catamaran on the Niagara River! Toronto is pretty close and I really enjoy that city, I've been curious about sailing larger boats and knowing our cold temperatures make that a bit challenging so finding a Youtuber from my area is a pleasant surprise! This summer I will be borrowing a friend's Columbia 30, 1972 to sail Lake Erie. Any tips for that water?

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