ACESTA AR PUTEA FI Acela!! Aceasta este barca noastră NOUA? Ep 299

ACESTA AR PUTEA FI Acela!!  Aceasta este barca noastră NOUA?  Ep 299

S-ar putea să fie asta! facem sau nu??? !! În acest episod, mergem și verificăm o barcă cu pânze Tayana 47. Ne-am dus mai întâi să inspectăm această navă în dragostea pură pentru ambarcațiune și în dorința de a putea într-o zi să deținem o barcă ca aceasta. Nandji a vândut apoi și ne-am știut bugetul, așa că am decis să continuăm investigația asupra acestei ambarcațiuni care se întoarce de mai multe ori pentru a testa toate echipamentele de la bord. După cum spune anunțul, nava are nevoie de ceva lucrări, dar fotografiile arată uimitor… Să ne dăm seama și să decidem vremea că ar putea fi o achiziție potențială pentru noi. #sailing #sailingaroundtheworld #boatlife #tinyhome #offgrid #foth #Tayana Sprijină-ne aici ❤️ Patreon: Paypal: Merch: https: // Recomand cana de cafea 👌 Socials and all that jazz 🤘 Facebook: Instagram: Website: https:/ / ABONAȚI-vă la Newsletter-ul nostru de pe site-ul nostru web pentru actualizări despre aventurile noastre! ABONAȚI-VĂ LA CANALUL NOSTRU. 👌 FACEȚI CLIC PE CLOPOȘ pentru a afla când apar videoclipuri NOI Nandji! Noroc legendele! Dacă v-a plăcut acest videoclip, faceți clic pe linkul de mai jos și vedeți-l din nou! 👇👇👇 Tisa!


39 thoughts on “ACESTA AR PUTEA FI Acela!! Aceasta este barca noastră NOUA? Ep 299

  1. Don't do it guys. Just get up and leave that boat alone. You will be spending all your cruising $$$ and time working on that thing. It's a 'leaky teaky'. Been there, done that with a Hans Christian. If you can't find exactly what you want, fly back home for a little bit to clear your minds and figure out what you want and need vs. the first heart throb you stumble across. Just my 2 cents worth!

  2. Best decision ever will be to get rid of the teak deck or replace it with synthetic "teak look alike" material like what they use on Amels. Check the hull number and that it is not one of those having blister problems in the hull

  3. Everything that needs work appears to be well within your skill set. Leaky teaky, but you've got the right idea to pull it up and fill the holes. So much easier said than done, but it would solve so many issues down the road. If the price is right, I think you should seriously consider this vessel. It would be a heck of a home to see the world.

  4. Team Tayana!! We bought a 52 Tayana last year we are in the middle of a long slow refit but we absolutely love her. They are incredibly built well. Ours is a 1988 that has been sitting for over 6 years so we feel you on the work. Good luck guys! ❤

  5. For the deck, forget the teak. Just go for the simplest way to get a nice white anti-skid deck and don't worry about any bit of weight it might add by doing the simplest solution.

  6. most likely you need new deck supports. if water reached the cabin, it got everything rotten in between. Check out Sailing MAgic Carpet, they fixed the deck supports.

  7. Check out the Sailing Millennial Falcon channel. They have a Tayana 42 and tore up their teak decking. They posted about it in February of 2019 and it didn't look so bad to do. No tearing out interior required as they're just wood screws into the deck.

  8. I'm happy to contribute to a KickStarter campaign if you're short of $$$ to buy and upgrade the Tayana. All I ask is an initial spreadsheet showing revenue from all sources and projected expenses for repairs, upgrades, new equipment and overhead. And repair videos 😀

  9. Dont fall in love with the first lady at the dance. That looks like a lot of work for the deck. Please dont feel like since you have a buyer for your boat that you have to get something right away. You mentioned something about 100k in your post, how much in parts and more importantly how much time will it cost you and all the add on cost. I am sure I am not telling you anything you haven't discussed but you came across on the post that this was the best deal you could find.

  10. I’d hazard a guess that once the teak deck is ripped up you find the deck itself will be wet and soft water works it’s way down the screws, but it’s still and easy repair. Good luck guys it’s a lot of boat and could be stonkin.

  11. Tough decision for most people but easy for you guys. In fact I think you’ve already decided! It’s the right boat for you and you are the right people for this boat. Good luck with the purchase process! 😊

  12. BUY IT. Take a month off to chill and plan and energize. Then, work your butts off then, SAIL to the far regions of the world. Nothing can stop you. You are both young and time is on your side. Is there enough room for Mali ? Everyone is in suspense waiting for your next move.

  13. I think its an amazing sv.
    I dig transformations more then sailing, you might find that this is exactly what you need in more then one way. I think you know the benefits. We will be here watching, assume many will join in to support your journey also.

  14. Lovely boat guys even if it needs some froth lovin to get it right👍. It's the hidden bits that would concern me but you have the skills without a doubt, looking forward to the next episode, all the best.

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