Aici se termină – Sailing Tarka Ep. 47

Aici se termină - Sailing Tarka Ep.  47

Îmi pare atât de rău că i-am lăsat pe toți atârnați atât de mult timp. Acesta este ultimul episod din călătoria noastră de peste 2 ani pe Tarka și a fost așteptat de ceva timp. Sper să continui în curând cu un scurt epilog a ceea ce s-a întâmplat de când Tarka a fost vândut. Sunt mereu recunoscător pentru răbdarea, înțelegerea tuturor și sper că a meritat așteptarea. == Încasările din acest videoclip vor fi donate Coral Reef Alliance. Donațiile pot fi făcute și direct vizitând site-ul lor: Tarka este un Albin Vega 27 (8,2 m) din 1973 pe care l-am cumpărat fără să văd și fără experiență de navigație pe insula St. Martin în aprilie. din 2017. Am fost împins cu capul întâi în navigația oceanică, în timp ce îl duceam în siguranță pe Tarka spre sud, de ceea ce avea să devină cele mai devastatoare sezoane de uragane înregistrate. Acum mergem spre vest, spre Pacific. Sprijin suplimentar pentru navigarea lui Tarka pentru CORAL (The Coral Reef Alliance) vine din contribuțiile lui: Soylent – Aprovizionare sănătoasă pentru pasajele lungi offshore Sta Lok – Terminale fără ștampire pentru porțiuni din tachelajul lui Tarka, făcându-l o lucrare de bricolaj ușoară și permițând ușurință. inspecție Victron Energy – Furnizarea de soluții de monitorizare pentru bateriile Tarka, pentru a ne asigura că avem întotdeauna suficient suc pentru a face ceea ce trebuie. === Credite muzicale:


46 thoughts on “Aici se termină – Sailing Tarka Ep. 47

  1. Man. I can't imagine how hard it was to put together this last video. The emotions must have been challenging to revisit. I think part of me never wanted this video, as glad as I am to see the conclusion of your story with Tarka. Without it, I could just imagine that you were still out West somewhere off a small atoll. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I've enjoyed the journey. I hope life has brought you more great adventures and joy.

  2. Hey fellow sailor, sorry I did not catch your name. My name is Frank.

    I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Life's biggest adventure and challenge is life itself and the curveballs it throws at us. This last episode of your blog has brought me to tears. I feel with you as you beautifully described your emotions and how hard it must have been to sell our beautiful boat. It was the right decision to head home to your family, but I can not begin to imagine how hard it must be to know it is too late, to meet your dad again.

    But I am pretty sure, whatever life brings, you'll be back to sailing sometime, as once you got the virus into our blood, there is no cure for it. 😉

    Unfortunately, allthough I follow many YT sailing channels since some years, and got into sailing myself just three years ago with the inspirations I found here, your channel was suggested to me only today, with your last episode on the plate.

    I hope you don't mind, but I would like to encourage you to follow my channel (, where I occasionally post videos there too; not nearly as professional as yours, but still. I did my first offshore solo passage last summer, which was a great experience, and my first overnight solo offshore is still to come. I relate to your videos showing your first adventures, as we seem to learn all in the same way. Just going out and doing it, and making some errors is ok. Just as Master Yoda said: "Do or do not. There is no try"

    Should you ever get to Lisbon in Portugal, please reach out; I would d be happy to take you out for a ride on my 26 ft Compromis 777, to help cure the virus.

    My best wishes. May the magic of the sea be with you.

    Your fellow sailor

  3. Just like so many of the previous comments I have enjoyed The Adventures of Tarka. The wait for the last episode has been worth while. Sorry for your loss and wish you the best and happiness. Life has it ups and downs. The best we can do is live for the day and make plans for the future. If the stars align themselves correctly I hope you are able to return to your sailing adventure.

  4. there is lots of channels for sailing out there. your story telling always got me the most. you would have ended up with the big guys if you would have continued. i hope you and you significant other will go back on a boat some day and get onwards 🙂 i will be here! farewel!

  5. When is tarka 2.0 coming out? I hope you take good care of Nuska and never take her for granted. This feels like Into the Wild movie but seems like you are more conscious about others which IMO is very important. I enjoyed your adventure and being so open about your journey with us and maybe why you have formed that connection with many of us and why you felt us when we wondered what happened and when is your next episode coming out and we felt when you were working on your last episode. I wish you the best in life and that you find what keeps you happy. Take care ❤

  6. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us random internet strangers and giving closure to this adventure, I am really really sorry for your loss; it hit me hard when you disclosed it; even though no one close to me has done it it felt really close when you brought it up. I hope you have found some peace with the time that has passed since the passing of your father and on so many levels you have been an inspiration for me. Again, many thanks for this and all the videos 🙇

  7. I watched you from beginning. Thru the learning process of just doing it to now. Going miss you and your stories and your journey. Fair winds to you on the next path you will take. This just to show you life is fluid full of choices and decision. Farewell my friend.

  8. Thank you very much for finishing this chapter and for your dedication over the years. Yours was among the first sailing channels I found and perhaps the one which most truly exemplified the spirit of adventure. I'm sure everything you learned on board will serve you well in life – thanks for taking us along for the ride and teaching us a little bit as well. Please consider updating the channel every once in a while or creating a new one with your current story because The adventures of Tarka has been much more than a story about a boat, it's a story about your life and you are great at telling it. -Forever inspired

  9. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey and i wish you the very best in whatever chapter that comes next for you.

    "Take the wheel lord and sail us into tomorrow, wherever a captain goes his crew must follow, after all is said and done, the true treasure is those who wait at home."

  10. I've watched your channel since the beginning and really enjoyed experiencing the evolution of your journey. It must have been a very difficult decision to make to finish your voyage, and this video must have been very hard to make. But thank you for doing so, and for explaining the background. I am sorry for your loss, and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

  11. thank you for taking me on this journey of yours! From time to time i came back to your channel to see if i missed something, so i am glad to see you again here. As others wrote, you feel like a sailing friend to me, as I know so much about your travells, sucesses and challanges.
    You inspired me to buy a little boat (7m) like yours an go sailing with my kids – thank you!

    I wish the both of you the very best, fair winds and safe returns!

  12. So help me to understand. Are you going to see her again, a future or is that like the boat, gone forever? Are you going to get another boat in the future? Will your web-uTube cease to be? Are you telling us goodbye? Don’t leave us in a lurch!

  13. So many times I was going to unsubscribed but then something, event waiting for a year + told me that there would be one more … so glad you took the time to create and share the end of – this – part of your life. May you enjoy the future that you will create. thank you!

  14. A massive thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together, while time makes it easier to talk about loss it doesn't take away the pain. I always wondered what had happened to you guys and I wish you the best for your future adventures

  15. Thanks for the wrap up. I've always loved your channel and the way you've told your story. Yours was one of the first sailing channels I followed, and I also owned an Albin Vega, so it was great to see all you did with her. Fair winds…

  16. To bad you're leaving Tarka… We've had ggod times while sailing with her. More than 35 k passengers in a 27 ft boat! Take care and fair winds wherever you both might be now!

  17. Awesome Channel just introduce my girlfriend to it. It totally inspired me to get my own boat and we had our first six-month adventure last summer and it was all because of channels like yours.
    I do hope you give us a update when your settled.
    All the best chief, and thank you

  18. Your adventures have been inspirational and heartwarming, and it has been an absolute joy to tag along with you. You are one of life's natural storytellers, you really have a knack for it! Thank you so much for taking the time to close the loop and finish this story.

    So many of us have lived vicariously through you and I am so grateful for the closure to the story, albiet with a little sadness, I think maybe deep down you struck a chord with my own youth and it made me feel a little nostalgic.

    Thanks again and I wish you nothing but all the good things in life.


  19. I have truly missed your videos. I started my sailing dream late in life and your channel inspired me to do it. I bought a contessa 26 and have been refitting and renewing her for my upcoming adventures. I have a channel I am shy and don’t know what I am doing when making videos. I hope to see you on a boat somewhere in the future thank you for infecting me with this dream.

  20. Thank you for bringing us along on your adventure. You have done something many people dream of, but few achieve. I'm sorry that your dad died of suicide, but it is very brave of you to share that with us, hopefully your gesture will help towards removing the stigma around mental ill health. Good luck to you, you seem like a really decent person with his head screwed on straight. Peace brother🤘

  21. When I told my girlfriend the last episode of Tarka was up she said, "You're going to cry." She knows me well. As a recent Vega owner, your videos have been an inspiration for me. Thank you for putting your adventure out there for us to see. Much love, dude.

  22. In those two years of the adventures of Tarka you were able to live an entire extra lifetime. Just think about how many years of your average two weeks of vacations/year it would take for the same experience. Your story inspires me and many others to leave the shackles of work behind and sail away on a tight budget. Well done my friend.

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