Avem o gaură în nava noastră veche de oțel ruginită!! | Reinstalarea Flying Coney Ep.27

Avem o gaură în nava noastră veche de oțel ruginită!!  |  Reinstalarea Flying Coney Ep.27

Dacă doriți să susțineți acest proiect, puteți arunca o privire pe pagina noastră Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SailingFlyingConey —————————— Am găsit o gaură mare în nava noastră de proiect de 82 de picioare. Din fericire, suntem încă pe greu în șantierul naval. Acest lucru face mult mai ușor să reparați daune. Deci haideți să aflăm cum să închidem o gaură într-o barcă de oțel ruginită de 72 de ani. După multe considerații am decis să-l închidem cu un overplating. —————————— Aflați mai multe despre noi: doar pentru a vă oferi o imagine de ansamblu despre ce este vorba despre acest canal. Am cumpărat acest trauler masiv din oțel. Care odată a fost o navă înaltă. Pe termen lung, intenționăm să o transformăm înapoi într-o goeletă. Perioada de timp pentru aceasta va fi de 5 până la 10 ani. Deci avem o călătorie lungă. Dar deja folosim această navă drept casă. Așa că vă puteți aștepta la videoclipuri despre proiecte, despre călătorii și despre locuința într-un refit plutitor. —————————— Când așteptați următorul videoclip, vă recomandăm următoarele canale YouTube: Sampson Boat Co Sailing Magic Carpet Acorn To Arabella My First Boat Sail Life Project Brupeg Sailing Uma Teulu Tribe Ship Happens Sailing Yaba RAN Sailing SAILCARGO INC. Proiect de restaurare Aurora Building SY Mistress —————————— Echipamentul nostru: Măștile noastre: semi-mască 3M 7502: https://amzn.to/3yRDelF * 3M semi-mască 6100: https:/ /amzn.to/3AEEYQj * Polizor unghiular: Metabo WEV 15-125 Rapid: https://amzn.to/3QgL0ev * Shop-vac: Makita VC3012M: Makita VC3012M * Cărți utile: Boatowners manual mecanic și electric: https:// amzn.to/3c2ehuK * Ghidul Boatownerului de coroziune: https://amzn.to/3Dlficr * Link-urile cu * sunt link-uri afiliate.


28 thoughts on “Avem o gaură în nava noastră veche de oțel ruginită!! | Reinstalarea Flying Coney Ep.27

  1. OMG.. what a nest of hull problems you've happened into on your "Comey."
    Although still pretty interesting to me, I find it hard to follow you each episode, what thing next? I guess things can always be worse but how so? I feel bad for you now and I think eventually you will find a way through it. Good luck. Don't give up, keep a positive attitude and learn more about the boat's history, to attract people to watch the new videos. And once again the very best of luck.

  2. @ this point, it looks like the hull took a direct hit from a giant submarine Shot Gun shell!? Ha! Love your dedication! To be honest, I can't get enough of this giant adventure! Sooo thank you for sharing. <3 😉

  3. I worked on 2 old steel hulls & noted that the one built by Krupp had similar occasional bad plates with others with near zero flaws. So hope you have just a few of the flawed plates.

  4. Don't let the naysayers get to you. There is another YouTube channel that I follow called "Ship Happens". It belongs to an English couple that bought an 80 foot wooden boat off of eBay for next to nothing. It was a former RN ship that I believe participated in the Dunkirk evacuation. I could not believe they would even try restoring it and I commented on that. Rotten from one end to the other. What they have done is amazing. They aren't fighting a somewhat rusty hull, they are literally replacing every frame and stringer. I'm convinced they will have a beautiful boat when they are finished.

  5. Don't be put off by the fearful comments by others. Take them as information and add it to what you are learning and use it to inform your questions you can ask. The welds will get better as he gains experience. The Yardmaster will ensure they are structurally strong. In a steel ship, almost every piece of plate can be replaced along with beams internally, for much less than building new. You know this already. I liked the bow thruster on the boat that was along side yours. You two are a lovely couple and both have a lot of enthusiasm. Your charm and humor and warm smiles on both, make fine viewing. We learn and are entertained at the same time. Edutainment. I too, have spent hours upon hours editing video for others, and know how time sucking as well as mind sucking it can be. Get your rest. I'm sure if the videos are a few days late, We will still enjoy seeing them and your journey. Being overtired contributes to mistakes. slips, trips and falls. We want you both to be safe, so you can continue your dream. Daniel and Barbara. Life is about all those times between here and there, the start of a journey and the goal, and sometimes the goal changes or morphs into something completely different despite all our efforts and expectations. Please continue this journey, taking us along for a little while. We ask not much, perhaps a few sailing tips and engineering insights, advice on our own journeys. Perhaps one day, one sunny sunny day, on a beautiful beach in a warm, tropical place, we might meet and shake hands and have a beer, before passing along our paths. If so, we would indeed consider ourselves most fortunate. You give us hope in our mundane lives and encouragement to risk this for adventure.

  6. Hey looking at your neighbors bow thruster @ 12:27 That is something that could be fitted to the ship and it would not involve putting a big tube through your hull.

    Well I hope you get a lot of support from Patreon. I already did contributions to my archive pages and wikipedia. So that is my contribution for everyone, and you may have seen it :). Also, when you are done, and you want to see something in "het Markermeer", "de Marker Wadden". Its not too far from Urk, and it can be the sort of relaxation you are looking for after this big ship repair.

    I did some sowing of grasses and clovers over there in June when it was really hot. I don't know if it would spout and live, but it was my only opportunity. I did the same thing next to my mother's apartment which was build new. It gave a really good result and lots of flowers and there were a lot of bees and other insects. So I think it will beneficiary to the island group because it will house a lot of birds. Birds feed on insects and fish, fish eat insects too.. The island while i was there had a bit of monoculture like vegetation. I hope I can visit again and maybe do another sowing run. 🙂 Is it the right thing to do? I don't know, but the only thing really growing well in the summer heat were leucanthemum vulgare. Well I hope it got pretty and they leave it be. I think they would be lucky if the vegetation would bind the sand and keep it from blowing away. Some trees would be nice. But i dont know if i can smuggle them in. XD Some willow branches would work, you can just stick them into the ground and they take pretty well when they are planted during the winter.

    Any way, good progress!



  7. Hello, My name is Billy McLain. I am an industrial sandblaster/ painter/ welder/ fabricator. I can tell you what to do to save you a lot of time and money. First, gut the entire interior. Second, go over the entire interior with an air chisel, removing all the heavy rust/ scale down to the rusty but solid steel. Third, sandblast the entire interior so there is no rust, only gray steel. Fourth buy a machine called an impregnator it forces epoxy resin into the fiberglass cloth, (I would use tri- axle cloth it is 3 layers thick and they go in 3 different directions giving you superior strength). Apply the epoxy soaked (impregnated) cloth to the bare sandblasted steel. Personally, I would not spend any time or money welding. Your welder is doing you wrong- he is plating over the steel instead of butt welding it leaving a space between the new plate and old hull where you can't clean prime and paint so it will start rusting again almost immediately. The epoxy-soaked cloth will give you superior strength and seal the metal permanently. no welding required. On the exterior you should build a containment using pvc pipe hoops from one side of the hull on the ground to the other side of the hull on the ground and you can use 90's (tees) along the bottom and you can use 4 way/ Crosses to install cross members to give the structure strength laterally. Cover the pvc pipe with 6mil clear plastic and then go over the hull with the air chisel, then sandblast then install the impregnated cloth. You are essentially using the hull as a mold. You just need to clean it properly first (sandblasting). Whatever welding needs to be done will be minimal. Get a new welder, this guy is doing a terrible job that you will be paying for it in the beginning and for years to come. Any questions my phone number in the U. S. is 1 727 482 9403 I live in Largo, Florida, my company is Industrial Blast Inc my website is industrialblast.com my personal email is billy@billymclain.com. Hope this helps you out, feel free to contact me anytime, Good Luck!

  8. You guys are doing everything right but in the wrong place

    In England we have a welding process called mig mig inherit gas we weld the hull with a different process much faster and easier than stick welding

    Stick welding is in the dark ages these days

    We understand overplating is the best option for a riveted ship we have the Ross tiger in Grimsby the last of the deep water trawlers from Grimsby we look after her accordingly we all understand dogging and wedging and over plating is a method of repair but it’s still a patch not a insert

    Please come to Grimsby we can do all this work much faster cheaper and with the ship building skills that are required to save a vessel with electrolysis

  9. Hi, sorry but why over plating . I've been a shipwright for 30 yrs and all it does is produce more issues . But being you've done it make sure you treat inside ,pooring bitumen inside as much as you can to seal any moisture from getting inside

  10. Always good to get a new video from you., and it's great to see progress. Yes, you can learn welding and it will make a huge difference on how you view and deal with repairs.

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