asta NU se va termina cu bine

asta NU se va termina cu bine

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37 thoughts on “asta NU se va termina cu bine

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  2. Very good filing this episode , my goodness those kids are doing well , they’re little deckhands born to it, you’re doing a great job as parents , nice work this video . Kids are getting taller fast. Your son is jumping around on the back deck there with no problems . Good sea legs .

  3. I would strongly recommend a Skydio drone, American made and designed. They are totally autonomous, easy to fly and won’t crash in to anything and will automatically return to you. You’ll love their gear.

  4. I am cringing at the child standing close to the edge like that without even a life jacket. It will just take a freak wave to pull her overboard and that barrier will be useless.

  5. Pretty sure that is the first time I've seen anyone post a drone shot that wasn't just perfect, smooth sailing. I was clenched the whole time watching that! While it was only a short clip…it was definitely eye opening!!!! TY Nahoa for keepin it real!

  6. I know it helps to like comment and subscribe so I always write something and hit like. It’s the least I can do for amazing content! Thanks for sharing your experience with us all! ♥️

  7. sleep deprivation is no joke Ben looked drunk and I understood the accent perfectly and Im not German but American to dangerous to be doing that with kids on the boat

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