Am fost loviți pentru a doua oară în doi ani în timpul sezonului ploios din Costa Rica. Am pierdut toate echipamentele de navigație și, de asemenea, cea mai mare parte a echipamentului Victron este acum toast. Dar inginerul șef Colin Trouble declanșează încet sistemele, pentru a ajunge la fundul daunelor totale ale ambarcațiunii. SV Parlay este un catamaran Lagoon 450 avariat de uragan, pe care Colin l-a reconstruit împreună cu prietenii și a început să navigheze în jurul lumii. Au găsit avarii în peretele etanșului catamaranului lor din Panama, așa că au reparat-o și sunt aproape gata să traverseze Oceanul Pacific!! Pentru a ni se alătura pe Patreon și pentru a obține conținut exclusiv și șansa de a veni cu noi, faceți clic aici! Pentru a cumpăra marfa Parlay Revival faceți clic aici!! Toată muzica este de la sunetul Epidemic! Înscrieți-vă aici și obțineți o probă gratuită de luni pentru a vedea dacă vă place! Urmărește-mă pe instagram pentru actualizări zilnice! ​​Pagina de Facebook: Editat de Colin #lighting #livingonaboat #sailing


41 thoughts on “CONSECUȚII: LOVIȚI DE FOND ÎN COSTA RICA… (Episodul 193)

  1. Would running a dedicated conductor from the mast to the sea be beneficial? Similar to a lightning protection system on a home or building, giving the lightning a direct path prevents it from going through the boat to get to the sea. From a theory standpoint, electricity follows the path of least resistance. I’m asking this next question because I don’t know with boats and water etc…would this attract more lightning thus potentially causing more harm than good?

  2. That Amel.. nice one Liebe Deutsche Freund.
    He's got a point though; never be in the line of a thunder storm/squall ..
    There is NO protection from lightening directly above/on-top of you (it will always find the point of least resistance, even if that is right beside you, you will be hit with a MIGHTY voltage-discrepancy)..
    Colin, you are a master trouble-shooter!
    Thanks to all of you for this update!

  3. Love the post production – lively and fun!
    you mention parts are hard to get – i'm flying in for fisihing in los suenos on monday the 30th. i live near some marine parts stores – wouldn't mind finding a critical part or 2 for you

  4. Don’t know anything about the lightening strike prevention, but doesn’t the lightening strike rod you see on some commercial vessels and or yachts work to help protect things or doesn’t work? Thanks for showing your troubleshooting ways, really helps all of us who have no clue!

  5. hI Colin. Longtime viewer. QUESTION `~~~~ Can you run a heavy duty wire off the rigging and mast and have the "wire" go straight into the ocean ???. Lightning looks for the path of least resistance.. If you have a wire from the metal mast/rigging ( top of themast) then lightning would follow the wire as an easy route. It may look and sound crazy and everyone will mouth off about it, but when lightning strikes.. you should be safe from everything frying…

  6. i know few tricks about lighting spikes but you dont have any grounds for it to escape and think of one way is that you going need find bunny ear and run 4 on top of pole and run wire all way down to water just get rid of spike voltage from lighting spikes
    normally find them on jet planes like boeing 747 else look at wings you will see small bunny ear spit up 4 way when lighting spike hit anything on plane it will blew bunny ear off to discharge electric spike to reduce shorting anything else out

  7. Great Episode 😎🦋🐬🐬
    I was just wondering if you can hook up all the cables from the mast to one or two connections so when there’s a big electrical storm coming ⚡️⚡️🌩️ you can disconnect everything so if you get stuck bye
    lightning ⚡️ it won’t fry everything 🤷‍♂️🙈
    Take care.🦘🦋🐬⛵️

  8. Hi Colin, please consider the feelings of those that want to help you through this financially. THEY get a great deal of pleasure helping out and you are denying them that, by saying no.
    I FULLY understand you are your own man, you pay your way, EARN what is yours, deep respect for that. Occasionally it is an elderly person, travelling vicariously , that would love to be part of your adventures – PLEASE don't deny them that, all I am saying mate….🦘🦘🦘

  9. Look into lightning arresters and putting steel plates on the hull and connecting to a rod on the mast. Create a direct path to earth with as little resistance as possible.

    Also look into surge protectors.

  10. COLIN -The SPAMMERS are hitting your comment section yet again. I have reposted my other comment twice… but they have attacked it again!!!! have no idea what they get out of attacking comments on many YT channels… cos no one answers them. they are such TWATS!!!!

  11. Good episode.
    made me think.
    When you wish had faraday fabric(that was strong enough for lighting) deploy from the top of the mast. But then you would need plastic rods or guide rails on all the rigging. Could also be deployed in long rolls around the boat. then pulled up to the top of the mast. With over lapping edges.
    But would be cool to see it shoot out of the top of the mast and fall around you like a parachute. But would make more sense to manually/winch it out of it storage place the interior of the mast.

    Bet it would work in da movies.
    Edit: Wait maybe you could rubber coat the back of the faraday fabric?

  12. Surely there can be some sort of manual disconnect to do when not using the equipment. That way its not connected. Like a big lever that you just lift the cover, throw the switch and its all safe?

  13. Meanwhile after the first strike they didnt put up an arresting rod, and proper cabling and grounding isolating system to ground it to water, lots of ships get struck and boats, with proper systems in place damage is minimal or non existant

  14. When I consider the number of times you have been hit and you say there's nothing you can do about it. I don't think I can deal with all that and I wonder if I really want to deal with all that at the age of 66. I think I'll just charter leaving the maintenance to be covered in the lease.

  15. Being an avid archery hunter, I cringed painfully when I saw the compound bow dry fired on the last episode. I thought though, you know this guy has enough issues to deal with. Dry firing a bow is one of your least worries compared to the lightening strike and fried equipment. Especially since the cable didn't come of the cam and put an eye out, lol.

  16. Could you put a thick moulded rubber dome over the top of mast. As it would strike the boat that didn’t have one parked next to you. 😊 the same way it is safe to swim with sharks as long as you take a slower fatter swimmer with you. 😂😂

  17. Back in the day , people would cross ocean's with a map , campus, and a few thing of mugmings. What a mission it is now a days. And holly expensive .it's a joke. The hype

  18. My gosh you have more talent for boat troubleshooting and repair in your pinky finger than I would ever dream to have. While I've been selling all my life and love it more than anything,
    I am restricted to staying fairly close to shore less something break.

  19. In a former life, I was a repair tech for small telephone PBX systems. We were super reluctant to fix lightning-struck gear, because you just knew two weeks later you'd have a grumpy customer moaning that it had died again – even when you'd warned them that was likely to happen. Anything that's had a zap like that is walking wounded, just bin it.

  20. Is it worth looking at the Tesla lightning protector in the mast? Sailing dauntless mentioned and fitted one on his mast for the 50cat he has. May be worth touching bases with him as imagine if it works well could save a lot long term.

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