Pasaj 5 zile, 4 nopti la BAHIA MAGDALENA, MEXICO! (Sailing Tashi Episodul 25)

Pasaj 5 zile, 4 nopti la BAHIA MAGDALENA, MEXICO!  (Sailing Tashi Episodul 25)

În acest episod petrecem 5 zile și 4 nopți pe mare navigând de la Ensenada la Bahia Magdalena, Mexic. Adresăm comentariile tale și salutăm câțiva fani noi. Sperăm că vă bucurați să ne urmăriți în timp ce călătorim mai departe în Mexic. #barca cu pânze #navigație #aventura #mexic #explorați #ocean


11 thoughts on “Pasaj 5 zile, 4 nopti la BAHIA MAGDALENA, MEXICO! (Sailing Tashi Episodul 25)

  1. Love the video! Looks like you are both getting well adjusted to cruising!!! With three Crew I do 4 hr shifts, I would consider 6 hr shifts with 2 Crew. Project Atticus switched to the 6hr shifts and it worked well for them.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! We really enjoy your show and experiencing your adventure with you two. No calamari for breakfast? 😋

    Safe travels!

  3. Hello guys! Thank you for another opportunity to live vicariously through you. Your story is so real and readily appreciated, and tangibly useable! Please keep giving us what you’re giving us. Thank you very much for the shout out…and the idea of promoting each other 😉. Safe travels and keep it coming!

  4. Thanks for the shout out guys. I’m famous now! Lol😂
    So, with the two of you, you might wanna consider 6 x 6 watches. (6 on, 6 off) and this is 24 hrs a day, not just nighttime. So this requires actually going to bed when you’re off watch which can be easier said than done I know. With 3 people you can do 4 x 8 which is sooo much easier but it’s a moot point obviously. Take care and stay safe. Love what you’re doing!

  5. Thank you for the songs/artist information! I'm learning a lot. How to pronounce poor Steve's last name, for example. I know nothing about sailing but learned about spreaders, rollies, whisker poles and flogging. Oh and apparently squid jump? I did know that birds poop. Oh and Greg says "Hi" to Hal. They used to work together and Greg has only wonderful things to say about him. Blessings and safe travels.

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