AVERTIZARE! Nu face ASTA vieții tale de navigație și croazieră!

AVERTIZARE!  Nu face ASTA vieții tale de navigație și croazieră!

În acest videoclip, testăm motorul electric exterior ELCO cu baterii de epropulsie pe barca noastră Highfield. Ne documentăm călătoria pe măsură ce trecem de la un motor exterior electric la un motor pe gaz pe barca noastră. Discutăm motivele pentru care facem schimbarea, inclusiv necesitatea unor călătorii mai lungi și mai multă putere. 📺 ACESTA ESTE SEZONUL #2 EPISODUL 3 DE DAWN HUNTERS ➡️ S2E3 ⛵VREȚI SĂ VINE VIDEOCLIPURI? SPRIȚINEȚI PRODUCȚIA NOASTRĂ AICI: Dawn Hunters au fost demonetizat definitiv de YouTube fără niciun motiv. Nu vom fi niciodată plătiți pentru publicitatea care încă mai rulează pe canalul nostru. Dacă doriți să ajutați cu această producție, vă rugăm să luați în considerare să ne susțineți pe Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/dawn_hunters (nivelurile de asistență MERGE CÂT CU 5 USD PE LUNĂ) ⛵🌒 (Bocan cu bacșiș) https://www.paypal.me/ianauvarova De asemenea, puteți susține canalul nostru distribuind magazinul de bijuterii al Ianei cu prietenii și familia ta – https://jewelsandtimes.com – ea va actualiza site-ul web cu selecția de bijuterii nautice pentru bărbați pentru tine în câteva zile! 🎥 Iată videoclipurile Bluewater Sailboat Refit BOATYARD care s-ar putea să vă placă 🎥 ⚓ Steel Motorsailer – Oh, nu! Gaura proastă! (+ CELE MAI 🔥 ÎNCĂLZITE 🔥 COMENTARII) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI-P-FWiSRE&t ⚓ Diy Sailboat Projects – Distrugător de saltele (+ CELE MAI 👀 VIZUTATE! 👀) https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=-P-QhKbhm7w&t ⚓ Reparații bărci metalice – Lucrări de incendiu în gaură (💥FOC ÎN GARA!!!💥) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwC0l5p9bv8&t ⚓ Incendiu de sudare în timpul restaurării barca noastră de metal!!! (OMG 🤯🤯🤯 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNe9_bOEJoc VĂ RUGĂM să vă abonați la canalul nostru pentru videoclipuri săptămânale Restoring a Boat to Travel the World! https://www.youtube.com/dawnhunters?sub_confirmation=1 🛎️ Activați notificările 🛎️ și reveniți din nou pentru mai multe videoclipuri de navigație și croazieră în curând! ⛵🌒 Colaborări sau întrebări de afaceri: hello@dawn-hunters.com ⛵Găsiți vlogul nostru Sailing și aici: Dawn Hunters Website https://www.dawn-hunters.com #DawnHunters #SAILBOAT #Sailing Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin, Dawn Hunters


34 thoughts on “AVERTIZARE! Nu face ASTA vieții tale de navigație și croazieră!

  1. I feel your pain ! We bought our 54’ M/Y in March of 20 in Ft Pierce, our old trusty merc 9.9 died.. it took 4 weeks to find a under 20 hp out-broad ..

  2. I have had 4 ev vehicles, 2 were for work and both could not do the work of our previous vehicles and were replaced. On paper they said they could but on several occasions we had to overnight on a day job to charge the vehicle, other occasions we had to remove equipment and freight it as 2 people and the hardware made too big a hit to get to the location and return. One I bought was fine for the 3 months I owned it and then it was hit in the back quarter, this slight damage cracked an aluminium casting and creased the battery pack cover either of these on their own would have written the car off and I was hit by a car rolling in a car park but at exactly the wrong spot transfer leverage directly into the casting. The current EV is going well as a commuter but longer trips are out IO still have my motorbike and a diesel ute to do the things the EV cannot.

    Just look at Gretta she has a daily commuting EV (BMW daily charge) a mid range weekend EV (Tesla Model 3 her quote "If I use it all week it takes too long to charge to be used for good distance in the weekend) and a Hybrid for longer range trips like trips to protests etc where you have to be there at a time and day. So a single multi purpose Dinosour powered car is her use case is replaced by three and one is still hybrid.

  3. always enjoy your videos and it was interesting about going electric. there is another sailing channel that has done electric on their Highfield it's Capt. Rick Moore on the Sophisticated Lady. Just idea

  4. Just an opinion, your dinghy is your automobile and very essential no matter where you are! If you anchor out and want to go exploring, you will be very limited in your travels and most of the time it's wonderful to get away from your boat for new discoveries several miles from your Anchorage. Perhaps you should consider a good economical gas engine to enhance your mobility. Have several friends who have opted for the gas outboard for mobility and distance reasons aforementioned. Yes it's a trade off for enhancing your dinghy journeys. Fair Winds and enjoy whatever you do

  5. With your demonitized status on YouTube, why don't you have longer videos on a different channel where you can be monitized, like Vimeo or something else and then the shorter videos on YouTube. So you get a audience from short YouTube content and then you make money from you YouTube viewers watching your longer videos on the other platform.

  6. Yeah you definitely did buy the wrong engine you're dinging probably my guess no more than about 40 horsepower at the most I have a Avon 15 ft with 30 horsepower E-Tec love it we will wing on the lower part of the engine. Man it flys.

  7. Hope you get the electric sorted out. I’m still going to try it myself. It will be for the Loop so offshore capability isn’t a priority. Hope it works out for both of us.

  8. I think the boat you two passed in the canal is the African Queen from the movie with Marlin Brando and Kathern Hepburn. We live Mrs. Mac's Kitchen! Great place. Wow, your videos are FULL or adventure and unexpected treasures. Among everything else! Thanks so much for sharing your videos! One thing, that scene with William falling out of the truck onto the ground would have looked more realistic if the directors had not put the plywood there on the ground for him to fall onto. But, still, due to his great acting, the fall looked pretty real after all. Best regards, Mike

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