Geniu curios – un tur personal al mini-iahtului de aventură ciudat al lui Pete Goss

Geniu curios – un tur personal al mini-iahtului de aventură ciudat al lui Pete Goss

Marinarul și aventurierul de renume mondial Pete Goss oferă Yachting World un tur personal al iahtului său ciudat de 32 de picioare, Oddity. Conceput să exploreze peste tot, ea este un concept unic, care deschide o gamă largă de opțiuni de croazieră. (NB corectarea specificațiilor la sfârșit, ar trebui să citească LWL 31ft 9.45m, Beam 11ft 3.35m) Puteți citi mai multe despre procesul de construire al lui Oddity și Pete aici: un-new-mini-exploration-yacht-thats-a-bit-different-143376 Videografie: Mark Lloyd / ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a Yachting World acum – /yachtingworld?sub_confirmation=1 ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre tur, vizitați site-ul nostru: ► Dă Like-ne pe Facebook aici – ► Urmărește-ne pe Twitter la: ► Simțiți-vă liber să comentați mai jos! ► Amintiți-vă să apăsați butonul de LIKE dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


25 thoughts on “Geniu curios – un tur personal al mini-iahtului de aventură ciudat al lui Pete Goss

  1. Please give my regards to Pete. He may remember that I sailed the winning multihull in the same 3 Peaks Race that he sailed the first monohull. Its a slightly "in joke" type question but pleases ask him if he has fitted rowlocks?

  2. Very interesting boat. Has some design features that I that I would like in my next boat. Would like to have more information on the construction and build materials.Oddity is very close to what I want in my next boat.

  3. Really enjoyed the video and like the boat a lot! We also plan a combination of coastal and canal/river cruising and went with a Wanderer 36 which is similar in many ways. Very shallow draft, ballast in the hull, centerboard, two cabins and deck saloon with a view. We need a crane to drop the mast onto a cradle for inland cruising but we felt the complexity of the mast lowering rig was not worth it for occasional use. After sailing on a friend’s 44 footer I decided that a smaller boat like this made more sense, so I can understand why Pete switched from the Garcia. See the Bestevaer 36 for a similar concept, designed by and for a guy with big boat experience.

  4. Lovely, thought-out boat. I like the practicality of functional, galvanised steel rather than bling. I am surprised though, that 1 solar panel and 1 turbine provide all the power they need – though it is a 3-fuel boat. Refilling the gas bottle for the galley can be difficult, with the several national standards for valves/fill ports.

  5. She is absolutely stunning.
    I’ve never seen a boat so unique and so focussed on the wide range of functional requirements. There is only on drawback: she’s not the most beautiful.
    Best of luck and fun sailing her!
    Best, Harry

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