Dronă rezistentă la apă! | Power Egg X

Dronă rezistentă la apă!  |  Power Egg X

În sfârșit, o dronă bună care nu va ajunge pe fundul oceanului! Pentru noi, băieții, care zboară cu drone de pe bărci, toată afacerea de a obține filmări aeriene poate deveni un coșmar costisitor și deranjant… ei bine, nu mai! Am pierdut patru drone DJI pe fundul oceanului până acum, una pentru că un super iaht avea un bruiaj pentru a opri paparazzii să cotrofieze VIP-urile (nu eram! Filmam cursele clasice de iaht de pe Monty Carlo). defecțiunea bateriei și am efectuat o aterizare automată perfectă la 100 de metri în spatele bărcii și sa scufundat în timp ce plecam! Unul și-a pierdut controlul în mod inexplicabil și a renunțat, iar unul a fost o decolare proastă de la mine în timp ce navigam cu o singură mână, am tăiat arcul solar. Toate acestea au dus la pierderea unei drone și totul ar fi fost absolut în regulă dacă aș fi pilotat un Power Egg X. M-aș fi întors pur și simplu înapoi și aș fi luat drona plutitoare. Am mai avut o dronă rezistentă la apă, drona Swellpro Splash, dar acesta a fost un eșec costisitor. Așa că sunt foarte bucuros să raportez că Power Eggs este prima dronă impermeabilă utilizabilă pe care am zburat și aștept cu nerăbdare un anotimp plăcut zburând de pe barcă, în loc să mă tem să pierd un alt echipament scump de fiecare dată când vreau o lovitură. dintre noi navigând din aer. Dacă sunteți interesat să cumpărați una dintre aceste drone, aruncați o privire pe linkul magazinului de aici: https://bit.ly/3xLRWK8 Aveam un cod de reducere „SailingFair” pentru submarin, am trimis un e-mail la Power Vision la vezi dacă acest lucru va funcționa pentru ou, dacă încearcă cineva, anunță-ne dacă funcționează. PS și spectatorii obișnuiți vor ști că am încetat să zboare drone DJI, deoarece devin atât de slabe, ultima pe care am cumpărat-o nu a fost capabilă să accepte o actualizare de firmware din cauza software-ului DJI defect și nici măcar nu a reușit să decoleze de când am cumpărat-o la Crăciun. Așa că mă bucur de două ori să-l găsesc pe acesta. ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– –––––- Urmărește-ne pe Instagram #svfairisle –––––––––- ––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––- Vă rugăm să vă abonați-nu vă costă nimic și ne ajută CU ALGORITMUL YOUTUBE –––––––––––––––- ––––––––––––––––– ––––––– Mai degrabă vezi videoclipurile noastre fără reclame?… Există o modalitate… PATREON: Există o modalitate de a vedea videoclipurile curente fără reclame înainte de a fi lansate în public, devenind membru de onoare al echipajului și alăturându-se grupului nostru Patreon. Veți avea patru sau cinci zile pentru a vedea cel mai recent videoclip înaintea oricui. Există, de asemenea, o mulțime de videoclipuri suplimentare disponibile pe Patreon și ne puteți contacta direct la bord. De asemenea, avem acum sesiuni lunare Zoom cu Patreons, ceea ce este foarte distractiv! Continuarea producerii acestor videoclipuri depinde de patronii noștri și suntem foarte recunoscători pentru sprijin: https://www.patreon.com/sailingfairis… ––––––- ––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––– FACEBOOK: Puteți urmări și pe facebook, unde actualizăm constant ce se întâmplă: https://www.facebook.com/svfairisle/?…. ––––––- ––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––- SITE WEB: Loturi mai multe informatii pe site; http://www.sailingfairisle.com –––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– –––––––––


28 thoughts on “Dronă rezistentă la apă! | Power Egg X

  1. Thanks Steve, and very interesting. Clearly, you've had a poor experience recently with DJI, but I would like to give them a shout-out for an example of good customer service after I recently had a "forced landing" – that is, I crashed into a tree on the edge of a bay, and the drone (a DJI Mini 2) fell rather gracefully into the water. It was retrieved, but obviously not happy about being dunked. I dried it out, but no soap and, so contacted DJI Support; they arranged collection, shipping (to Holland) , inspection, but – unsurprisingly – reported a total loss. They offered to replace it; I didn't take out their care package when originally purchased – ah, the hubris of age – and so I was expecting to have to pay full retail price, but it was actually a very compelling price. I was tempted to just right it off and "upgrade" to the Mini 3, but the price was just too good. They processed the "replacement" (I was expecting a refurbished unit or b-stock), but it came as the brand new shrink-wrapped unit. Needless to say, I've taken out the care cover for this unit… So, I was impressed with the slickness of the entire RMA process and the value.

    Having said all that, I too would serious value a water-proof unit, as I fully expect to sink my new one at some point and I'm just hoping I get some decent flight time before the inevitable..!

  2. Looks like a good drone for boating people. I still have a DJI spark, my first drone and still working, but almost lost it. It was staying stationary and did only go up and down, battery warning! drone was going to land (in the water) Could push it up to prevent that and catched it by motoring to the drone so it crashed on the deck.
    Don/t know how much longer it last, but this power egg X might be my next drone.
    Thanks for the update on this piece of hardware update!

  3. Was there any sponsorship or discounts that you got? Not a complaint, but I did not notice any statement of such. Always good to be clear on this point. That said, your review came across as totally independent and real. Thank you

  4. As an FPV drone pilot, if you want smooth (slow – cinematic) control you should go the opposite way in the "Control stick EXP curve"!
    Take them into the negative values and you'll see the blue line staying closer to the X axis stating that from minimal to half input on the gimbal you have small movements to the drone and after that point, if you take the stick further out, the responsiveness grows exponentially…
    Happy flying… 👍👍👍

  5. Thanks for doing the review. In a few months I'd love a follow up or at least a few comments during your regular episodes on how it's performing. When flying I'm terrified of the water. I set the altitude and then leave it there, I also bring it in early because I don't want to risk losing power over Poseidon's greedy paws. Never tried it from a moving boat either (gasp!)

  6. I've just watched a video (in italian) where Power egg X has been tested and the man was very unsatified with it because of the communication system between the device and the control panel which is based on wifi system and therefore it's strongly influenced by any wifi existing in the area. He lost completely the control of the drone at only 30 metres above him several times.

  7. I too got the so disappointing splash drone at the kickstarter. With some serious sailing plans from 2024, I’ll be interested to see the footage and your ongoing review for your next summer season. I see there is an 8k version on their website , hopefully it has some other improvements from the original and not just a camera update.

  8. Great review, thanks. I had a Swellpro as well. It was total junk, very glitchy, awful photo and video quality, and the third time I flew it at sea it suddenly lost the plot, zoomed half a mile from my boat and ditched in the ocean, never to resurface. A thousand bucks disappeared with nary a decent video to show for it. Absolute scam!

  9. Yep, 15 minutes is enough time to get just about any shot. Reminds me of my iPhone 6s. I had to add an enclosure to make it waterproof and drop proof. My iPhone 12 is waterproof, but the stupid thing 1. still has the vulnerable glass (I think we're all sick of the Gorilla Glass over hype :£100 per failure) and 2. There's still NO attachment point. So I still have to add a protective surround – to which I've hot glued webbing tabs for a neck strap.
    The next stages of this drone seem obvious. The housing is waterproof and it floats – now you've got 30 minutes flying time. Also behind that front bubble it should be matte black to reduce reflection. So we're now sure that DJI intentionally makes them not waterproof, not floating, and not reliable… so they can sell you another one, and another one…. A guy I know bought a two generations 'old' one for super cheap. Seems like the smart way to have a drone.

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