Doritorii lui Andrew Tate sunt RIDICULI !!!

Doritorii lui Andrew Tate sunt RIDICULI !!!

Copiii care încearcă să umple golul pe care Andrew Tate l-a lăsat pe Tiktok sunt amuzanți Live în fiecare zi la Editat de: Alte link-uri TikTok: https://www. Twitter: Instagram: Al doilea canal: Consultați canal de jocuri –


33 thoughts on “Doritorii lui Andrew Tate sunt RIDICULI !!!

  1. I think there’s also sociopaths in retail tbh, and a lot, because it’s such a mindless job you can’t have any form of willingness to improve the quality of the store with where you’re at. It just keeps getting worse, everyone is awful (except coworkers can be the best friends you ever make) and it’s nuts dude

  2. hey i wouldn't mind having my own line of tooth pics man make them out of recycled plastic so instead of killing trees we poison the human race with micro plastics <3

  3. I watched this entire video and Hasan did not make 1 valid argument about any of these TikTok’s and only made fun of people that did not agree with him I’m sorry but he took a L here

  4. That guy talking about taking my girl has my laughing a little bit. Like yeah my girlfriend (a lesbian) is gonna get in your musty ass car…

  5. Wow he said lame like 3 seconds after I concluded he was lame. I was Not mad, was laughing at him already and I strongly suspect his entire audience is fake profiles or 4th graders

  6. Yeah Hasan “Eat the rich” is critiquing other ppl for being fake and snake. Imagine that. I don’t care about Andrew Tate but people need to stop listening to Hasan. He didn’t have jack shit experience from government or political science yet he was somehow a commentator or giving out political advice on Twitch.

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