55.500 USD MERGE ORIUNDE!! Barcă cu pânze Bluewater Ketch-rig de vânzare – Nauticat 33 – EP 126 #sailboattour

55.500 USD MERGE ORIUNDE!!  Barcă cu pânze Bluewater Ketch-rig de vânzare - Nauticat 33 - EP 126 #sailboattour

Înfruntăm iarna rece din Maine pentru a vă aduce de vânzare o barcă cu motor Sailer Nauticat 33 Ketch din 1984. Această barcă cu pânze tocmai a făcut un sondaj complet asupra ei cu reparații sugerate în valoare totală de 23.000 USD… care vor fi de mare ajutor pentru următorul proprietar (și, de asemenea, în timpul negocierii). Acest episod include o defalcare completă a lucrării care ar fi necesară pentru a o face strălucitoare. ======= CAPT Q MERCH ===== https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaptainQYachtHunter ============== Sprijină-ne ====== ======== Vă place ceea ce facem și vreți să vă ajutați?? Deveniți un sponsor Patreon și obțineți acces la previzualizări timpurii, conținut suplimentar și multe altele: https://www.patreon.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Conectează-te cu noi ===== ========= https://www.instagram.com/captainqyachthunter/ https://www.facebook.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Interesat să cumperi? ============== https://www.grayandgrayyachts.com/boats-for-sale/1984-nauticat-33-motorsailer-ketch-yarmouth-maine-8477556/ ==== =Segmente ====== 00:00-03:42 Fundal și carenă 03:43-07:46 Pilothouse & Controls 07:47-09:24 Fantail 09:25-11:14 Foredeck 11:15-13: 23 Cabină principală și bucătăria 13:24-14:22 Motor 14:23-16:28 Cabină pupa 16:29-18:53 Dană în V și cap 18:54-22:30 Inspecție și costuri de reparații 22:31-23 :58 Încheiați


25 thoughts on “55.500 USD MERGE ORIUNDE!! Barcă cu pânze Bluewater Ketch-rig de vânzare – Nauticat 33 – EP 126 #sailboattour

  1. That's one naughty cat Captain. You guys are champions, thanks for braving the elements for us..Looked to be a floating apartment..Huge boat for this money…love it

  2. Hi, CaptainQ and Raaaaandy ,, for the amount of money they want for this boat , what I see it is a lot of boat for the money, even though it’s got a few issues, but then again for its age, it will always have some kind of repair to do , Cliff from Logan City Queensland Australia 🇦🇺 from the big island 🏝️

  3. So glad to see you and Ran Day back braving the wild north and bringing us a fantastic new episode! I can’t tell you how much you have made my day! Please stay well and hope that soon ol’ man winter will loose its hold on the upper Northeastern States. Until the next episode, Fair winds and following seas…..
    P.S. Still not a sponsor? Why?😂

  4. Does it have a bow thruster on not? You keep going back and forth between the boat you are presenting and the boat of which you have pictures. Side issue. The suggested repairs cost $23,000? WTF! A little clarity please.

  5. I think if I bought this boat, aside from the punch list of need be's, I would do something with the pilot house. It's got a lot of just empty, dull space. How bout get rid of the single seat on starboard side and put in that wood stove. Next, put in a pilot berth along the back wall…up high enough to avoid the companionway. Probably need smaller windows back there, but I think it would be worth the trade.
    Aloha 🤙

  6. This is a fantastic boat if you want to visit fiords, glaciers or really COLD places. Why any sane person would want to dot that, I have no idea. But apparently there are such masochistic sailors. Me, I want to mostly sail the tropics and subtropics. So, for me, as boats go, not a chance. But for those Braveheart sailors, it looks darn good.

  7. Ok..OK… realistically….
    Can a boat like this, be operated by one person sailing the USVI/BVI…
    Didn't see a dinghy but most motor sailers have some means to lift one..
    Beyond said repairs,,, how much to actually drop it in the water? Guessing survey approved the electronics.. (auto pilot, radios, safety equipment)
    Your Guess, double asking price!!
    How long on the hard before that first trip down the ICW to get the hell out of that 60 and below weather…
    (Can't see why boats are above South Carolina anyway..)
    But to get it to the Bahamas??

  8. I am a little over 5 minutes into the video and I must say that I am truly in love!!!
    😍🥰 Sorry Captain Q and Ran-Day, I am talking about this motorsailer. What a perfect boat for those who want the advantages of both power and wind! It is a perfect combination on this one. Plus….it is very affordable!
    Thank you both for keeping my dreams alive by finding such perfect deals.
    Give a big pet on the head to Sea Dog for me please.
    I doubt this boat will last long enough for me to sell my house and buy it. But, the dream remains alive. That is what matters.

  9. If I hadn't read the title to this video and only watched the intro, I would have thought you were going to review an ice breaker for the Arctic. Thank you both for braving the cold to review this gem. Take care, try to stay warm and have a great weekend both of you.

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