Când lucrurile merg prost SVEV ep: 80 Sailing the Bahamas

Când lucrurile merg prost SVEV ep: 80 Sailing the Bahamas

În acest episod, părăsesc Bimini Bahamas și navighez peste Great Bahama Bank și trebuie să iau o decizie grea.


28 thoughts on “Când lucrurile merg prost SVEV ep: 80 Sailing the Bahamas

  1. Ahoy Captain,

    I would suggest, for your next season at least, is to convert any and everything you can to use directly DC. Most chargeable devices like Drones, will have for sale a DC Car port charger unit.
    As for the PC, I have found that PowerStream has PSU's that use DC inputs. After all PCs are DC internally, 3.3v, 5v and 12v to various components.
    It is more efficient, less conversions taking place and you wont beholden to the Invertor dying.

  2. Man you're living the dream. You may have encountered more problems than some along the way but this is all part of the adventure and learning experience. Keep up the great content, all the best!

  3. Why do you want to go to Nassau? Some of the highest crime rates in the bahamas. Bahamas is relatively low in crime and the people are wonderful. Good luck to you and just be careful and enjoy your time there don't let the issues take you away from soaking in the beauty of the bahamas.🌴⛵️

  4. You say what your gut is telling you. It's funny, because if I listened to my gut, I would not be sailing at all!! Haha! Every time I go on my sailboat, my gut says go home! I never listen to my gut when it comes to sailboats. Seek stoicism by ignoring your gut and you will be a better man, sailor, jack of all trades, and happy!

    Are there any metal objects around the autopilot. That seems to be the number one cause of autopilots not functioning properly. Metal object can influence the mems compass.

  5. you should rename your channel the "The Situation Ship"
    But seriously, get a cigarette charger type charger, that way you can just run it off of your boat battery, you won't be wasting all the power running it through that big ass inverter.

  6. Well Capt. Mike.
    You are learning some hard earned lessons that most sailors have to learn. There is no shame in turning back and regrouping. It's not football where fwd progress is all that counts. It's supposed to be fun with a bit of apprehension, fear and uncertainty thrown in, but most of all fun. You seem to always be pushing fwd. Slow down and enjoy and absorb the islands. Each has it's own spirit and personality. Make friends with other cruisers, they are your greatest resource out there. I bet a week in an Anchorage talking with the other cruising boats that come thru, you would find someone to help fix the outboard, a sewing machine for your sail, and probably a spare inverter. Keep the dream, because without it life is just existing. Hope to see you in the islands some time.

  7. You can get 400w inverters for about $50. each I have 3 on board, good to have extra fuses.(Walmart, harbor freight, truck stops) There used to be a guy doing mechanics on the beach at Bimini, fixing jet skis for motor yacht cruisers

  8. I watched your earlier videos when you were on Lake Ontario. You were with friends and your equipment worked and you had money. You were in good spirits! You are having difficulties sorting things out. You said it ‘I’m feeling grumpy’.
    You have had great suggestions on here. You also said ‘don’t push it’. Take your own advice. Slow down, call a close friend to talk through your plan. your ‘to do list’.
    Auto pilot
    Inverter/charging your devices
    Motor on dinghy
    Put EV on the hard, insure
    Getting back to Canada

    Take care of yourself first & foremost.

  9. Hey Mike, thanks for the journey so far.If you are on this for the sailing experience only, you could have pushed on and found a way, however if you are a "sailing cinematographer " and that is why you are on this trip , then you need to regroup and equip yourself for that type of journey. Anyway , my 2 cents ( Canadian )

  10. Hey captain Mike! Look like you have to work on your sailing anxiety my friend. You sais it right: just drop the hook, relax and let your brain slow cook the problems. Solutions will come clear my friend! 👍

  11. Hello Captain! I know you're probably bummed that you didn't go as far south as you'd planned,but I believe the distance you've travelled from T.O to Bimini & back & to Bimini & back & to,well you know what I mean, what you've accomplished is phenomenal Captain & you know in your heart what the right decision is. And also what your Dad said;" You've had a hell of a season." You've accomplished what?? Something 😅1000s,even millions of people COULD NOT do in their wildest nightmare. I'm sure it's frustrating as hell not having auto pilot but just think about how they sailed 100-50? ( I don't profess to know the particulars) years ago. You'd be out there every night charting your course by the ✨If I had that much time I'd have had to pack a well stocked city library lol😂I'm sure you were kept busy out there reading any & all sailing paraphernalia as well. And yeah dude, you did awesome good & made memories to last the rest of your life. I think you should think about your end of season 1 finale video,😊 I'm sure everyone on this channel feels likewise! Gawd it seems like a long time till Sunday,Till then Stay safe, Stay Strong 🍻

  12. I think you made the right decision.

    You made a decision towards safety and longevity… You could have found yourself immobile, stuck where there are even fewer resources, then have to leave the boat exposed to the entire hurricane season.

    You were gonna have to put EV up on the hard shortly anyway, right? So thats no big surprise… Your season is closing, cool. Its a few months where you can really put your head down, pay for stuff. Get positioned and leave asap to get really into the thick of it.

    Dude, you sailed from Toronto to The Bahamas. Thats awesome!

  13. wow amazing living the life you want. love the videos man keep it up don't give up. its Jordan btw hope to see you this movie season. My plans got canceled for travel this year cause my bank account got hacked the day before departure.

  14. You keep asking what should I do. You seem to be afraid of everything, from pirates, engine quiting, bridges and now the world is coming to an end for lack of a converter. When I first sailed to Bimini in the 70's I had no GPS, just paper charts, compass and RDF. There were no markers to guide the way into Bimini. I think you need to get back to Miami and sell the boat. I don't think you're cut out for this. Just a thought.

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