Bungalou Harry

Bungalou Harry

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27 thoughts on “Bungalou Harry

  1. Being in a relationship with a narsisstic is very draining physically and emotionally, I know , I was married to one for 20 years, it took me years after to get back to myself……I made it out because i wasn't co-dependent on him, I was a nurse and so I could make my own money, BUT, he didn't break my spirit, he tried hard, my believe in God, spirit guides got me through my very dark days…

  2. Hi Annie. I haven't seen any of your "false" videos but caught one of Mad World's. I was totally shocked to find that they are using the voice track as well. I was confused to hear Paula's voice. The titles have been trafficked and are extremely disturbing, King Charles in league with the Devil etc.
    Very "Sugary" for my taste.

  3. This reading kind of proves there are NO KIDS.With No kids means no mutual co parenting. They seem to not spend any time or showing themselves as a family 🤷 🙄

  4. Idenity ? you mean Identity ? details……has to be rattling…….Harry is concerned about the children ? whose children ? they better have some DNA available for these kids. So far, it is up in the air. Good luck Harry…….

  5. There have been questions about 'them' using a like reborn doll or some realistic automated doll and how could the Royal Family allow that or not say anything. I can see them not saying anything because it would make them look in cahoots and if harry had said we dont want ppl to really see our kid…any if he and 'her' were all freaked out about it. And just wanting to calm the situation…then before it could be addressed 'they' were freaking out about something else. I think it just came so fast, unnerving and unthinkable to the Royals sensibilities they were basically steamrolled. Having lived with a mother that was bipolar and had serious narcissistic tendencies…like maybe more narcissists than bipolar…she would do that to us. Just cause so much confusion and chaos in such a small time frame you could get your head together. It was so much work just trying to figure right from wrong with them around and them twisting and rearranging how you know things and what is real and what isn't… if you have never lived with one you can't understand, nor do i want anybody else too.

  6. Andie, a good reading if you had time, and wanted to even….Would be to ask if harry, mm have lost custody due to the usual thing parents lose it for…And is this the real reason when harry is asked about his children, i noticed his voice gets much faster,,and one can tell it is a big inconvenience for him to talk about them..This makes semse to me, as the no photos, that could be because at this time if they are not their legal parents..no wrong wording,,suspension of parenthood….then of course the foster parents wouldn't want them paraded for the media, and money..And id bet a court order would be in place anyway, knowing how those two …Also, if theyre dedicated to get clean so that they can get them back…i just recall a comment i read ages ago saying about wild parties etc,,with drink,drugs etc..With how much of a bully mm is, all it would have takem was for a ex worker to put them in to child services..and i doubt when it comes to privacy documents they make staff sign, when it comes to abuse around children,, those documents are nul in void..and any good lawyer would have helped a ex staff member with that…Sorry about the essay.

  7. Thank you for persevering Andie! Your intuition and insights are so very helpful! Your honesty and strength are a bright light and positive example to us all.

  8. Hiya Andie, IMO, both families advised H against getting involved with RR,but he wanted his own way as usual and now finds himself in the untenable position of being trapped by their lies in all their various " narratives",and he colluded freely in these- but no longer has anyone to clean up his messes nor cover them up! His behaviours have been fully exposed,leaving him with nowhere to hide!KARMA! Best Regards, ( keep the scammers hopping!) J.I.M.K Mrs. Australia ❤ 🇦🇺 😊

  9. This week a strange woman popped up. My immediate response was to type “Who are you?” Then I banned the site. Anyone who follow you, know your voice and how you conduct your show.

  10. Ironically,the very media he claims to loathe is the same media that has given him cover by tagging him as that poor boy who walked behind his mother's coffin. I'm so sick of that excuse.

    The kid was born an arse. It's always been in his eyes. Even as a little kid, just go back and look at old footage. I've never like him, and never will. He's just THAT guy.

  11. He’s going to have to admit there are No Children. I think they have a Think Tank underway to get answers as to “why” they claimed 2 children. Unbelievable and good luck Harry!

  12. This is how stupid Harry is. He has no way back to the Doyal Family. They shut Edward out when he left for Wallis Simpson and abdicated. They never ever took him back no matter what and he was the blood King. Just tell the truth Harry- and see where everything falls. Get away from the Harlow.

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