POV: Navigați cu noi timp de 24 de ore (raw+ edit minim) Nr.64

POV: Navigați cu noi timp de 24 de ore (raw+ edit minim) Nr.64

O luăm înapoi săptămâna aceasta, la sunetele și priveliștile crude din punctul nostru de vedere, în timp ce navigăm pe cele 100 de mile marine de la Martinica la Bequia. Sperăm să vă placă acest stil video ușor diferit, Bine ați venit la bord, Becka și Zach –––––––⚓––––- ––– CUM NE PUTEȚI SUSȚINE: Dacă doriți să vedeți Teulu Tell Us (și un cont actualizat despre locul în care ne aflăm în fiecare săptămână) și doriți o lansare anticipată a videoclipurilor, nu ezitați să verificați Patreon-ul nostru: https://www.patreon.com/teulutribe Iată lista noastră de visuri Teulu pe Amazon (practic toate lucrurile pentru care economisim în acest moment): https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/ wishlist/ls/2045NNIGRTMQT?ref_=wl_share Dacă îți place să iei unul dintre tricourile pe care le vezi că le purtăm în videoclipuri, mergi la magazinul nostru la: https://www.teulutribe.com/theshop –– –––––⚓––––––– VIN LA O AVENTURA CU NOI: http://www.instagram. com/teulutribe http://www.instagram.com/planetbecka https://www.instagram.com/zach_sea_ward BUSINESS: teulutribe@gmail.com #sailing #boatlife #teulutribe


32 thoughts on “POV: Navigați cu noi timp de 24 de ore (raw+ edit minim) Nr.64

  1. it is incredible how you still only have 50k subs, don't worry guys the algo will choose you one day and you'll get in a short timeframe a ton of new subs. your content is on my top 3 easily of the sailing channels, and I follow 100s of them!

  2. 👍 fabulous video, watched it on my phone in the garden listening to the skylarks, now going to put on the big tv with full sound to enjoy it again. Great to see you working as a team doing what you do. Take care both 😊🌹

  3. A really great video that has brought back many wonderful memories as I have done that trip a number of times over the last few years. Bequia is simply stunning, enjoy the sun x

  4. Got to honest, been watching for a long time when you first brought the boat but this episode made me feel a little sick, like sea sick.
    Enjoy and keep the vids coming

  5. Really nice! Gives a good feeling of what it is like when you are out sailing, and quite educational as sailing goes, how you do things etc.

    Hopefully this will start a trend! I'd love to see more content like this from all the different sailing channels.

  6. Body cams? Cute!
    Seems like every time I make a suggestion you guys always turn out to be way ahead of me. That's actually starting to irk me a little. Hmmm…..
    Oh, I know! In case you guys ever want to visit the USA; Q; Why doesn't Mobile, Alabama, fall into the Gulf of Mexico?
    A; because the rest of the state sucks.

  7. Hello you 2
    I've watched every episode of yours over the past 2 weeks since you bought your boat.
    Thank you for your great content and the beautiful insights into the world of sailing. And not only the good sides, but also what can go wrong. Thank you and keep it up

  8. Minimal editing = 12 hours of editing rather than the typical 40 hours per episode. Looked great.

    Flaking the main and mizzen sails looks like a bit of a hassle. Are there ways to make that easier?

  9. Hey guys. This was so relaxing to watch. It just brings back that feeling of sailing, which is quiet, slow and (hopefully) relaxed! But one note – you might want to think about not zipping up the sails or moving the halyard back until after you’re moored or anchored securely. If your engine fails, then you’re going to want at least one of them up asap to get steerage and the headsail doesn’t give you enough directional options. I haven’t needed to use it myself but even Delos needed to do it in one of their latest videos.

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